Supportive and Favourable Elements

Using the Power of Numbers (PON) theory, we can easily check whether a person has favourable or unfavourable support from others. We can easily identify the elemental relationships in MN and PQ locations with the Root number element in location O.

Let us use today’s chart as a case study.

Look at the MNO locations. The Root Number 7 is Water. Water (7) is weak when it nourishes Wood (4). Water (7) and Fire (3) are constantly in conflict. In theory, this person does not have favourable elements. This person is constantly try to plan fast to win his or her supporters. He feels exhausted and stressed. The elements are unfavourable.

Let us continue to look at the PQ location. Metal (1) produces Water (7), according to the Five Elements. Water (2) and Water (7) are supportive – there is no weakening state.

So, can we assume this person has favourable or unfavourable elements? Can we say that this person is always feeling stressed although he doesn’t shows up externally?

Well, you can say that. But you cannot assume a person has support when there are more favourable elements present in their birth chart. It is inconclusive. The person may have support internally. But that does not mean they will get the ‘support’ each time.

There is no right or wrong here. To find out the strength of the element is like learning basic mathematics in primary or elementary schools.

When we adopt the EON method, we should not assume a person is strong or weak just by looking at the Root number. Similarly, it is so elementary to assume a person’s Day Master is strong or weak, using the Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny) methods.  When there are excessive favourable elements, it could have negative results.

An analogy: A thin boy was hungry. You fed him with food. He then told you he’s full. You kept telling him to eat more since he looks thin. After a while, he threw out the food as he could not take anymore. You got angry, agitated, and scolded him for wasting food. He got… a stomachache.

Understanding the fundamentals of the Five Elements is important. The Qi energies are constantly in motion. If we cannot tap the energies from within, we can always rely on external Qi to try to harmonise the energies. If the elements are not favourable, we can always tap on the Annual Year elements as well. On a macro level, we can always tap on the Monthly and Daily elements too.

“In every YIN, there is always a YANG. In every YANG, there is always a YIN.” A bankrupt person can be happy, and a wealthy person can be sad and lonely too. It all depends on our ‘needs’ and ‘wants’, and what we want to achieve in life.

Put aside the narrow view of looking at the strength of the Root number to determine whether it’s favourable or not. Instead, use it to identify your weak points, and perhaps, identify the supporting elements as well.

When you see the favourable elements coming in from a Personal Year chart, it could imply you are OK during that particular year. When you see more unfavourable elements in a Personal Year, it doesn’t mean you will die. It is just a sign of further weakening with the excess negative energies. However, it doesn’t mean you will feel bad every day, throughout the year. Remember there are Monthly and Daily elements too. Like Biorhythm, there are ups and downs in a cycle, and the strength varies. You may feel tired on certain days, and you may feel hyperactive on other days.

Treat the supporting or non-supporting elements as a general outlook of your life’s strength. Your positive thoughts and actions, together with your understanding of the elemental strengths, can help you gather the support you want to take charge of your life better.

Regards, Ron


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