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By now, many of you would have read or heard about high-profile people including celebrities, millionaires, religious representatives, and politicians alleged for corruption and sexual scandals. The media are also reporting on crackdowns and leaks on corruptions and transgression scandals. Recently, Yahoo! Online news reported WikiLeaks has released names of people alleged to be involved in multimillion bank draft scandal. When no evidence has emerged, we can assumed people mentioned in alleged cases are still “innocent until proven guilty” under the local laws of the country.

BANNER6In the basic Elements of Numbers (EON) method, we can associate the number 6 to wealth, home, civil and military security. We can also associate financial, political, and economic stability of the country for the politicians. You can check my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” for more traits associated to the number 6. You can buy my book at major local bookstores like Popular, Times, and Kinokuniya, and at specialised metaphysics bookstore like Wan Li (at GoldenMile) if you’re staying in Singapore.

EON_AnswersIn general, too many number 6s in a person’s Birth chart or in their Personal Year chart could have implications – both negative and positive ones – and the person must consciously control their financial thoughts and mindsets. The urge to grow their financial health is strong. They want to build a better home for their family. They wish to strengthen their home finances for a better tomorrow. Many people could speed up their financial growth through legal means. Sadly, some people are easily influenced by the negative vibes of the number 6. Their minds swayed towards the ‘dark forces’ by getting into ‘quick-rich’ business or scams, believing that ‘get-in-and-then-get-out-quickly’ deals are the best, easy and fast way.

People working in financial establishments and banks are handling money every business day. Many of them could have multiple 6s present in their natal Birth or Personal Year charts. They could easily manifest their corrupted thoughts but many of them increased their financial growth through legal ways, advanced their career path through positive working attitude, improved their commissions through knowledge and skillsets, and grew their personal savings and investments… legally.

Similarly, many politicians could have increased their wealth during their tenure by focusing positively through financial savings and putting down their money in proper, legal investments. As the politician’s wealth increases, they could unintentionally subjected themselves through scrunity by others and indirectly create jealousy among their political opponents. And the quickest way to bring down a politician’s integrity is to spin scandalous and unfounded conspiracy theories on alleged unlawful actions or misdeeds. An unethical way… often for self-benefiting motives.

CaseStudy_RelationshipAnalysisLet’s put the corruption and money-related matters aside since there isn’t a sure-fire way to decide a person is corrupted unless proven in court. Let’s be practical and rationalised. Don’t be naïve thinking a person has corrupted thoughts when you noticed multiple number 6s in their Birth or Personal Year charts. You, like everyone else, have multiple number 6s in your Birth and periodic charts (Personal Year, Personal Month, Personal Day). Does that imply you are just as corrupted as the people you’ve stereotyped earlier? Whether the financial growth could eventually lead to a ‘double blessing’ or ‘double whammy’ depends on the actions (legal or unlawful) you took to grow your wealth.

The intent of today’s article is more on my FEON+ software feature – the combined Relationship Compatibility Chart, a much-sought feature requested by my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students. It allows you to track the relationship tendency signs of up to 4 people (including the subject person) in the combined Relationship Compatibility Chart.

In the sample chart, there are multiple signs of number 6s in the combined chart and as well as their combined Personal Year 2004 (PY2004) charts. This could possibly imply they all have common coordinated vision (perfect plans and desires) to improve the country’s financial, political, and economic stabilities since they’re politicians. Perhaps that could have provided them with the means to make positive changes to improve the country’s growth including the appointment of Najib Tun Razak as the new Deputy Prime Minister, according to this Wikipedia article.

I’ll be releasing the FEON+ software sometime this month (August 2014). I’ll also be offering an introductory discount for limited period. Like many others who’d used by earlier EON (Android) software, I believe you’ll find the software a useful and quick tool to help in your personality, life path, and profiling analysis.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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