Identifying Relationship Strains

Sometimes it is not possible to identify strained relationship signs directly by checking on a person’s Birth or Personal Year charts. Instead, you need to look beyond the normal observatory methods. You cannot simply rely only on number patterns to judge a person’s character, traits, or symptoms in a certain period. Try to correlate the events with the numbers and elements present in the person’s charts. When you continue to use the correlation method, you’ll find that it’s so much quicker to improve your profiling knowledge.

Many people have studied the Power of Numbers (PON) method from Dr. Oliver Tan or other trainers. Many of them learned to use the direct “inside-the-box” observation to identify number patterns. For example, the usual approach is to look for 8-4-3 or 4-8-3 patterns to identify strained relationships. When such patterns do not exist in a chart, it becomes harder for these PON users to identify patterns leading to strained relationships.

The Elements of Numbers (EON) method is different from PON. I do encourage EON users to use the 360-degrees observational approach in profiling. You can switch to this “out-of-the-box” perspective to identify more clues on a person’s current behaviours and actions. To find out more, read on…

Matilda recently emailed me and asked, “I’m analysing the chart of Louis who does not get along with his wife, and I can’t find it in my analysis. Can you check?”

Louis has multiple 5 in his birth chart. Besides showing the traits of number 5, he could also display traits related to surrounding numbers in his chart. In his case, he could exhibit tendency signs related to 1, 4, or 9.

Check out my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” for details on the traits of numbers 1 to 9. On Page 155, I’ve also described more in details on the ‘flexible’ number 5. Check them out!

Besides having the stubbornly nature, Louis may have tendency signs related to mental stress and unnecessary mental worries. He could have felt lonely even when he’s not alone. With strong Metal energies present in his chart, he has to take care of his immune, respiratory and mental health.

The influence of the numbers 4 and 9 (both of Wood elements) further hastened the emotional moods and the often absurd ideals and perfectionist mindset. This further caused undue stress to him and it could affect his health too. He must take care of his health as he could also experienced health symptoms related to Metal, Wood or Water elements. He has to watch out for his diet and cut down on sugary food (and food with high carbohydrates) as the diabetic tendency signs are strong. Though the signs could suggest hereditary health symptoms, it doesn’t imply he will have diabetes as he can control them through healthy means, including food and exercises. In addition, it’d benefit him to practice emotional and anger management exercises like meditation and other relaxation exercises.

His strained relationships with others could have surfaced last year in 2011, with the 8-4-3 patterns present in his Personal Year (PY) 2011 chart. It could heighten his emotional state and it affected his communication, EQ, and relationships with other people.

[Note to EON Workshop participants – try to identify the Spouse element in Louis’s Birth chart. The controlling and supporting influences of numbers 1 and 5 are stressing on the spouse element.  He needs to be tolerant and communicate more with his wife, and work on amicable grounds. When two people don’t intend to compromise on troubling and differing issues, it could affect their relationships.]

This year, he is facing the “Double Effect” vibes which means that depending on his actions, he could be experiencing a “Double Whammy” or a “Double Blessing” results. This means the good and bad traits in him would be exhibited strongly. Louis could work on the positive signs of 5, like changing his mindset, being more adaptable, and forthcoming to changes. He also needs to be less stubborn, and focused on getting positive results with slight imperfections. In short, he needs put aside the perfectionist mindset as it could be harmful to his mental well-being. 

If you find you are having a strain relationship with others then work on improving your EQ. Perhaps your communication style needs reviewing. It could be the way you talk, your interpretations of what you heard, your body language or your lack of empathetic listening skills. Occasionally, getting out of the situation to prevent the quarrelsome energies from exploding into an uncontrollable state would help ease any tension that may arise during quarrels.

Louis can adopt the remedies I’ve described in my book to help him manifest the positive energies from within. A changed positive mindset could strengthen a person’s positive behaviours and actions.

Matilda can also help Louis by applying external methods to help manifest the positive energies. As Matilda is a FengShui consultant, she could apply the FengShui cures to Louis’s home to harmonise the energies in his house. For example, she can examine the South-West sector (for Year 2012) for signs that could have activated the “inauspicious quarrelsome” Star 3. She could then use the suitable FengShui cures to “weaken” the negative quarrelsome energies that could have influenced the mindsets of Louis and his wife.


An external remedy like FengShui cure would not help much if the person do not changed their habits and traits from within their minds. Therefore, it is equally important for Louis to change his habits and attitude if he wants to continue to enjoy the wonderful blissful times with his wife.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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