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I’ve focused briefly on the tendency traits present in Mann’s and Jessly’s charts respectively in my previous articles “The Mann (Part 1): Sex-Depriving vibes” and “The Mann (Part 2): The Perfectly Imperfect Wide“. In today’s article, let’s look at the compatibility signs between Mann and the women he loves. There are many ways to look at a person’s chart (for different life aspects) and their compatibility charts. I’m introducing basic traits to get you started.

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Whatever it is, I hope Mann could ‘wake up’ to control his lusting habits and reform himself to be a faithful husband and friend to his wife, and a loving father to his two kids. It’s not easy for Jessly to live the life of a single parent mother (if she chose to divorce him) having to struggle her time between career and family.


Mann and his Wife

The tendency signs present in their compatibility chart suggest both are living their life more likes friends (and supporters) than loving partners. Although they have common hobbies and ideals when together, they could be ‘lonely’ and living separate lives because of increasing weaker loving sparks and distracted plans. The wife is usually the encouraging and supportive one while the husband focused his attentions on realising his dreams and visions. Unfortunately, the 4-8-3 pattern is present in their compatibility chart which implies there could be frequent quarrels between them. If there isn’t much (quarrels), then it could imply one party is always exercising tolerance to prevent their disagreements from flaring up into fiery outburst of emotional and temperamental strains. The strong presence of 2-7-9 denotes extreme sensuous temptations towards external social friends.

Definite MistressMann and GF1

The tendency signs present in their compatibility charts suggest there’s so much to talk and gossip about when they’re together. They have so many ‘to-do’ lists that they’re planning to do together. However, there are signs suggesting one party having the self-centredness, brand-consciousness, selective listening, and materialistic thoughts. Sadly, the external influencing vibes (2-7-9) present their compatibility charts suggest possible external affairs as well as money-mindedness.

EONSW_AvailMann and GF2

The tendency signs present in their compatibility chart could suggest strong extreme sensual exploration. Though there are many challenges and opportunities awaiting them, there are equally more obstacles and stumbling blocks causing frequent stressing moments when they’re together. Plans made could have happened but only on short-lived moments. One person usually relies on gut feelings and the other prefers relying on intuition feelings. The differences between the ‘gung-ho’ and ‘practical and conservative’ approaches could manifest the emotional thoughts, tempers, and even unpredictable sensual excitement between them.  Again, the 2-7-9 patterns are present in their compatibility charts. These imply possible separate external affairs individually when they are not together.

Mann and GF3

Uh?  Oh gosh… the dirty laundry is out. The temptation to welcome anyone willing to play the game is high for a sex-deprived person with strong emotions and mental-troubled mood-swings. Sadly, Mann is also ‘actively’ involved with another person according to Jessly.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), overworking the kidney may worsen his health conditions problems on his kidney and liver. Excessive ever-lusting activities could be damaging to Mann’s health (kidney and liver).  He has to change his wayward behaviours and personal insanity. He is lucky to have a tolerant and forgiving wife and two lovely kids back home. He will have no one to care for him once his health condition worsens. While we know a leopard cannot change its spot, Mann can.  Since he’s married, it becomes an immoral selfish act to have multiple sex-partners.

To change or not to change (to control his emotions and insanity) is an act he has to make decisively if he still loves his family. Seeking counselling and medical help could stop the whammy experience from worsening…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun

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