Beware the Emotional Risk Taker

Where were you when Singapore celebrated her 45th birthday with parade and fireworks yesterday? Were you staying at home, watching the TV, surfing the net, playing mahjong, or reading my EON blogs and trying to digest the useful tips? Or are you one of those people focusing with deep thoughts, not meditating, but instead eyeing on the spinning dice at the casino?

In an earlier article “The Planner, The Schemer, & The Suicider”, I mentioned the emotional aspects when the Wood element is strong in a birth chart and Personal Year chart. These negative effects can also be felt by many risk takers as well. The uncontrollable experiences may be harmful to you if you don’t identify the causes early and take actions to control these negative energies.

The number 5 is flexible and can adapt itself to inhibit the energies of the numbers beside it. It is like a chameleon, changing its colours to match the surrounding area. And for the gamblers, it is like a joker, a wildcard in a card game.

In another article “Taking Risk on 4-5 and 5-4”, I also mentioned the 5-4-9 or 4-5-9 number combinations which imply possible risk taking.

“No Risk, No Gain.” For some others, it’s “No Pain, No Gain.”

The number 5 (as in 5-4-9) can change and transform

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When a person starts to gamble, the beginner’s luck is always on them, but not for long. The more they gamble, the more they become emotionally attached to the game. They become irritable should there be any distraction. Like the wind blowing on the small plant blooming with beautiful flowers, their emotional thoughts sway from one side to the other. They began to lose their control over their uncontrollable emotions. The negative energies of the Wood element are taking effect on them.

The number 5 can also change and transform itself

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The gambler will always believe they will be successful to win the next round, and the next round, and so on. So, they gamble with higher stakes. They also become emotionally attached and stubborn, like a 100-years old log. They aspire to win the jackpot winnings, and they aspire to become an instant millionaire. Yes, millionaires there are, but for some. For many others, the beautiful flowers they saw were just a fantasy. There were no blooming flowers and plants – it’s all sand, like the desert.  The dream of becoming an instant millionaire turns to pain and hurt.

When they become uncontrollable in their thoughts, some resorted to borrowing money. On the extreme end, some schemed to steal or cheat others. And yet for a few others, committing suicide is the fastest way to end their life of misery, the easiest way to stop their pain. Sure, it stopped their miseries, but not their loved ones who have to bear the consequences forever in their lifetime.

Therefore, it is always important to control your emotions when you take risk. Plan before you act. List down the steps and milestones you can take. Know when you should continue to move forward, and when to stop and take a step back. If you have the urge to gamble, set a limit on the money you can afford to lose. Once you reached that losing limit, stop the game and get out of the casino. Better still, don’t gamble!

Putting gambling or any game of luck and chance aside, the same uncontrollable emotional attachment can happen to anyone.

If you have a 4-5-9 or 5-4-9 in your birth chart, and you are experiencing a “Double Effect” Personal Year, everything is manifested twice. The urge to take risk is high. Sure, go ahead and take risks. Unleash your potentials and turn your dreams into a reality.

Whatever risk you take, remember… know your limits and control your emotions. With that, you can always feel the fear, and experience the success you want.

Regards, Ron


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