Dean McDermott in Intensive Care with Punctured Lung

According to a PEOPLE article, a motorcycle accident has again landed Dean McDermott in the hospital – this time in the intensive care unit with a punctured and collapsed lung.

Let us look at McDermott’s birth chart using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, to find what we can gather.

When we focus on health issues, we usually use the “Five Elements” method. I do apologise if you do not know much about the Five Elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal). It is important to know at least the basic flow of the elemental cycles. For the benefit of all, I have elaborated on the Five Elements in my book.

WOOD is McDermott’s health symptom element, based on the basic PON theory. Wood denotes the limps and liver. Using my extended EON method, strong Wood will also have a repulsive effect on Metal (lungs, respiratory organ). This could imply McDermott may have potential health issues with his body especially his limps, liver and lungs.

In his Personal Year 2010 chart (PY2010), the strong Fire weakened the Wood. In addition, the strong Fire further exhausted Metal, which is also present in his PY2010 chart.

According to the same PEOPLE article, McDermott fractured his shoulder in a motorcycle accident early this year. He has to take care of his well-being, and try to avoid from extreme sports that may be harmful to his health, and life – NOW.

For now, he should just relax and recuperate. Let’s wish him a speedy recovery too.

He would also be experiencing the “Double Effect” next year (2011). That may further worsen his health problems and body organs related to Wood. When Wood is strong, it will also affect the Fire, Water and Metal. If McDermott do not start to take care of his well-being now, he may suffer health symptoms related to these elements.

In addition, the double impact of the 8-4-3 number combinations, in his Birth chart and PY2011, may imply a strain in marital relationships with his wife Tori Spelling next year (2011). The constant disagreement with his wife over the dangers of his ‘high-octane hobby’ may worsen further if he remains stubborn and does not put aside his passion for extreme sports.

Hopefully, with positive thoughts and actions, McDermott may be able to reduce the negative energies and have a “Double Blessing” experience in 2011.

Regards, Ron


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