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I’m sharing snippets of case study observations from some EON students (EON WORKSHOP participants) in today’s article.

CaseStudy_Steve_BallmerRaine shared his observations on Steve Ballmer, the current CEO of Microsoft. According to THE GUARDIAN article “Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to retire as company faces needed shake-up”, CEO Steve Ballmer “will retire within 12 months…

Raine mentioned the incoming ‘contractual agreement’ vibes (5-7-3) Steve is facing next year (PY2014) chart. Raine noted the impending vibes could be related to the need to make more money (3-6-9) – the company’s financial profitability.

Raine also noticed Steve’s Career Elemental vibes are ‘affected’ somehow after using the multi-layered profiling method that I’ve shared with him and the class at the EON WORKSHOP sessions.


CaseStudy_Genting_HighlandsAmy read about the recent bus accident at Genting Highlands and was saddened by the unfortunate incident.

According to this Channel NewsAsia article, more than 30 people “were confirmed dead after a bus plunged into a deep ravine in Malaysia on Wednesday in the country’s worst-ever road accident.May their souls rest in peace.

Amy plotted the EON chart for Genting Highlands and further zoomed in to the Combined Day chart (21 Aug 2013). There are three sets of number 6 which could mean fast-moving wheels and accidents. We could associate the number 9s to trees and forest (and ‘deep ravine’ in this case). The number 3s could mean fast and reckless actions.


CaseStudy_AlvinJason managed to get the birthdate of Alvin, the sex blogger who’s creating troubles with the law in Malaysia. As I could not verify Alvin’s birthdate, let’s assume what Jason has provided is correct for now. Do let me know if you know Alvin’s birthdate. According to THE STAR report , it was quoted that Alvin may “face three charges.

Jason was trying to identify the presence of Water element (numbers 2 and 7) as these mean sensual thoughts and tryst actions. However, he could not identify any in Alvin’s PY2012 and PY2013 charts.

I could associate the Earth element to “mystique, down-to-earth, nature, and the body.” I’ve also described the traits of Root number 5 as “They can also be surprising, provocative, unorthodox, and profound” on Page 57 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” Do get a copy of my book if you’ve not already done so and learn the fundamentals of the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

It doesn’t matter whether Alvin’s Root number is 4. As long as the number 5 is strong (PY2012), he’d be influenced by the number 5 vibes somehow. It triggered his mental thoughts which further manifested the sensual fantasies (two sets of 5-1-6). We can associate one of the negative tendency signs to include “compulsive addiction” with ardent sexuality and sense of self-physical exploration.

There has to be contributing reasons influencing a person’s sudden extraordinary behaviours, like family or social influences. On an individual level, each person may exhibit their own unique traits. But when two people come together, it creates the combined aura of traits that may be different from the individual’s normal traits. Therefore, we need to explore his partner Vivian Lee’s chart as well, and perhaps do a compatibility chart and explore their combined chart and PY2012/PY2013 charts.

I’ve included Alvin’s chart here to share and explain the tendency signs present in his chart from EON perspective. I noted Alvin and Vivian’s self-interests and passions for self-exploration and information sharing.

Don’t worry too much if you’re confused with the findings or observations made by these EON students. I’m glad to say that they’re now analysing from a different perspective, beyond the fundamentals and power of numbers, and after attending my EON WORKSHOP sessions. You can build up the knowledge too after attending the workshop.

That’s all for now… Stay Healthy, Be Happy, and Enjoy your Weekend!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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