On Meghan Markle and others

I came across this Yahoo articleMeghan Markle’s half-brother wants Prince Harry to call off the royal wedding” early today.

Frankly, no one (other than immediate family members) knows whether the comments made by Thomas Markle Jr., is true or just another fake news or character assassination posting to garner more views and excitement. In any case, I also searched the Internet and found a few other celebrities having the exact birthdate as Meghan Markle, like Abigail Spencer and Marques Houston.

So today’s article is not specifically about Meghan but those born on the same birth date, i.e., on 4 August 1981. What you are about to read does not imply Meghan and/or others born on same birthdate, would inhibit or display all traits mentioned (other than the section relating to her Time of Birth Chart). Once again, a person’s character can vary over time due to many factors, including family upbringing, self-beliefs, life purpose, individual contentment, and social influence. Thus, what I’m about to share about the probable traits and personalities here, are based on the elements and numbers present in the EON charts, and applying the Elements of Numbers (EON) for analysis.

I’ll start with correlating some of the comments that Thomas made to the tendency signs present in the EON birth chart. Thomas mentioned about Meghan’s money-mindedness and bad relationship with her father. From her EON chart, the 4-8-3 pattern in locations I-J-M denotes poor communication or EQ problems. As the pattern resides in the father sector, this means there might be communication problems between Meghan (or someone born on the same birth date) and her father. And what’s the likely, contributing factor? Well, usually the answer can be found in location H2, which in this example, is the number 6. In basic EON theory, we could associate the number 6 as money, mental and cognitive intellectuals, prestige, face savings, boastful, show off, and home.

Could Thomas’ comment in the Yahoo article that Meghan “used her father for money, leaving him “bankrupt” and “broke” over “mostly all her debts” be true? Really, I don’t know. However, from EON perspective, one strong factor between Meghan and her father is about money and/or family.

There is, however, another set of 4-8-3 (the numbers could be in any sequence) patterns in J-M-O, and M-H4-O, which further reinforced the poor EQ and lack of tactful communication with others. The 5-7-3 pattern in P-Q-R could denote the tendency for overspending on unnecessary things, negligence, and ignoring and overlooking fine prints. In simple words, it’s related to loss of money, normally because of carelessness.

Furthermore, there is another set of 4-8-3 pattern in her Time of Birth Chart as well, and together with the 4-2-6 pattern on the same chart, it could mean some form of disruptive relationship that prevented Meghan from carrying out her plan to make more money or to have her own family/home.

Thomas ranted about Megan as being a “jaded, shallow, conceited woman.” That is a serious comment or accusation that only time will tell.  A search for “conceited” on the Internet explains it as “excessively proud of oneself, vain, self-centred, and egoistical.

The multiple sets of 1-9 [Self-Success] could imply a self-centred and egoistic person who strive for her own success regardless of the challenges, obstacles, and stumbling blocks. And just like the many articles I’ve posted previously about charts with multiple 9s, the signs are suggesting a forceful and competitive individual with high aspirations.

There are also tendency signs suggesting a “selective listening disorder” symptom, “success is always in her head or mind(H1) and the likelihood of the person being a perfectionist too (8-1-9 in J-K-L), to achieve what she aims for (1-2-3-2-1-3), through her soft, feminine, and manipulative communicative approach (H3), invoking the sensual-like feelings on others. The signs are in K-L-N-V-W-X locations, which as well mean she might also be influenced by her mother; and her actions and perceived beliefs are also partly be due to social lifestyles.

Last year (2017), Meghan was facing the Double-Effect Year where both the positive and negative vibes were manifested doubly. The 3-9-3 [Fast-Success-Fast] could imply the hasty attitude towards the need for quick and immediate success. In extended EON theories, we also link up the multiple 3s as sex-related urge, activities, and thoughts, besides the love and passion.

Now, let’s not focus on the comments made by Thomas, and instead, look at other prospects by identifying the clues present in the chart.

Whatever it is, Meghan (and anyone born on same birth date) has to take special care not to consume too much sweet food, as the likelihoods of being in the high-risk group of people with diabetic tendencies are strong. She must also learn to control and manage her emotions and tempers, as the signals are strong and present. In extreme cases, it could contribute to mental depression with bipolar and suicidal tendencies. She also has to take charge of her health, eat healthily, and consume adequate water, especially if she plans to have a baby next year (2019).

Whatever it is, and as said earlier and in many of my earlier articles, a person’s birth chart is like the house floor plan and a blueprint. What’s inside the house would naturally change over time. What this means a person could eventually change their perspectives, behaviours, habits, and actions, over time. This implies what I have described earlier, might not be visible in Meghan’s personality now as she could have changed over the recent years. Of course, just like a leopard could never change its spots, this implied  certain characteristics might be bottled up and constrained currently. Again, the phrase “only time will tell…”

Will Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have a happy relationship? For those with FEON+ software installed on their smartphone, plot their charts and check the Relationship / Compatibility Chart of both. The multiple 5s could imply, besides high sex desires and sensual activities, be about the challenges, obstacles, and bottlenecks in the relationships. If they could withstand the challenges and face them as opportunities, and be truthful to each other, nothing’s going to stop them from loving each other.

Let’s wish Prince Harry and Meghan Markle a splendid and blissful wedding on 19 May 2018, and wonderful marriage together. 

PS: You’ll learn the visualisation techniques and identify various tendency signs described earlier at the coming 4th FEN WORKSHOP confirmed on 2-3 June 2018. Early-bird offer ends tomorrow (5/5/2018). Click here for the course details and registrations.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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