On Alvin:  Health issues

In his recent email to me, Roy wrote,  “My friend has health problems. Wife also had health issues – died of cancer. Daughter not going to get married.

On Page 130 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling,” I described the steps to identify the basic health symptom element that a person needs to be aware of.

In Alvin’s case, the general health symptom element, as reflected in the FEON+ software snapshot, is Wood. This implies Alvin needs to take care of other health symptoms when the Wood element is strong or weak, like his liver and kidneys. You might want to check out on Page 101 of my book to understand the interactions of the Five Elements, and its potential effect on us when the Wood element is strong or weak.

From an extended Elements of Numbers (EON) method, we usually put aside the basic health symptom element, and focus on the impending element that might influence (or effect) the health condition(s) in a particular year. As health symptom don’t happen overnight, we need to check and identify potential health issues that might be manifested during preceding years. For example, the 5-5-5 pattern is present in Alvin’s Personal Year PY2016 Chart. This means he might have experienced worsening health conditions related to the Earth element, like the stomach, bladder, intestine, muscle, and digestive organs. In addition, when Earth element is strong, it could affect other weaker elements, like those that I have described on Page 109 of my book.

The number 5 can transform and exhibits traits associated with the surrounding numbers. This means the number 5 can change to display the number 1’s characteristic; thus enabling the Metal element to be stronger. That could consequently, result in a different set of health conditions related to the lungs, respiratory, skin, brain, and other health areas associated with the Metal element. There are signs in Alvin’s Birth Chart suggesting a cold and chilling ‘Qi body’ which means the Fire element is weak. In normal cases, a person with such conditions would be compelled to smoke or indulged in binge drinking, to warm up the body. Over time, when these binge indulgences became a habit, it could create inflammations in the lungs, or manifest the cancerous cells. In extreme cases, it could affect the oxygen levels in the brain and causing a stroke-like symptom.

As Roy did not mention what health issues that Alvin is currently having, the possible ones are those I have described earlier. Alvin has to take his medicine regularly, and work on some form of progressive exercises to balance and harmonise the Qi energies in his body. Picking up the habit of daily meditation, Qi Gong or Tai Chi, and other calming or relaxation exercises is beneficial to him. And not forgetting to consume healthier food too. On a separate health note, there are tendency signs that Alvin might be in the “high risk” group of people suffering from chronic disease like diabetes, and it could be a hereditary condition.

It’s unfortunate that Alvin’s wife had died of cancer, and the more he should remain strong and healthy. As for his daughter not planning to get married, there could be other reasons influencing her thoughts, and currently not possible to tell the signs directly from Alvin’s chart. From a Chinese Metaphysics standpoint, the FengShui of the home and its surrounding area (landform) does contribute to the energies influencing the occupants of the house.

How can Roy suggest that Alvin considers improving his health and mental wellbeing?

Well, one area is to identify probable root causes that might bring him to the current state. From extended EON principles and applying fresh discoveries, one of Alvin’s internal struggles was due to his egoistical mindset, taking control, and his pride. It could have created undue tension and emotional stress with family members, friends, or colleagues previously. Over time, these could have manifested health symptoms, again related to the Metal element.

What Alvin needs to do, is to loosen up and be more humble. And allow others to take the centerstage. Learning to be more flexible and adaptable, and setting aside the self-belief and principle-mindedness would enable him to be more emotionally balanced and with a positive and healthier mental state. He should mix around with others in social groups and participate in community bonding activities, and create the happy life he could have missed or overlooked previously in his younger days. And not worrying overly much about his daughter not marrying.

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Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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