EON on François Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy

“If I based on 6 May 2012, François Hollande has better chance than Nicolas Sarkozy.” That’s what I replied quickly to Michelle when I received her email on 5 March 2012 asking me to write something about the coming France Presidential Election.

Michelle is a FengShui consultant in France, and was among the first few overseas users who bought my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” She replied, “Many thanks Dear Ron, I don’t like Sarkozy but I prefer him to Hollande.

“Sarkozy has the communicative appeal on that day, talking about stability, finance, and homes. It depends on how convincing he is on that day. He has a mirror chart with tendency patterns suggesting beneath the leadership lies something of materialistic gains,” I replied to Michelle.


I’d originally planned to write today’s case study for those who’d attended any of my previous EON WORKSHOP sessions as I’m using certain techniques taught only at the workshop. However, I’ve decided to share my observations with the rest of you as it could be an eye-opener for you to know that you can expand your profiling skills with these extended techniques when you’ve attended the EON Workshop session.

Take a look at their EON Charts. Both had identical numbers in locations M-N-O-P-Q-R of their Personal Year 2012 (PY2012) charts. Both of them faced similar vibrations (Universal and Personal) coming from the Personal Year. In fact, both also had identical vibes in their Personal Month pillars as well. However, this doesn’t imply they’ll be influenced or affected by these periodic energies similarly as they do have their own unique personalities. Sarkozy has a “mirror” chart showing off the dual personality getting people confused over his characters, traits, actions, and behaviours. Hollande has the tendency signs of a stressful but responsible person with a perfectionist mindset. By the way, do check out my book to read more about their personalities.

Hollande’s career vibes are stronger than Sarkozy in PY2012. This implies the energies related to the Career for Hollande is manifesting and present. Also, the elements supporting the Career Elements (and its resulting effect) are stronger in Hollande’s PY2012 chart than Sarkozy’s. In summary, Hollande has a stronger career vibes this year.

Now, look at the Day chart. Coincidentally the numbers in locations M-N-O-P-Q-R are similar to those in their PY charts. This created a “Double Effect” vibes on them, influencing Hollande’s already strong career vibes to manifest further.

Look at their Combined Day Chart. The career vibes are present on both Sarkozy and Hollande’s charts. This implies both are actively chasing to work on their career status on 6 May 2012. Sarkozy is highlighting on his plans and telling his supporters (4-7-2) about the need to improve the country’s stability (9-6-6) and success. Hollande is stressing to his supporters that he has the plan to stable the country’s economy (4-6) if they voted him legally (7-5-3) as their President (1).


That’s it! It sounded so clear and direct to spin a story especially when you can correlate the numbers and its elemental vibes. But the truth is… you need to gather facts and substances before you can spin a factual story. The numbers and elemental vibes are present in their charts. When Michelle asked me about the possible winner, I adopted the same analytical approach in suggesting that Hollande has a higher chance to be the next President.

This article is not meant to create the awareness that you can use the Elements of Numbers (EON) method for forecasting or predicting. Instead, I’m using it as one example showing how you can analyse a person’s chart (Birth, Personal Year, Month, and Day) by focusing on the Career Element and Career vibes which may affect or influence you at different times. Knowing how you can identify the vibes and tendency signs can help you take actions to improve your career status or lessen the risk to destabilise your career.


My next 5th EON WORKSHOP is starting next month on 16 June 2012 (Sat). Register now to take advantage of the earlybird offer. Please support my continuing research and regular posting of articles here by coming down for the workshop. You will learn about the Career Elements and vibes, and many more extended techniques that can bring your profiling skills to a new level.

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Regards, Ron WZ



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