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I received several emails late last year from Anthony who lives in Malaysia. Below are excerpts from our conversations; I have rephrased some words and sentences for reading clarity in this article.

[Anthony] If you don’t mind me asking, what is the difference between your EON book and the book by “Dr Bernard Yeo – Know Your Numbers, Know Yourself “?

accuracy of Elements of Numbers EON profiling[Ron] They both concentrate on different methods. You need to verify it yourself as different people have different learning styles. Thousands of copies of my book have been sold and/or read since I self-published it in 2010. The students who attended my class as well as the users who bought my book all gave positive feedback. I posted over a thousand articles, sharing my profiling observations publicly and freely. I do not see other trainers doing this because they lack confidence, competence or because they are too commercialised to freely share their knowledge. Do check my articles and digest them. Don’t rush… if you like my articles and teaching/sharing style, you’ll like the EON book.

I hope Anthony will do his own research and decide which book would help him to better understand himself and what kind of support he can get afterwards.

Shortly after, Anthony purchased my EON book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” and quickly registered the FEON v1.x (Android) profiling software. In this way, he can rapidly generate EON charts to learn, practice, and develop his knowledge in profiling.


[Anthony] I have just finished reading your book and it is very insightful. I would like to ask if you provide an in-depth personalised assessment of my birth and my personal year chart for my numbers. If you do, please do let me know how much is the fees?

Anthony wanted a personalised profiling report on his life, if possible, on matters also related to career outlook, money/financial matters, legal issues (if any), and health. Besides, he wants to pay for my profiling services.

You don't understand anything until you learn it more than one way[Ron] Comprehensive feedback would take some time and could lead to hundreds of pages, since it would be a life/destiny report. This would not be a summary report regarded as a complete report that some external numerology trainers have promoted for a few hundred to thousands of dollars. Due to the extensive effort and assumption of what a typical life report entails, I don’t think I have the time to do a comprehensive report for you as I have other priorities.

Meanwhile, if you meet with someone or sites that claim to provide a full report for a fee, chances are they won’t be able to. This is because your character and behaviour changes frequently, and it would change the report too. For instance, if I noticed some health symptoms that affect you in 2023, and also in 2024. You have taken steps now, and by 2024 you have no such health symptoms. Does it mean my previous analysis of the 2024 report was wrong? Therefore, the appropriate report is better handled for one year and not the entire life…

[Anthony] How about a personal analysis for the whole year of 2023 only? Would you be available for this?

[Ron] I sensed your concern. Okay, just pass me your birthdate and birth time (if available), and I’ll see if I can do a case study analysis for you.

Profiling people is not just about number patterns. Elements of Numbers. Five Elements Numerology. Ron WZ SunI felt Anthony was anxious to get some clarification and answers about what he had encountered. And since he made the decision to embrace the Elements of Numbers (EON) method by getting my EON book and registering the FEON+ v1.x (Android) software, I could lead him to discover and start his self-awareness journey by understanding his own charts, from an external point of view.

Self-awareness is a key factor in improving your Emotional Intelligence (EQ). And as a trained and certified EQ and agile practitioner, it’s equally important that anyone interested in EON profiling understands their strengths and weaknesses. Although possible observations would focus on strengths, knowledge of weaknesses from a systems thinking perspective is ideal for end-to-end analysis. It’s just like observing the WHAT and HOW from “out of the box” paradigm, we also need to shift our perspective to look within, to know and understand the WHY that’s “in the box” as well. And this could allow you to formulate transformational changes while appreciating your EON journey.

Elements Of Numbers (EON) chart, generated from FEON+ PRO software

Screenshot from FEON+ PRO on iPhone, scaled to fit device height.

So, this Part 1 article is about my profiling observations on Anthony’s charts. I told him that I needed his comments on this article, so that I could focus on what could have happened in 2023. Then I can release the follow-up Part 2 article later.

The 4-6-1-7-5-3 pattern in location M-N-O-P-Q-R denotes a person who’s inclined towards the self-pride, self-pity, egoistical and self-sacrifice traits. I could interpret the 4-6-1 pattern as [Plan – Money – Alone], [Set Goals – Vision – Leadership], [Personal Growth – Financial Enrichment – Achievement] and so on. In short, Anthony is intent on doing what he wants, not what he needs and what really matters to him. Planning and setting goals, without specifying the objectives and actions to be taken, is like a dream and a hope without actions.

In a way, it’s like having a NATO (No Action, Talk Only) mindset. That could instil a negative “not my responsibility; it’s yours” behaviour. Because of this, Anthony could face frequent disagreements and/or contractual issues with others, to some extent, some unexpected financial expenses, overspending or loss of money (7-5-3).

Now that Anthony knows his weaknesses, it is time to move on and focus on the positive side – his strengths – to become the person that he wants to be. Just a word – ACTION.

The 3 Brains, Elements of Numbers (EON), Fast and Easy Character Profiling. Organisation Psychology. Positive PsychologyYes, Anthony could avoid making too many plans, or setting unrealistic targets that are impossible to reach. He could apply the Eisenhower Matrix method to prioritise his to-do list, by acting on what is urgent and important first. And delegate to others or leave out areas that are less pressing and less important. And like all good EQ advice, he should formulate his thoughts before responding to others, instead of reacting quickly to adverse situations that have triggered emotions, which he may regret later. I briefly mentioned about the “3 brains” in an earlier article; Anthony could check out or search the Internet for additional information.

Elements of Numbers: Double Effect, Double Blessing, Double WhammyLast year, there are tendency signs in his PY2022 chart suggesting that Anthony might feel overwhelmed due to the Double-Effect (DE) vibe. This could potentially mean Anthony might experience Double Blessing and/or Double Whammy effects. Due to the transition energies between 2022 and 2023, this means that Anthony would still have the DE vibe until April of this year. Whatever it is, as the 7-5-3 pattern is usually associated with the loss of money, it’d be wiser for Anthony not to take risk unnecessary where it comes to financial spendings. Unless he’s done his homework and figured out what he wants by “losing to win.”

You must gain control over your money. Elements of Numbers.(EON) Five Elements Numerology (FEN) Ron WZ SunSome external trainers claimed 7-5-3 (or 5-7-3) pattern is a bankruptcy number. This is a very naive, irrational and premature assumption. Bankruptcy is one option, a choice made by the person who decided bankruptcy is the only solution, and not to discuss monthly repayments with the banks. So, bankruptcy is one of the worst cases, and 7-5-3 (or 5-7-3) cannot be 100% assumed to be “bankruptcy” number. C’mon, let’s be practical and logical, every one of us will eventually have the 5-7-3 or 7-5-3 patterns coming in from the Personal Year or other periodic charts. Does that mean when such pattern shows up in our periodic chart, we will go bankrupt? That makes no sense, right? It’s more of a fear tactic used by these commercialised trainers to coerce others into enrolling in their classes. And they will get the remedies only after they have spent much of their hard-earned money, through various modular courses. This is where the money is lost – too much spending due to credulity!

Knowing yourself and knowing your numbers are not enough to help you KNOW where you are today. You also need to understand the WHYs and then list down the step-by-step actions you can take to get you to where you want to be tomorrow. Or next month, next year, or a couple of years down the road.

Screenshot of Elements of Numbers (EON) chart, generated by FEON+ PRO software running on Android device

Screenshot from an Android phone, scaled to fit device height

This is where “Transformational Change through EON Profiling” kicks in when we apply the adaptive profiling techniques.. It does not require any “one-way only” assumptions and ridiculous LifeCode remedies that supposedly have limited energies, and that could be detrimental to your health when used wrongly. Theoretically, this is due to excessive energies that you do not need – due to changing periodic energies – but that still manifest through these marketable and expensive so-called “life healing” ornaments.

I shared with students in my EON profiling class, on how to visually assess the dominant element in a chart. This technique, while practical, may lead to uncertainty when it comes to the student’s knowledge and experience. Unless they continue to apply the knowledge learned.  That is why I added the “Elemental Strengths” option in the FEON+ PRO v2.x profiling tool, which is currently available only to my Five Elements Numerology (FEN) students.

There are more features available in the FEON+ PRO v2.x software. For instance, the DISC-EON chart suggested that Anthony has a primary C (for Conscientious) and contradicting secondary I (for Influence) which in many ways, could resonate with what I’ve described so far. The DISC-EON chart removes cognitive biases or unconscious biases when using typical multiple-choice questionnaires (MCQ). Instead, it’s formulated automatically from my years of research and observations on the essential charts of a person.

Elements of Numbers. Screenshot taken from FEON+ PRO (Android)Now, back to the visual check on Anthony’s chart; the Metal element is dominant, and this is also reflected in the “Elemental Strengths” chart of FEON+ PRO. And that further strengthened Anthony’s Root 1, also a Metal element.

Last year, Anthony may have suffered some setbacks, mainly due to his perfectionist trait, and these could indirectly or directly affect his financial expenses as well. The probability is again, because of gullibility and selectively listening to nice words by others.

When it comes to health, Anthony needs to moderate his cravings for sweet foods and drinks, including alcohol and carbohydrates, as the tendency signs suggest diabetes-like symptoms. Since the next dominant element is Water, Anthony needs to focus and not swayed by feelings and emotions. He has to handle his hastiness, recklessness, impatience, and temperaments. Last year, he might have gone through and perhaps regretted reactive actions that were due to emotional triggers. As a result, there could be a bad or bitter relationship with other people.

In some ways, his work or career vibes may not be strong in 2022, in part because of the lack of support from his supervisor and management, if he works for someone. If he is self-employed, it could be because of the empty promises made by his customers or being deceived by them.

On health matters, Anthony might have experience Metal-related conditions in 2022. Symptoms like hyperventilation, migraine, headache, respiratory problems, skin or rash, sleep apnea, worrisome unnecessary, and others. That might be a reason why he couldn’t focus on what he wants to plan and act on.

Why in the Box? Elements Of Numbers EONI told Anthony that his feedback is important because this observation in the case study resembles transactional profiling because of the lack of face-to-face communication. Anthony needs to comment on areas where he could resonate, and the areas I mentioned, but which he has not been confronted with at this time. This way, it could lead to a transformative profiling experience for him.

That’s all for my Part 1 article on Anthony’s chart. If you’re observant enough, I’m focusing on his strengths and weaknesses, and the probable vibes manifested last year in 2022. As I mentioned earlier, because of the transitional energies, Anthony still has to take precautions, particularly in the areas I mentioned but that have not yet surfaced.

Last year’s energies are still present today, but are progressively running out, during the first quarter of this year.

Strive for Progress not perfection. Elements of Numbers EON. Five Elements Numerology (FEN). FEON+I hope Anthony will learn something helpful from this article. Honestly, the best solution for transformational change is… FREE. Just a simple change of perspective and instil the growth mindset! Okay, plus the time and effort, which is key to any change coming into effect.

To become a better person, Anthony must develop and understand his self-awareness, and accept his vulnerabilities before progressing towards self-management. Once done, it’d then be easier for him to work on his Social Awareness and Relationship Management areas, to improve his EQ leadership agility, values, relationship and communication skills with others at work, in social life, and at home.

Finally, I will analyse his 2023 charts and post the Part 2 article, once I have received Anthony’s feedback on this article.

Until then, happy learning and happy profiling. Stay safe!


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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