The Need for Insurance

The Elements of Numbers (EON) allows you to identify potential health issues that may arise in a particular year. This is possible just by looking at the elements associated to the individual numbers. This makes EON a unique method for fast and easy analysis, compared to other Chinese metaphysics methods.

In one of my earlier article “New Superbugs emerging”, I mentioned the possibility of new emerging virus coming out in 2011.

When an outbreak or pandemic happens, it may be too late. Often, the symptoms would have appeared much earlier. Meanwhile, do check the following links:

H1N1 virus may be re-emerging: Thai ministry warns

Cholera outbreak ‘covered up’ in China

Bangladesh on alert as anthrax spreads

Malaysian’s dirty ways lead to disease outbreaks

Swine flu continues to spread in New Zealand

New superbug found in Singapore

Japan plans nationwide survey for NDM-1 superbug

When you use EON to identify potential issues that may happen soon, you must take necessary precaution to safeguard your holistic well-being, and your family members too. Apart from taking good care of your health, where financial budget allows, get yourself and each family member a health insurance policy now.

Why did I mention the emerging virus in 2011, and/or a medical breakthrough?

There is no telltale sign that only a selected few can see. In fact, you can ‘see’ them too once you understand the fundamentals of EON. It’s all in the elements present in 2011. Basic understanding of the Five Elements is essential too. Don’t worry too much – I’ve covered them in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” So, get a copy and start learning EON now.

Now, let me explain further…

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The emerging virus or a medical breakthrough is just one of the possibilities that may happen in 2011. There are many other events that you can associate with. I have given you the basics, and it’s up to you to explore on the possibilities based on the elements present. Alternative, you can wait for my 2011 forecast article.

Until then, start taking care of your health now. It is equally important to have your medical expenses covered by a health policy now to minimise unnecessary spending on health problems later.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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