On Anthony: Reflecting on Year 2022 – Part 2

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In the previous Part 1 article, I shared some observations about the tendency signs that Anthony might face. Anthony gave extensive feedback with detailed points that are consistent with my comments in Part 1. In many ways, Anthony’s feedback further reinforced and strengthened the practicality of applying the Elements of Numbers (EON) method as a systems-thinking approach to profile a person beyond their birth chart, personality and character.

Elements of NUmbers (EON) chart, generated by DEON+ PRO software. Meganworx.comIn this article, I’m going to share Anthony’s comments and highlight how he could adopt the practical and logical way to improve his character and aim for transformative change.

[Anthony] On the 4-6-1-7-5-3 patterns and selective listening…

  • It is true that I have self-pity and self-sacrifice. I tend to self-absorb too much on issues I am facing, I feel that my issues cannot be healed or changed, I always have negative thoughts about myself. I tend to be more accommodating to others instead of my own feelings.
  • It is also true that I have self-pride and egoistical (but not as much as self-pity and self-sacrifice) – I don’t like to be wrong but can accept being corrected. For the ego part, it is hard for me to forgive others or ask for forgiveness, but not so much of being superior to others as I am not the person who likes to be in the front or lead.
  • Planning & setting goals without specifying the objectives and actions – I do have a list of plans and goals, but, you are right, I did not specify the objectives of the goals I made and actions to be taken to achieve the goals. I just go with the flow and blindly follow someone who pretends to be “financial guru” in their domain.
  • Selective Listening – I only listen to their false results and I get tricked by these nice words without doing any more research, which made me lose money.

State of the Mind - Elements of Numbers (EON) by Ron WZ SunThere is no absolute one-way only approach to profile a person because of the complexity of human behavior, emotions, and how they respond to situations. While there are Birth Charts with the 4-6-1-7-5-3 pattern in location M-N-O-P-Q-R, it’s absurd and naïve to assume everyone having such pattern in their Birth Charts, would ultimately face similar conclusion (like bankruptcy) as claimed by many external trainers. This unjustified fear is imposed on those who are gullible.

We need to look beyond the birth chart to better understand a person, and to identify potential signs that the person might feel or behave. That is why I have added more essential charts in the FEON+ v1.x (Android) software. And with further research done, I discovered more clues and included additional charts and features to the FEON+ PRO v2.x software. These advanced features enable me (and FEN students) to identify more tendency signs that influenced the flow of the energies on the 4-6-1-7-5-3 pattern. And as well as other areas of the Birth Chart and Personal Year Chart (PY2022).

You can't face challenge without change. Elements of Numbers (EON) method.Now that Anthony is aware of his vulnerabilities and weaknesses, he has to take steps to focus more on his strengths to replace the old, bad habits with new positive ones.

The first area is to get FEAR out of your subconscious. Whether it’s the fear of failure or the fear of success, it doesn’t matter, because thinking and worrying unnecessarily is like taking a step backwards every time an opportunity presents itself. Anthony may have taken FEAR for a “Forget Everything And Run” thought.

Instead, he should consciously remember that fear is unwarranted and needs to be more positive and determined, to treat each challenge as an opportunity. And changed the thought of FEAR in the “Face Everything And Rise” mindset. Consider the one small failure as FIRST – “First Attempt In Learning” experience that would eventually lead to success.

Never put your Happiness in someone's else pocket. Elements of Numbers (EON). Ron WZ SunAnthony has to shake off his egoistical mentality and understand others through their perspectives and values. It doesn’t always have to be the “I, Me & Myself” attitude, which eventually affects his mental health as well. Success does not come from one person; it comes from teamwork. Hence, Anthony can replace the “I” in “Illness” to “We“, which will eventually become “Wellness.” And holistic wellness is what Anthony needs, to get back on the right track and focus on collaboration and teamwork, and be an empathetic person or leader.

There’s a thin line drawn between gullibility and credibility. Anthony should stop imagining based on the sweet words given by others, and not commit himself to anything on impulses. Write down the steps in each milestone that leads to his goals; take small steps to achieve each small milestone which eventually will get him to reach his goal. Attending courses on personal development and applying the knowledge learned would be beneficial for Anthony, because there are strong signs the Smart Genes in his charts are manifesting this year in 2023.

Elements of Numbers[Anthony] On the Double-Effects and gullibility…

  • In terms double whammy, financially, I have been scammed mid of last year for investment that did not exist. I believed blindly on the quick-rich scheme. I also suffered a huge loss of money recently because of poor money management and not doing in-depth homework before investing a lot of money in Forex trading.
  • As for the double blessing, I received a salary increment from my boss (I am working in a company) and also a performance bonus, in January 2022. I also managed to purchase 2 investment properties somewhere mid of 2022.
  • Not sure if this is a blessing or whammy – I got a personal loan with low interest rate and have used it to clear all my credit card debts and other outstanding personal loans. And I have also used some of the amount for unnecessary spending, and some were scams.
  • Gullibility – I blindly listen to unknown people promising money, without doing thorough research.

Elements of Numbers: Double Effect, Double Blessing, Double WhammyTechnically, an event, situation or action that has led to a positive and rewarding experience of a person’s well-being, finances and lifestyle, in a Double-Effect (DE) year, is considered as Double Blessing. On the other hand, if the outcome resulted in an unfavourable experience like financial loss, illness and negative unplanned circumstance, is considered as a Double Whammy. Anthony faced both Double Blessing and the Double Whammy vibes last year. If he could have been more cautious, rational and logical in his spending, he would not have been gullible and deceived by the scammers.

Maybe Anthony could take the kind of approach I would normally take. When someone claimed to have a fast and rich investment plan with incredibly high profits in a short timeframe, I would insist that the person provides official proof that he or she personally invested in such an investment scheme. For themselves, not for their clients.

Elements of Numbers EON. Screenshot of DISC-EON chart taken from FEON+PRO software. Meganworx.com[Anthony] On DISC-EON…

  • Conscientious – Indeed I am thorough and organised when carrying out my task.
  • Influence – I do not feel that I am a person who likes to persuade or influence others; instead I am more of a quiet, likes keeping to myself, introvert, does not expose too much to friends or colleagues, shyness and lack of self-confidence. To be honest, I suffer from social anxiety/nervousness issue.

From a typical DISC profiling, both Conscientious and Influence are at opposite conflicting sides. While there is the need to be conscientious and thorough in your work, there is also the desire to interact with others, to influence others or explain how things should be done from his standpoint. Maybe it’s not the conscious part, but the subconscious inner self in him to reach out to others if he could. And the conscious fear, the “suffer from social anxiety/nervousness” prevents him from doing so. This is OK and normal, since typical DISC psychometric profiling rarely provides similar results when you do DISC profiling at different times. This is because our attitudes, behaviours, and perspectives change regularly, and this could influence our assumptions and thoughts.

EON book - Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling by Ron WZ Sun.com[Anthony] On his Health…

  • Yes, I love sweet food and drinks. I also drink a lot of alcohol almost every weekend.
  • I have mood swings. I tend to be moody when bad things happen. Once, last year, I was angry and because I can’t control, I shouted at the person due to being irritated by his words.
  • In many situations, I always regret what I did.
  • I’ve had migraines, headaches, breathing issues (I contracted COVID-19 in February 2022) and unnecessary worries, especially about money.
  • As I mentioned earlier about social anxiety, it has been around since my teens and I still have it today. I take medication every day because of this anxiety problem.

Many people spend their health gaining wealthAnthony may want to see a health professional about issues related to his mental well-being. He should ignore those perceived stigma on a person with mental stress. Perhaps he could also seek guidance from an NLP or medical professional who could help him change his mental model, get rid of his emotions and anxiety.

A word of advice to Anthony: there’s nothing to be ashamed of if you seek professional help; it’s your life that you must take charge, and not leave them in the hands of others. Handle it and move on, because there are so many opportunities waiting for you to go with happiness and healthy flow…

[Anthony] On his Career…

  • Career wise, 2022 was challenging as we had to complete a project with deadlines. It was also stressful and required working outside of office hours and weekends.
  • It may not be because of lack of support from management, but I realized it’s because of me. I did not properly delegate tasks as it is supposed to be, loss of focus and got distracted by thinking too much about how to make money.

OK, the lack of support from management can also imply the lack of support from others, including the teams and social friends.

Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success. Elements of Numbers EON. Ron WZ SunAs Anthony mentioned, it was because of his work style in trying to do everything on his own, to eat the whole cake himself, so to speak. As I’ve always said to other people, why eat all the chocolate cake on your own? If you can share the chocolate cake with other people, you will enjoy eating a variety of cakes shared by them as well. As mentioned earlier, success is not achieved by one person, but by one team through cohesive collaborations, trust, psychological safety, and common goals.

After receiving his wonderful feedback, I emailed and thank him for his detailed comments. I wrote, “Meanwhile, a quick one… There are signs your finances will be improved this year and you’ll achieve better success, just that you need to be more prudent in any quick-rich scheme. When possible, ensure you are investing safely this year due to global uncertainty. Your skillsets would be noticed, especially in external areas beyond the company you’re working with.

A couple of days later, Anthony sent me an email again..

[Anthony] Happy to update you that I just received a letter from my boss yesterday regarding salary increment and performance bonus. Your quick analysis in the previous email saying: “There are signs that your finances will be improved this year and you will achieve better success”, is really spot-on. I am amazed by the accuracy.

accuracy of Elements of Numbers EON profilingFrankly, it has nothing to do with the accuracy of my profiling. It is a matter of understanding the tendency signs in the charts and accepting the fact that there are so many ways to analyse someone’s charts. As the saying goes, “all roads lead to Rome.

When we accept that a chart might suggest many alternatives and variations due to complex systems in human emotions, behaviours, attitudes and actions, we would be able to see beyond the charts. When you strive to focus on profiling the right way, chances are, the person you are doing your case study analysis, would be able to resonate with what you have observed. And if you simply focused on getting your profiling right, like claiming you have over 90% accuracy, it’d unbelievable, subjective, and questionable “Sure or Not?” doubt.

Elements of Numbers: The Birth Chart Is NOT The PersonalitySo, wherever possible… do not be swayed by sweet, often over-promising and boastful words from anyone claiming you can truly know yourself (and others) better simply by knowing your numbers, through their courses. Do they have regular articles posted as evidential reference? Remember, human behaviours are complex and changing due to influences from the transitional energies around.

Focus on learning to profile using the right way (approach or techniques), not stressing on ensuring you get your profiling analysis right. It is important to understand the basic principles of the Elements of Numbers (EON), the intent of the EON chart’s design structure, and to adopt the EON approach of building a systemic profile using the knowledge of the Five Elements.

Human behavior flows from three sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge. Elements of Numbers. Ron WZ Sun.Eventually, it’s not just about my observations. What really counts is Anthony’s actions. He has done many rights things and should continue to do so. He needs to focus less on doing things right. And as mentioned earlier, delegating tasks to others who don’t really need his expertise to work on. Perhaps, try to read up on the “Eisenhower Matrix” framework and apply the technique. I am glad Anthony got his pay raise and performance bonuses. There’s going to be more successes and more money this year. Anthony must take immediate steps to be in the right mind (focus), and reframe his perspectives. He must communicate with others (teamwork and collaboration) and maintain a healthy state of mind, body and soul.

I’ll share my observations for Anthony for this year 2023 in the Part 3 article.

For now, happy learning. Remember the EON way – Always strive to profile with the right approach; focus less on getting your profiling right.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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