On Mitch McConnell & The Search for “Career”

Once again, today’s article is about choosing one of the many search texts posted by interested users in recent days and weeks, hoping to find an answer. I’m focusing on “career” for today’s topic.

In my EON book, Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling, I described the career or business (sector, industry) that is best suited to your work. These are based on the Five Elements principles and its elemental cycles. The details are for beginners who want to learn more about the appropriate career or business areas, so they can hopefully take advantage of a more rewarding career path. I’ve provided details of the “Careers and Business” topic on Page 145 of my EON book. Oh, special thanks to new supporters from Singapore and India, who’ve recently purchased my EON book.

The career information is only the basic, to help you start. While it’s good as general reference for beginners, I’m not recommending strictly following the suggested career preferences today – most career or job roles are no longer single-scope. As noted in many previous articles, the use of an appropriate career or business area is too inflexible and impractical. For instance, you might have a Root 2 in your Birth Chart, and the suggested career or business sector, starting with the most ideal order, would be Fire, Metal, Water, Wood, and lastly, the Earth elements. In theory, what this means is that you’re better off not working in Earth-element industries. In practical, it doesn’t make sense at all. You can be a high-performance communicator (Root 2), working as a real estate agent (Earth element). And that doesn’t mean you’re going to have similar or better success in the Fire or Metal industries.

Businesses and industries have changed over the years due to technology advancement, disruptive changes, and changing social expectations. It’s no longer “business as usual.” Many companies are now operating in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) business environment today.

Many traditional companies’ operational workflows and processes have now been replaced by automation and digital transformations; changing their operations to meeting customers’ needs, mobile payments, and engaging in providing multiple services and products. The days of the scope of the single-role job as an admin or clerical staff, no longer exists in many countries. Instead, you’ve computers (laptops, not typewriters) to assist in your admin tasks, coordinating with the security and facilities teams, and using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheet to generate reports. We’ve seen traditional bookstores, now including coffee outlets and/or the sale of cakes, beverages and cookies; and even IT-products – the need for change – to survive. We’ve read about people who have changed careers because of a downturn and job loss, severe wage cuts, job dissatisfaction, discretionary abuse or career stagnation. Those who are fortunate and subsequently find new employment may be feeling happier than before, although the industry sector may be the “least preferred.” The career roles today, is different from those in the pre-90s; hence the importance of upskilling yourself now, whenever possible, to prepare and be ready for the new normal.

I discovered the practical aspect, the relevance and the importance of identifying the ‘Career Element‘ that allows me to determine the vibrations that could affect you. This depends on your Personal Year (PY) Chart, which means that you’re able to identify the signs for manifesting or suppressing (managing) your career vibrations (vibes). For example, when the tendency signs of your career vibes are strong in next year’s PY chart, it’s time you take action now, to do the best you can be, to contribute to the success of your company, as an individual and as a team-member, at work. That said, this doesn’t mean that when the tendency signs are weak, you may underperform, be complacent, relax, and simply “acted” busy. No, I don’t think that’s what this is about. Instead, it’s about identifying opportunities before they arise, and when they arise, you’re ready to seize them.

I’ve explained how to identify the Career Element to my EON/FEN classroom students. It is helpful to verify career vibes in any given year. For example, you may want to change jobs, and you just want to learn about the strengths of your career vibes. Once you have mapped the strengths with the ‘reason factor’ that makes you think about changing jobs, then you can do a simple judgment exercise. When the signs are high, you can take steps and begin to send resumés to potential employers. When signs are weak, contribute to a more productive time in your present job or improve your attitudes at work.

Take a look at the screenshot showing Mitch McConnell’s EON chart. Check the “Career Growth / Career Vibes” section (bottom left of the screenshot). This is one more unique feature that I have included in the FEON+ PRO software. You don’t have to do the hard work of guessing anymore, because the chart shows the strength of the career vibes, and currently, with the various “reason factors” available.

Mitch’s career vibes for next year is low, which means it’s advisable for him to stay in his present career if he could, given his age (78). The “Financial Growth” bar is higher than the other ones, suggesting that monetary stability is desired. For politicians, we could interpret the stability to include authority, power, and recognition. And as well as ego and greed, for many.

The “Task Engagement” bar indicates a desire to continue to participate in more tasks and assignments. However, you’d also noticed that both the “Supportive Boss” and “Acknowledgement” bars are low, which means he has little support from his boss, and could receive fewer credits, acknowledgement, and appreciations next year.

If Mitch has to change his career, then he could consider retiring, due to his age; and focus on other aspects, like in the “Social Cohesion” or “Skills Utilisation” bars. That means, instead of involving in defiance acts, unwarranted emotional tensions, and frequent “fire-fighting” as the Senate Majority Leader, he could step down peacefully and focus on doing humanitarian and charity work, utilising the exposure and experiences he has built up over the years. It might also bring happiness and satisfaction to it.

Mitch’s PY2021 Chart is showing the 5-4-9-4-5-9 pattern, which we could associate with challenging times ahead resulting in hesitation, anxiety, risk-taking, fight or flight, and emotional tensions. Coincidentally, I noticed Mike Pence, Ivanka Trump, and Kayleigh McEnany are also facing the challenging, risk-taking 5-4-9-4-5-9 patterns on their PY2021 charts. That might somehow, influenced the decisions on their careers.

I designed and developed the FEON+ PRO tool for a reason: providing as much vital visual information as possible, helping to better profile observations, without spending too much time remembering all the theories we may sometimes forget or ignore. For example, if you simply want to focus on career, then select the “Career Growth / Career Vibes” section. If you want to check on his health, there’s the “Health & Tendencies” section too. You can then apply the Five Elements principles to assist in your health observations.

Oh, a cautionary note here… I mean for Mitch and not for you, unless you’ve similar EON charts or birth date like him. Mitch must be aware of his aging health because the sign of ‘cardiac arrest‘ is strong and present. This could result in an aggravation of health problems, including stroke, heart attack, chest pain, shortness of breath, muscle tension and other respiratory or limps-related health problems. Although the signs are present in his PY2021 chart, he has to be extra careful now, as the impending year’s energies are already active since around late September this year. I also noticed the blue-black marks on one corner of his lower lip, and on his hand a few weeks ago – which might be “heart/blood” related. Thus, the urgent need to prioritise his health above his career.

The Career Element is another unique feature I have formulated that is visually displayed on the FEON+ PRO tool. Learning the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, applying the extended FEN (Five Elements Numerology) techniques, and utilising the FEON+ tool, could accelerate your (career) growth to provide a better profiling service.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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