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I noticed there are many cases when the traits and characteristics present on a person’s chart does not tally with their behaviours and personality while researching on my Elements of Numbers (EON) method . That’s normal because people do change. Some people changed after setbacks while others change gradually through social and lifestyle influences. Eventually, most people will make a conscious effort to change their attitudes, habits, and actions for better holistic wellbeing.

Influencing VibesSome people want to learn EON to help them build up the competency to analyse a person with higher accuracy, like more than 90%. Why are they so statistically obsessed in achieving high accuracies? We know that people do change, and new habits replaced old ones as time goes by. The accuracy level in personality profiling is subjective.  It doesn’t matter if you’re “spot on” in identifying a person’s negative traits, have ‘x’ years of experience, or claimed to have profiled 99,999 case studies. Hmm… these are unverifiable statistics anyway. You could also be getting feedback from people that they’re “not like that.”  These people are “not like that” because they’d unconsciously or unknowingly change their habits and attitudes through external positive influences. Probably partly because of self-awareness…

We can focus on the ‘change management’ to guide a person to change their habits, mindsets, and attitudes (and redirect their focus on other positive and healthier pursuits) so they can transform themselves towards the positive routes. Getting an ‘over 90%’ accuracy level is not the sole intention for human behavioural professionals and life coaches. Instead, it’s the ability to influence a person to change from the present state to their desired state. Personality and Life Path profiling is about the:

  • Ability to identify strengths and weaknesses of the person;
  • Knowledge to help the person understand their life path success and pitfalls; and the
  • Capacity to influence the person to think for their own future and take proactive measures now. Whether the person can continue their new positive habits depend on their own self-control and conscious efforts. If they go back to old habits, it’s not your fault but theirs.

CaseStudy_MichaelLet’s do a case study on Michael today. Michael had attended the PON Mastery level and I believe he’s aware of his strengths and weaknesses consciously.  I hope he’s able to pick up more hints in today’s article to widen his profiling knowledge and make a mindset change. I’m not focusing on the steps to profile a person here as you can easily grab a copy of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” You can refer to Page 63 of my book for the steps to profile a person.

Although there are many obvious traits present in his chart, it doesn’t mean Michael will display every one outwardly to others. His subconscious or unconscious thoughts could influence his current behaviours and actions. It could be just that he’s not aware of them, or perhaps, he could’ve put them aside to focus on more materialistic pursuits.

OCD2aHe could be at a stressful state currently, perhaps recouping from setbacks last year. There are signs suggesting home (or family) issues, financial matters, or disruptions to his plans. The ‘perfect plan’ may not come about to the level he desired. His career or businesses may be affected somehow, and it could strain relationships with others including family members, friends, associates, and public officers. He should also check on his OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) tendencies and lower his ‘high‘ expectations.

Selective ListeningThe tendency signs present in his chart shows a ‘perfectionist’ person with ‘selective listening’ traits. He’s often inattentive to what others are saying and like to hear the good words. The ‘self-ego’ and prejudice thinking is present in his chart, including the “I can do better than many people’ attitude as well. He needs to know there are many more people who can do even better than him.

On a positive side, there are signs the prideful and passionate Michael can perform better than many people. He is intuitive, intelligent, and resourceful. Perhaps he could work harder on the humbleness trait and try to be less boastful to manifest the positive energies. Otherwise, the negative energies would affect him mentally. Michael can achieve his wanted goals as long as he stay focused and avoid emotional swings and ideology distractions on doing many things concurrently. It can affect the quality of the result if he did not manage them well. He needs to remember money is not the “be all and end all” solution to every problem.

On health matters, Michael needs to control his temperamental moods and increasing mental worries if he wants to see the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ on security, home, and financial resolutions.  There is a possibility of frequent unhealthy state happening last year (2013). There are signs of possible ‘sunlight after the heavy thunderstorms’ and a mindset shift is necessary to move forward and take actions to get closer to materialising his visions and plans.

I’m picking up the traits by looking at his charts (Birth, and Personal Year).  Some of you could not identify the traits even though you’ve completed the Mastery level in PON/UCM courses. Don’t worry too much unnecessary. The teachings at PON/UCM classes are different from the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. I’d recommend PON students (those who’d completed Basic Level to Mastery Level) to attend the Advance Level module to grasp the EON fundamentals right before moving on to the Master Level.

EON_WS0I’m excited about the PREVIEW WORKSHOP sessions on 27 and 28 Feb 2014 (Thursday and Friday). I know many PON students are wondering if the FEN (Five Elements Numerology) Courses might be “another PON-like lesson” because of their previous experiences. Rest assured it’s not. I’ve conducted ten EON workshops (9 EON@SG and 1 EON@MY sessions) so far, with the 11th sessions on 8th March 2014. It’s impossible to conduct the EON workshops for the past few years if students received the same ‘learning experience’ they’d with PON/UCM.  Give yourself a chance and opportunity to know how you can benefit from my EON methods at the PREVIEW WORKSHOP.  The preview fee (SGD$39) is FREE when you signed up for the Basic or Advance Level course on the same day.

I’m still learning and continuing my research on my Elements of Numbers (EON) and walking on a lifelong learning journey. I look forward to your support as we can walk together on this EON path towards betterment.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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