Day 2 of FEN Level 2 (Advanced) class


Everyone were looking forward to the Day 2 session yesterday. The class started with revisions on the lessons students learned during Day 1 session last Saturday (9/5/2015). The vibes in class depicts fun, laughter, acceptance, understanding, and apprehension. There were many questions asked (well, you can’t blame the students as I have shared many visual techniques with them last week) and students excitedly shared their observations and have their questions answered.

20150509_16_FEN2There were extra techniques I’ve included in this year’s module. I have include visual slides to explain the MICE EFFECT and LIFEPATH, PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAITS, and a few others. I’ve also explained the importance of applying the ANNUAL CODE, LIFE SIGNS, and PERIODIC HEALTH SIGNS to identify periodic signs and health symptoms on a person’s chart.

As we progressed with the syllabus, students were excited when I shared the CAREER, SMART (book-smart and street-smart), CHILDREN, PARENTS, and SPOUSE elements. Students also learned about the extraversion (outwards) and introversion (inwards) flow of the self-image perspectives associated to the numbers in a person’s chart. Besides already having the ability to think of many traits associated to numbers like 2 and 7, students knows why we could also associate them to manipulative and gullible tendencies.

I told the students to be mindful of current events that might happened to them (like career, relationship, and finances) and to countercheck on past periods by applying the RHYTHMIC CYCLES techniques. It means the situations they are facing now might be caused by some actions (conscious or subconscious) they did some time back. They know the reason they have to change and adapt now. When similar signs appear in the next cycle, they could reduce the severity of negative vibes and improved the strengths of the positive vibes – for a better quality lifestyle.

I explained the Century vibes from 19th to 22nd centuries and the key elemental vibes affecting global influences on people living during that periods. Students jokingly commented about the energies in Year 22xx. I also explained to the students how I did the yearly forecast. For example, I came up with a Year 2015 image and posted an article “Numerological Predictive Observations 2015” on 1st Jan 2015. I also explained why the ‘El Nino’ weather, volcanic eruptions, and oil and gas volatility is happening – it’s all present in this year’s energies.Students learned to use the FEON+ software to do basic date selections. For example, I showed them how to use the Personal Daily Directional chart and apply the “Qi Tapping” method to optimise the energies before they advance to their destination. To make the class more fun learning, I showed students a replica ancient Chinese compass and jokingly told them they can use it instead of relying on the Compass software installed in their smartphone.

THE MINDI’m constantly improving the EON techniques and principles for better human behavioural profiling and analysis. I could introduce new and fresh techniques because of the passionate vibes in me to explore new frontiers (hmm… sounds like Star Trek adventures) to strengthen the EON methods. Most importantly, many FEN students recognises the visual approach I’ve adopted to explain profiling techniques and tendency signs spotting. I used few hundreds of PowerPoint slides in class to complement my training. The sample slides shown here are small as it’s only for quick reference. Because of proprietary reasons, I could only display the slides (in original size) in my class for the benefit of the deserving students who’d supported me.  These slides allow students to correlate the tendency signs on the specific aspects to everyday life experiences. That helps to provide students the ability to identify the tendency signs any time by tapping on their personal experiences. Hence, the little need to remember patterns or traits which one forgot over some time.  

I introduced many new techniques yesterday. There were much interactions, laughter, possibly fear or apprehension (when students found they’d tendency signs in their charts associated to certain traits). All in all, I’m glad the students have learned many unique methods to profile a person’s chart beyond numbers. I apologised to the students we had to end the class later around 6pm.

Come down for my next preview session when I announced the date. Know how visual profiling can help improve your analysis. Put aside the numbers and number patterns. I’m planning to have it as a course preview cum case-study profiling and sharing session. These means besides explaining briefly what participants can achieve by attending the courses, they’d also learn fresh techniques from a visual perspectives. But there is a need, participants must first unlearn what they have learned from other trainers and put aside the affirmations on specific patterns and traits.

Our inherent characteristics, beliefs, behaviours, habits, moods, and actions can change. The periodic vibes (year, month, day, hour) and environmental elements (family, social, community, economic and policy revisions) can influence us. Our traits, behaviours, mindsets, and habits are not permanent. We can change our limiting self-beliefs, and we can change ourselves to live the life we want. All we need to do is to take action now.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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