Can EON check your Mood?

A close friend asked me recently whether it is possible to do a daily mood chart of a person using the Elements of Numbers (EON) methods. I was telling her about Biorhythm, and how I used it to check my Physical (P), Intellectual (I) and Emotional (E) cycles.

During the last US Presidential Election, I was plotting the biorhythm chart for both Barrack Obama and John McCann to find out their P-I-E cycles. I used it to find out their strength and energy levels, up to the final day. I became excited when I saw patterns by comparing their biorhythm charts, and their daily campaign video clips on TV.

I was using BaZiShengGua (BZSG) then, to predict who would be the next US President. Like EON, I had developed my own “fast and easy” method to use BZSG for prediction. After completing the final manuscript for my first book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”, I had the urge to start a new book project. I was thinking about writing a book on using BZSG. Send an email to me a if you’re interested to attend a BZSG workshop in Singapore, or just want to encourage me to work on my BZSG book project.

Biorhythm is useful. Like any other profiling methods, it works well within its original purpose. I used biorhythm more as a complementary tool.

Now, let’s get back to EON. Yes, it is possible to use EON to plot a personal mood chart. Here’s a tip – I have described the various characteristics and traits associated to the numbers and elements, in my book. If you are new to EON, get the book to understand the fundamentals first. I will elaborate more on how you can plot a mood chart later. Maybe I will post my article only after completing a research in this area. What do you think? Post your comment below. If you’re shy, then send me an email if you have any suggestion, or anxious to see it posted here, or just want to encourage me to do more research in this area.

Until then, when your mood swings, always be mindful where it swings to. Spread the positive moods externally to others, and keep the negative moods within yourself.

Remember… a little thought can make a difference. Just relax and smile… and others will smile with you!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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