On Shirin: Relationship and Wealth

I received an email from Roy, who asked if I could profile for his friend with regards to relationship and wealth. For easier reference, let’s address Roy’s female friend as Shirin.

Let’s focused on the wealth aspect first. Shirin’s specific questions and her EON chart reminded me of a quote by Seneca, “It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, that is poor.” I’ll explain more on this later.

Before I continue, Shirin might not inhibit or display the traits, behaviours, and actions that I’m about to describe later as a person’s character and attitudes are depending on their family upbringing, the surroundings, and the educational and social influences. When a person’s belief and habits changed positively, their response and reactions to situations tend to be more positive too.

From a basic Elements of Numbers (EON) interpretation, we could easily associate the number 6 with money. The number 6 is present in Shirin’s chart – in locations P-R-Q (7-8-6) and V-W-X (3-3-6). In theory, the 3-3-6 pattern is like [Fast – Fast – Money] which implies Shirin might frequently be thinking around making money and/or expanding her wealth through external means. Possibly, like using influencing and compelling tactics through her friends, community, and social networks.

The 7-8-6 is like [Because of Others – I work harder – For the Money]. From a Yin-Yang aspect, this entails a self-benefiting and self-sacrificing trait. From one perspective, she might be putting pressure on herself by working hard for the sake of her acquaintances. In a way, she’s gullible, and it may put an undue strain on her and sacrificing her health to make others happy. From another view, one possible reason for working hard is to sacrifice her time for the sake of making more money, through the help of others. That is to benefit herself more, eventually.

Back to the quote from Seneca, “It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, that is poor.” There are signs in Shirin’s chart that suggest her wealth is on an above-average level, with the multiple 1-2-3 patterns present. It essentially implies that her wealthy parents might have assets too. It’s likely she craves to expand her own riches and build her financial assets.

Then again, there are other patterns in her chart that suggest she is also a spendthrift person who might often buy things she desires, but doesn’t really need them. In some ways, it denotes some form of impulsive spending – a shopaholic tendency, or a person who simply flaunted or splurges her wealth on others. It’s like a common local phrase – “spending money like water.” Well, that’s the extreme case of someone who has little financial strains. At the other end, it might be referable to the frugal and thrifty mindset that influenced her “make-believe” thoughts that she has little money, and/or the desirable need for others to “give her a treat” often. The 4-2-6 pattern in her Personal Year PY2018 Chart is suggesting a [Plan – To Express/Do – For money’s sake] behavioural tendency this year. That could trigger her moonstruck urge to worry unnecessarily on her financial strains. Spending less, and only on necessities, could help improve her finances.

Let’s put aside the money issues and move on to the relationship aspects. Shirin is experiencing the Double Effect (DE) influencing vibes this year (2018). This imply besides what I have mentioned earlier, she is also extremely stubborn, opinionated, and principle-minded; and a person who often inclined to her own self-beliefs than listening to others’ advices. Furthermore, there are signs she tends to speak in a hasty and fast manner, without thinking first – and that could lead to misinterpretations and miscommunications. In some ways, it could lead to some kind of stammering or stuttering effect, frustrating others at times. In addition, the self-imposing mindset and responsibilities are stressing her out, manifesting the emotional and temperamental mood swings. While she could bring joy and laughter to others on one minute, she could also indirectly make hurtful remarks on others at another moment. Others are wary of her mood swings, and might be compelled to remain at arm’s length with her. Shirin needs to improve her tactfulness when communicating with others, and manage her emotions and tempers too. This could better her relationships with others. Because of her duality traits (Birth Root 5), she could bring joy and admirations to others with her often profound and fast-thinking, impressive knowledge and experience.

On health issues, she has to cut down on sugary intakes and food with high carbohydrates, as there are tendency signs suggesting some form of diabetic-like symptoms. Whatever it is, it’d be great if she can take up meditation (if she hasn’t already done so) or some calming or relaxation exercises, to hold her temper as there are potential cardiovascular and immune-related health conditions that might arise These might be manifested unconsciously when sudden fiery outburst, squabbles, or emotional mood swing is exerted abruptly and often.

And now, let me share an extra profiling clue from NSQ method. Shirin is a really determined person who is not afraid to take the risks just to reach her goals. She is also a good initiator who could easily compel others to start taking actions. Still, the tendency signs are suggesting she’s seldom a “finisher” or a procrastinator – suggesting a NATO (No Action, Talk Only) mentality. There are signs suggesting a self-centric, but the lonely person who is not adept at managing her finances. Together with the sceptical mindset and some sort of emotional imbalance, she could lean towards becoming a pessimistic and stubborn person.

Practising meditation, doing self-reflections, being more empathetic, and improving her patience and understanding toward others, could lead to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

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Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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