The Trading Partners

In my previous article “Elements in Business Partnership”, I mentioned about Jacky’s friend William who wanted to setup a business with two other partners. Jacky replied to my request for more details (like birth dates) on William and his two partners. According to him, William plans to setup a business on trading, buy and sell, or wants to know the suitable business they can invest.

Almost every day, we do see “Be a Millionaire” advertisements appearing in newspaper hinting that you can become an instant millionaire after you attended their seminars and learned their secrets on stock trading or investments. Some even claimed you can earn multiple properties with little or no money at all. Technically, these “wealth creators” are not wrong in making such claims. It usually works if you strictly follow their instructions persistently. The problem, in reality is, many people cares only about instant returns and quick ROI (Return of Investment), without doing much actions. How many people can afford to have relentless commitment, patience, and time to take the risk and face the challenges? How many people can afford to lose all their budgeted investment money even before they invest?

Let’s put William and partners’ interest in trading or investment aside, and see if there are any possibilities of them working as partners to chase their business dreams.

By the way, here’s a disclaimer – the traits and tendency signs mentioned below may not necessary reflect the traits of William and partners. Remember, the birth charts show tendency signs of the energies and vibes in a person. As people do change their habits, mindsets, and actions progressively in their growing years, some of these traits may not be obvious now because of changes in perspectives, habits, and environmental considerations.

I’m focusing on possible partnership opportunities in this article. If you want to know more about their relationships, health and other matters, check out my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” If you want to know about the Career vibes in a particular Year, you can learn about it at my forthcoming EON Workshop on 3 March 2012.

In William’s Birth chart, the vibes suggest a person who likes to talk about their plans to others, and usually the topic is about success and getting rich quick. In Partner 1’s chart, the signs show a stressful but responsible person who believes success is in his hands as long as he works hard for it. In Partner 2’s chart, it’s all about her visions and plans and these could affect her partnership unless she’s willing to be an equal team player.

William has to take action and not just talked about his plans. Partner 1 has to learn how to work smart and not hard, and focus on business strategies more than stressing front-line tactics. Partner 2 has to change her perspective and mindset, be less stubborn and more flexible, be empathetic and be willing to accept the other partner’s views for a common benefit to achieve their business mission.

Now, let’s look at their Combined Chart – success is usually on their minds when they’re together.  Occasionally it’s about humanitarian purpose. There’s much communications about their plans to make more money.

What do all these signs mean to William and partners?

Forget the “No Action, Talk Only” attitude and be willing to take risk and face the challenges ahead. Start the engine running so everyone knows they’re now seriously acting on their plans and not just talking about it.

If William and partners wanted to start a trading or investment business, then they should start learning the tricks of the trade (if they’ve not started learning yet), identify their individual potentials, and dedicate unique but complementary tasks to one another. They could consider foreign trading or investment as well to solidify their business plans for long-term success.

How long they can keep their business partnership mainly depends on their shared values, dedications, and unreserved willingness to help create “wealth” for others first.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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