On the US Presidential Debate

I was watching the live streaming of the Presidential debate between the incumbent USA President Donald Trump, and the former Vice President Joe Biden. I managed to watch the first 40-minutes of the chaotic debate, mainly to correlate their behaviours and body language with my profiling observations. I’ve always found it relaxing and calming, to watch content genres like comedies and stand-up talk shows. Watching the Presidential debate, was no difference. As with the phrase, “Laughter is the best medicine,” a hearty laugh makes me feels good and happy… 

I’m highlighting a feature that I’ve included in the FEON+ Pro software, in today’s article. You don’t need to think hard to “understand the cyclic vibes” as the signs are displayed in a line graph format. I’m referring to the common Biorhythm chart, which allows you to check for potential rhythmic cycles affecting a person on a selected day. In the work-in-progress FEON+ Pro, you can analyse up to four people (Main, User 2, User3, User4) to check on their “rhythmic” correlationships. The Biorhythm chart in FEON+ Pro is designed to show one behavioural rhythmic cycle, at a time, to avoid cluttering the chart. For instance, I could check the Emotional cycles of Donald Trump and Joe Biden for 29th September 2020, at a glance (see below screenshot).

I learned the Biorhythm method in early 80s, and it has since been part of my metaphysics knowledge-base. I’ve added thirteen rhythmic cycles in the “Daily Relationship Biorhythm” section, including the usual ones like Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual. I developed three new rhythmic cycles, after conducting research to understand the energy interactions and cyclic influences. The three unique rhythmic cycles are Luck, Mind, and Qi. The “Qi” rhythmic cycle is about the Qi energies that could influence a person’s behaviours, within and around them.

There are two sections – HIGH and LOW – in each Biorhythm chart, with the CRITICAL line as a “divider” in the center. When the graph line for the specific rhythmic cycle is showing an up-curve sign, it signifies the gradual strengthening of the energies. When the graph line is showing a down-curve sign, it signifies a gradual softening of the energies. When the graph line is at the CRITICAL marker (line 0), it denotes a sudden transitional change-over (up-to-down or down-to-up) of the specific rhythmic energies. This could make or break, so to speak, and that’s where most Biorhythm experts would suggest the extra need to be mindful of. Any negative actions could aggravate the person, and any positive actions could be beneficial. The main point is, when the graph line is at the critical marker, just be extremely careful, and take preventive measures. When the graph lines are at the HIGH (lines above 0 to 10) section, it denotes increasingly active energy influences (like being hyperactive, for Physical rhythmic cycle). When the graph lines are at LOW (lines below 0 to -10) section, it denotes softening energy influences (like feeling lethargic, for Physical rhythmic cycle).

The screenshot shows the Qi rhythmic cycles of Donald Trump (Main, red line) and Joe Biden (User4, blue line). Notice their individual Qi lines intercepted between 27th-28th September 2020, suggesting a “crossed confrontation” sign.

Donald’s Qi line is going upwards, while Joe’s Qi line is moving downward. Still, as both Qi lines are above the “critical” line 0, it shows that their energies are moderately strong. Donald’s Qi line (up-trend) is suggesting increasing energies (hyperactive, aggressive?), influencing his “interruptive” behaviours and actions; Joe’s Qi line (down-trend) is suggesting a less-active and controlled (composed, calmer?) demeanour. You’d have noticed similar body languages and behaviours demonstrated by them, when you watched the Presidential debate live or delayed telecast.

Interestingly, their LUCK lines (both lines overlapping, as seen from the top screenshot) are same. The LUCK rhythmic cycle refers to the lucky vibes influencing a person. As both are on equal Luck lines, they need to do more to convince voters, than simply hoping for a “twist of luck” to help them.

It’s easy to do a quick visual check, and identifies possible energy levels influencing a person’s behaviours, by using the Biorhythm charts. With FEON+ Pro, profiling a person is becoming more visual and informative when you look at the Biorhythm charts and other essential EON/FEN details available. You don’t have to waste precious times plotting and verifying the accuracy of the charts. You just need to focus on identifying the signs and interpret them. It doesn’t matter whether your analysis is right or wrong, as you might be looking from a different perspective. Over time, through regular practices, you can easily be in-tuned with what you want to unravel, particularly when you adopted the habit to apply the 5W1H (Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How) probing techniques to identify root-cause issues, and seek answers.

No single metaphysics system and profiling methods can be used to identify all aspects of a person’s character, behaviours, and mindset inclinations. There are “blind spots” in each system. When you complement your analysis with alternative methods, you could widen your profiling knowledge and improve your analytical competency.

When you learned and applied the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, and used the FEON+ software as productivity tool, you’re way ahead of many others. That’s only because you have direct access to lifelong learning support, acquire new extended techniques, and participate in case-study discussions with like-minded FEN students through the FEN COMMUNITY chat group.

You, like many others, have learned refreshing and practical information here, just by reading my articles. You’ll find applying the Elements of Numbers (EON) method to profile, can be insightful, engaging, and fun too.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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