Ashley Cole in new sex text scandal

Errant England ace sex texting girl two hours before World Cup game.

According to a recent article, two-and-a-half hours before the opening clash with the USA – as Cole was preparing to play for his country – he was begging the blonde to send him “a real dirty” naked picture of herself.

Let us look at Ashley’s birthchart using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method to find out whether we can gather more info on his behaviours.

In Ashley’s Personal Year 2010 chart (PY2010), the numbers 8, 4, and 3 are in close proximity. This could imply a strain in his marital relationships. His wife Cheryl had filed for divorce in May 2010.

Cole has had a couple of minor brushes with the police in 2009 and fined £80, according to a Wikipedia article ( The 5-7-3 number combination was present in his PY2009 chart.

In my book and in some articles I have posted earlier, the number 3 could also imply a passionate and fiery, short-term relationship.

I have also included a topic “The ‘Flexible’ Number 5” in my book, which explains the flexibility of the number 5 – it can ‘transform’ itself to take the characteristics and traits of a number close to it. The closest is number 3 or 8, if you look at Cole’s birthchart. Both the numbers 3 and 8 are of the FIRE element.  The three sets of number 5 could have changed, resulting in an excessive set of number 3s or 8s.

When there are more sets of number 3, it could imply the charismatic person is a “Romeo” with high sexual drive, and may have marital relationship problems, if married. If the number 5 changes to number 8, Cole would feel more stressful, and that could also affected the relationship with his wife.

In my research, I noticed there are implications of having multiple sets of number 5 in the birth chart. These are explained in my book.

Cole could have diverted much of his passionate energies to focus more on his career, like what he did previously when he began his career with Arsenal in 1999. His successes could be mainly because of what he had done the previous year (1998) where he had experienced his “Double Effects” year.

This year, he could also be talking about his plans to make more money. He may dare to take risk next year (2011) to achieve his goals. Well, it’s up to Cole to take charge of his own destiny, and what he wants in life.

Regards, Ron


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