The Mann (Part 4): OUT with Mann, IN with new Man

Case Studies

Breaking up is never easy and the hardest thing to do when you have kids and still have the love towards your spouse. That’s what Jessly is facing currently. No matter how she tried, he’s still living in his everLUSTing sensual ‘state-of-the-mind‘ dreams.

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[Jessly] I read your case studies and analysis. Many thanks for your wisdom and guide. You mentioned if there is a new man coming into my life I need to choose to go back to the one who loves me or to the one I love? May I know which man is the one who loves me? Are you referring to my hubby as the one who loves me or is he the one I love? If I choose the new man, will I end in long-distance relationship?”

Immoral LoveWho is the man who loves Jessly and who is the man she loves? That’s an answer Jessly has to find out and make her choice whether to spend her life loving someone, or to spend her life with someone who loves her.

[Ron] A little difficult for me to advise you as you have to make your own choice. Remember you have kids as well. The tendency for him to change within these few years is not as promising unless there is a setback that wakes him up and come back (to reality). However the pride and greed remains and there may be cases of old habits die-hard. Again, if the setback affects his health… then it may be an emotional and distressing times for you to take care.

[Jessly] Unfortunately my husband is still in touch with his lover. They plan to go for overseas trip together despite the fact we are still legally married. I’m very depressed and hurt inside my heart.

2014 VIBESIt’s a sad and unfortunate incident. I’m concerned as the negative 2014 vibes are influencing some people. I’d posted an article “Numerological Predictive Observation 2014” on 1st Jan 2014 and highlighted erotic desires and sexual scandals as one of the potential effect that could manifest this year. In recent times, there are articles posted by Yahoo! Online news site highlighting an increasing trend in unhappy families and divorce rates. There are suggestions from the professionals to improve the relations. If you’re currently facing some unhappy stress at home with your spouse, I hope this recent article “’Framily’ vacations billed as way to save your marriage” posted recently by Yahoo! could help reduce the stress. Remember to have great fun holidaying with your platonic friends and not with your part-time lovers if you’re married!

CaseStudy_Jessly_2014I mentioned “There may be another man “coming into” Jessly’s love life…” in my earlier Part 2 article. I’ve made the observation using the extended EON methods, and have shared the techniques with the FEN Advanced Level students. Let’s look at Jessly’s chart again, with the new screenshot taken from my soon-to-be-released FEON+ software.

[Jessly] I recently got to know a man. We became friends and nothing beyond further. I’m curious as you mentioned a potential new man in my life who either lived overseas or born overseas. I have kids and am very reserved despite having some feelings for this man (probably because of this critical period). I’m afraid to be hurt again. I have decided to let go of my current hubby and let it be my history and not destiny.

[Ron] Letting go of the past is painful but if you don’t do it at present times, the pain will lingers on to the future. So move on since he is not changing his attitudes and actions.

CaseStudy_JesslyLet’s look at the Relationship and Compatibility Chart screenshot taken from my FEON+ software.

At first glance, the design layout allows overview analysis for up to four people and the combined compatibility chart. I’ve added a feature to make the analysis more interesting, i.e., the ability to ‘toggle’ the option whether to include another person’s chart in the combined relationship chart. In this sample screenshot, I have turned off the chart for Jessly’s husband and the Relationship chart was based on both Jessly and the new man’s chart.

Jessly mentioned she still loves her current husband and found it hard to break away. Her husband has the number patterns 4-5-9 and 5-4-9 in his birth chart. Surprisingly, the combined chart between Jessly and the new man also resulted in a 4-5-9 and 5-4-9 chart. Could this imply Jessly could have subconsciously be yearning for a replacement man who could love her like the way her husband did when they first fell in love and got married? The good times they’ve had together to start a family, before he swayed to the transgression path?

There are positive tendency signs. This new man could provide more happiness and warm at home, and in her heart. And beyond being a replacement man. For that to happen, Jessly must consciously remind herself to be more empathetic towards others, and not to trigger the “quarrelsome” vibes again. She should consciously remind herself not to be tempted or distracted by materialistic pursuits. In short, Jessly could restart her loving life again with the positive thoughts. Yeah, get rid of old habits and form new positive ones.

Whether Jessly could turn her relationship with the new man beyond platonic friendship depends on her positive behaviours and actions. It takes two hands to clap, and two people who can communicate freely without limits. So, just go with the flow BUT don’t rush for the sake of her love life and her kids.

Let’s wish Jessly all the Best and May her Love Life and Family Life be Better, Better, and Better!!!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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