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After all, health is more important than money.” That’s what Hong Kong actor Alex Man said after revealing that he has been diagnosed with inherited Type 1 diabetes, according to this Yahoo online article.

I’ve presented slides on health matters at my previous EON WORKSHOP sessions. I’ve also explained why certain number patterns and elemental traits present in a person’s EON chart could put them into the ‘high-risk group’ of people suffering from certain health conditions.

BANNER3I’m glad I’ve shared the methods to identify the health signs to the EON students. They could now identify patterns suggesting diabetes (inherited and external), cancerous tendencies, tinnitus, and other health conditions. I’m also glad the EON students could use the knowledge to help themselves and others to identify the tendency signs before the symptom arises. I hope the EON students can encourage others to take good care of their own health and to sign up for medical or health insurance early before the symptoms appear.

The ‘diabetes’ pattern is present in Alex’s chart. It’s good he has quit smoking and taking healthier food. Alex must learn to control his ‘emotional flare’ and temperamental mood swings (5-4-9, 4-5-9). It’s equally important for him to relax and consciously remind himself there is no need to be perfect (the “perfectionist” trait in PY2014) in what he wants to do. It’d benefit him to be more tolerant (4-8-3) and communicative (and tactful) towards others. These could help lessen the stress and agitation vibes from aggravating.

CaseStudy_AlexMan2013I’ve intentionally included the Bazi chart on Alex in this article since many people knows or have heard about Bazi (Phat Chee, Four Pillars of Destiny). Many metaphysics experts know the importance of using alternative method to complement their analysis on a person’s personality or life path. To them, spending quality time identifying tendency signs is important as ‘time is of essence’ to everybody. So, a quicker and faster method to complement the profiling is necessary. The Elements of Numbers (EON) method is an alternative. You can check out my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” on the basic tendency signs, number patterns, and EON fundamentals.

I’m aware more people are now using the EON method for personality, life path, and human behavioural profiling. I’m grateful more people are buying my book and improving their lives. I know those who’d attended my previous EON WORKSHOP sessions have discovered it’s so much easier and direct to identify the diabetic patterns on a person’s EON chart. If you’ve not attended my workshop sessions before, come and support my EON research. I look forward to share with you the extended EON method to identify different life aspects including the health conditions like diabetes and cancerous tendencies at the EON WORKSHOP sessions.

EON@MYDo take care of your health if you’re serious about the need to enjoy more joyful, happier and healthier years with your loved ones. As Alex Man said, “…health is more important than money.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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