Sweeteners and Mental Health

There were more people diagnosed with higher blood sugar level last year in Singapore, increasing the number of diabetic cases as well.  The local Health Promotions Board is encouraging Singaporeans and residents to cut down on sugar intake to improve their health.

The increasing number of people having higher than usual blood sugar levels, and the prevalence of diabetic cases in many countries is fast becoming a global health concerns.  According to this article, some researchers are pushing for sugar to be regulated as toxins. Apart from its sweetening and medicated effect, it also “makes blood pressure and cholesterol go up, along with your risk for liver failure, obesity, heart disease and diabetes.”

Why was there a sudden increase in sugar awareness and more people having ill-health conditions related to high sugar intakes?

I mentioned there were tendency signs of more people having diabetes in 2011 in my Numerological Predictive Observation 2011 article.  It has nothing with coincidence but the “element/number vibes” present and manifested in 2011. I’ve observed the number/element vibes, if present in a person’s chart, could provide tendency signs associated to diabetes or high blood sugar.

I’ve shared my discoveries since my 1st EON Workshop session. Apart from revealing various patterns on health conditions, participants learned the technique to analyse yearly forecast.

The number and elemental vibes are present in a periodic chart. Many a times, we ignored the telltale signs until the symptoms appeared. We often chose to focus on less discerning issues, oblivious to the subtle health signs present in the chart. It’s all about “focus and issue”.

At all my EON Workshop sessions, I have shared with the class on the “focus and issue” method so that they can identify extra tendency signs on health, career, and other matters.

For example, I also mentioned about possible increase in the number of babies born last year in my forecast article. It was also reported in the local newspaper “The Sunday Times” that the fertility rate for Singapore last year has increased.

And while writing this article, my intuitive analysis on health matters in Year 2012 chart is suggesting that more people may have stomach flu and pneumonia this year than 2011.

According to this article, a study was made and found that smoking could be linked to mental decline in men. Although the study claimed that male smokers are more likely to have mental problems than woman smokers, the report is not conclusive. Women should not be too happy as a separate study shows that smoking could also affect women as well, according to this separate article. Smoking is bad for your health and can affect everyone, including those who indirectly became passive smokers. To all smokers, cut down or stop your smoking habits now before ill-health gets into you. In the Five Elements, strong Fire controls Metal which we associated to the lungs, respiratory systems, immune, skin, and mental (brain) state.

Once you understand the possible effects of the elemental vibes in the numbers at the EON Workshop session, you’d be able to identify tendency signs that may affect your health and different parts of your body. The negative vibes are present and can influence you any time. Take precautions now to protect your health while maximising the positive energies to chase your goals healthily.

Stay Happy. Stay Focused.  Stay Healthy.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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