On Anthony: What Can I Do In 2023? – Part 3

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I shared my observations in Part 1 and Part 2 articles about the likely signs that could impact Anthony’s character and behaviour, and what could have happened last year in 2022.

Past is Experience. Present is Experiment. Future is Expectation. Elements of NUmbers EON. Ron WZ SunIn today’s Part 3 article, I will share more ideas about the tendency signs that could surface and influence Anthony. By the way, it doesn’t imply what you’re about to read is going to happen to Anthony. For all you know, it might not happen. Anyway, the important thing is for Anthony to be aware of the signs, both positive and negative.

The quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why we call it ‘The Present.’” is relevant here. Whether it is for Anthony or someone else, you must act today when you are conscious of the negative signs, instead of blindly telling oneself that “it will never happen to me.” When the symptoms appear, it is too late.  When the positive signs are there, we must nevertheless act as the opportunity presents itself to those who are ready. Just like the quote by the Roman philosopher Seneca, “Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity.

Anthony’s reply to the Part 2 article…

Your Mind is a Garden. Your Thoughts are the Seeds. Elements of Numbers EON. Ron WZ Sun[Anthony] I will take all your advice and continue to improve. For my personal growth, I recently enrolled in personal coaching on leadership and public speaking. I will also attend an online self-help course called “Mental Detox” that is slated for March. I am also actively researching about NLP and am amazed at the benefits of NLP that I read on the Internet.

As long as Anthony practices and applies what he has learned and makes a conscious effort to be aware of his strengths and weaknesses, that’s good. It’s even better when he could make a transformative change to become a better and positive version of himself.

This year, Anthony’s Personal Year (PY2023) chart is showing the 4-7-2-9-6-6 pattern in locations M-N-O-P-Q-R. From basic EON theory, we can interpret it as [Plan – Support – Talk – Success – Money – Money]. This means that Anthony could be motivated to set a target and plan what he wants to do this year. And the motivation or rather, the compelling reason for him to make sure he can achieve his plan, is mainly about success and money.

You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one. Elements of Numbers EON. Ron WZ SunIf Anthony could resonate with what I just talked about, I hope he can modify or adjust his goal. It is all about purpose and values; what matters most to him and what he hopes to be in the near future. The pursuit for money is a “short-term” action for material happiness; what Anthony needs is not to focus on chasing for more material wealth, but holistic wellness.

Yet, from an extended perspective, using both Elements of Numbers (EON) and Five Elements Numerology (FEN) methods, we could interpret the 4-7-2-9-6-6 pattern differently. Like [Education – Knowledge – Collaborate – Vision – Responsibility – Rewards] or [Strategy – Team – Communicate – Team Success – Performance – Recognition]. I structured my interpretations based on the necessities to get Anthony to work on other areas of Emotional Intelligence (EQ, EI, EIQ) –  intrapersonal “self management” and interpersonal “relationship management.”

Great Things never come from Comfort Zones. Elements of Numbers EON. Ron WZ SunThat was why I suggested in earlier Part 1 and Part 2 articles, for Anthony to consider personal development courses, practice what he has learned and apply the knowledge on a regular basis. Finally, with regular conscientious practices, it could progressively become a daily habit for Anthony. And that’s good for him, and for those around him, too, because he could directly or indirectly influence others to be positive as well. The “Rewards” may, in addition to monetary benefits, include accreditations and recognitions (internally within the company, or externally outside the company, like clients’ feedback), or in the best case, contentment and self-actualisation. Just like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs model. Anthony’s ability to reach the “transcendent” mindset depends on his purpose and values in life.

[Anthony] On a career level, it is difficult for me to delegate tasks because I am more of a follower than a leader. However, the points taken, and this is one of the transformations that I really must work on for a greater success in my career.

Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power. Elements of Numbers EON. Ron WZ SunOn Career side, the 4-7-2-9-6-6 pattern is on the need for cohesiveness and collaboration with team members and colleagues, whether he leads the team or just a team member. The [Strategy – Team – Communicate – Team Success – Performance – Recognition] provides a hint, for Anthony to change his old way of working to a new normal way of working. Anthony needs to build on his strengths and trust, and improve his leadership agility. Leadership is not only about the leader, but also the ability to influence others with their vision and values, and to have others follow. That’s what Anthony could do – not to lead others as a autocratic leader, but to inspire and motivate others with leadership agility and to drive high team performance, rather than individual assessments. He should recognise that not everyone on his team can do everything, and that every individual has his own strengths and weaknesses, desires and values. Hence the need to work together to achieve a common objective and succeed as a team.

When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: You Haven't. Elements of Numbers EON. Ron WZ SunI shared how to identify the Career element in my EON and FEN courses. The Career element is present in Anthony’s PY2023 chart. And as Anthony said about getting bonuses and recognition last month in January 2023, luck is always with him for the rest of the year. The only concern he has is to create opportunity and make his dreams come true through continual action. However, when greed comes to mind, he has to be careful of the potential monetary loss due to missteps and over-confidence. After all, there is still a Yin and Yang effect from a choice made. This means that even the basic interpretation of [Plan – Support – Talk – Success – Money – Money] could also result in the worst cases. That’s when the plan was not carried out properly due to distractions and/or mid-way stopped taking action. The lack of support from others, and inability to convince others or accept other people’s perspectives. It’s like an extreme mirror reflection (opposite) of success leading to failure and disappointment. And excessive spending of money and initial profits as a result of greed, which may ultimately lead to a larger monetary loss. And that might not happen when Anthony exercise due diligence.

The Future depends on what you do today. Elements of Numbers. EON. Ron WZ Sun

[Anthony] I will be starting my property investment in Airbnb rental business around middle of this year. I’m hoping for a boom in the tourism industry as well.

I am pleased that Anthony has laid out his goals and his plan for achieving this. Like the phrase, “Think BIG, start SMALL”, he could focus and not be influenced by temptations and distractions, write down the many milestones and objectives to be achieved, so that he could move on to his great goal. He could follow the progress of each milestone – identify and adjust the critical path on a regular basis – so that he can finally accomplish what his milestones and vision are. And not be restricted by the timeline that could be out of his control, due to economic uncertainties.

[Anthony] Regarding my mental health issues like anxiety, I have already consulted a health professional (psychiatrist) in recent years. I am currently taking medicine every day to relieve my anxiety.

Many people spend their health gaining wealthThere’s a reason I suggested in the Part 2 article that Anthony look for professional medical help. The tendency signs are there, suggesting Anthony not to think too deeply about simple things and worry unnecessary. Over time, undesirable excessive thinking could lead to obsessions and emotional triggers, affecting his mental state. From an Elements of Numbers (EON) standpoint, this is related to the METAL element. And this includes other health symptoms like anxiety, hypertension, migraine, and mental disorders. It would be nice for Anthony to commit to some form of relaxation activities as one of his goals to improve his health. Activities could be in the form of Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga and other mindfulness exercises. Yes, the NLP (neurolinguistic programming) might help in a way…

Strong Metal could also manifest undesirable energies and affect other elements. These could lead to health symptoms like leg/limps injuries, liver, diabetes, hypertension, cholesterols, brain fog, kidney, urinary system, mental and mindset, and intestinal and digestive system problems. Check out page 113 of my EON book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” for potential references.

As long as Anthony can manage his Metal elements – like mindset shift, emotional and health management – he should be on the right track to minimise the negative influence on him. And have the strength to concentrate on improving positive energies in and around him.

Success is no accident. Elements of Numbers EON. Ron WZ SunI’ve added the 9-Year Cycle (9Yr-C) code to display the transitional energies that could influence a person, every nine years. This is not like the typical Personal Year chart where numbers in the M-N-O-P-Q-R location are repeated every 9 years. The 9Yr-C code is uniquely formulated as it’s based on my research and experience in other Chinese Metaphysics systems, including the development of metaphysics software.

Anthony’s 9Yr-C (2022) is 32(5) and 9Yr-C (2023) is 23(5). This means that there is a 9-year transient energy shift from 3-2-5 to 2-3-5. That is, from [Fast – Talk – Stubborn] to [Talk – Fast – Stubborn].  Theoretically, a fast-talker could suggest a person who’s articulate and eloquent. From an EON perspective, the associations between the two patterns may vary. For instance, a 2-3-5 pattern might suggest talking fast first before thinking or formulating thoughts, such as mumbling and gibberish. A 3-2-5 pattern suggests fast thinking and thought formulation before speaking, like a debater. While the outcome (5) may create confusion and difficulties, others might, at times, misunderstood the communication or message.

When you feel like quitting, remember why you started. Elements of Numbers EON. Ron WZ Sun

Anthony needs to adopt and adjust a different communication technique during the nine years, starting from 2023 to 2032. Anthony would benefit from a 2-3-5 approach [Communicate / Transparency – Passion / Inspire – Purpose / Values] when communicating or collaborating with others with passion and inspired values. Rather than using the [Command / Manipulate – Enforce / Critical – Challenges / Unrealistic] way of doing things one’s way. In short, it’s best to collaborate and share team effort.

In general, the energies in 2023 are usually better than the energies in 2022 when he dealt with the vibrations of the Double-Effect (DE). However, as mentioned in previous articles, annual energies are transient and would always be around during the transitional period. That is to say, the DE energies of last year may still be there, although they are gradually being exhausted until around March of this year. Likewise, next year’s 2024 energies might surface around the September-October period of this year.

If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always get. Elements of Numbers. EON. Ron WZ SunWhether the energies are good or bad is of little importance, when you know how to manage it. With a simple change of mind, Anthony can easily overcome them and transform into a better version of himself. Transformative change can take place as long as it is clear about what really matters to him, his values, and what he wants to achieve. While challenges and little failures may exist, due to the 9Yr-C influence, Anthony must remember that these obstacles and challenges are like hurdles he can overcome when he worked harder. And small failures are like lessons to make him stronger and be ready for the greatest success in the future.

Until then, I hope Anthony can work towards transformative change and become a much happier and inspiring person. And for the rest of you, I hope you’ve learned something useful and practical. Focus on driving the growth mindset for transformational change.

Stay focused. Be curious. And embrace the right profiling mindset.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun





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