Fiery Whammy on Demi Moore

According to this online Yahoo article, Demi Moore was reportedly on “total lockdown” after entering a rehab facility, and is now completely focused on her recovery. “It became clear to her that her way of coping with her stress was not working and she needed more help,” according to a source.

Hendrick is new to the Elements of Numbers (EON) and has recently bought my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” at a local bookshop. Hendrick asked if there are tendency signs we can identify that could “explained” the probable causes leading to the unfortunate phases Ms Moore is experiencing.

Let’s look at Moore’s EON Birth chart and find out if we can identify tendency signs that could explained the probable causes to her addiction and emotional stress.

The obvious signs in her EON Birth chart are the presence of strong Wood (4, 9) and Fire (3,8) elements. In the Five Elements, we associated Wood to the emotional traits. There are tendency signs suggesting that Moore is a perfectionist and is a “highly emotional” person. Do check the many articles I have posted on numbers and patterns on 4, 9, 1-8-9, and 4-8-3 on this site. She may have the traits I’ve described in my previous articles. If you’re new to EON you can check out my book to know how to profile a person’s personality, characteristics, and traits.

In the Five Elements, when Wood is strong, it’d strengthen Fire. This implies that Moore’s Fire element is strong, and these could lead to severe “dryness” and “heatiness” in her body. The urge to consume alcohol, smoke, drugs, and anything that could provide immediate sensational soothing remedies would be great. At the extreme end, this could lead to addiction, mental madness, liver and respiratory issues. Check out my previous articles on the possible effects of strong Fire on a person’s health.

Now let’s look at her Personal Year 2011 (PY2011) chart. There are two sets of 4-8-3 patterns, implying the negative effects on a relationship could be manifested strongly. If nothing is done to reduce the negative effects, it could lead to possible separation and divorce on extreme cases. When you see a 4-8-3 (or 8-4-3) pattern in your PY chart, you must consciously take steps not to aggravate your anger further, and learn to control your temper and emotions. This way, you can avoid the negative effects from affecting your relationship with others further. It is easy to learn EON and apply the techniques to know your life path. When you’re in a bad period, avoid taking extreme risks and “lie low” to recharge your energies. When you’re in good periods, go all-out to manifest the positive energies for a satisfying and favourable outcome.

In Moore’s case, her relationship with Aston Kutcher was bad last year. Somehow, the “double whammy” effects of the two sets of 4-8-3 vibes were manifesting the negative energies on her, influencing her thoughts and actions. You can also click on this link to check on online article reports about Moore’s health conditions and her relationship issues with Kutcher last year.


In my previous EON Workshop sessions, I’ve provided case studies and explained to the class the additional effects I’ve discovered in my research that may affect a person with double 4-8-3 or 8-4-3 pattern in their charts. Due to sensitivity, it’s not appropriate to provide hints to any of these effects as I do not want to cause unnecessary alarm and misinterpretations. I do apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Moore is still in her emotional state this year based on her PY2012 chart. It’s good that she has taken action to stop her emotional pain and addiction. There could be stumbling blocks ahead and she must be strong to overcome these setbacks. Let’s wish her speedy recovery. If she can control her emotions and addictions well, there is a high possibility that she may experience success again in 2013 (and in 2014 with the stronger positive energies).

Having said all that, Moore must seriously review the way she socialises and drinks. As her chart shows strong Wood and Fire, she has to learn to cut down on her alcohol consumptions (drinks, carbohydrates, sugary food), reduce smoking (to improve her immune, liver, and respiratory system) and reduce her temperaments (to improve mental and emotional wellbeing).

As the intuition vibes and spiritual senses are also present in her, Moore could learn to control her inner fear. Learning to meditate and practising relaxation exercises would be helpful to calm the thoughts, anger, and emotions. Perhaps Demi Moore could consider learning how to change her perspective to better her life. She can learn to understand her life path ahead, take charge of her destiny, and take remedial actions to maximise the “Double Blessing” effects.

Once again, let’s all wish Demi Moore speedy recovery…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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