On Roslyn: Compatible Partner?

I’ve posted an article “Case Study on Roslyn” in December last year. I’ve mentioned some events that might happen to Roslyn, and highlighted the potential areas that she can focus and work on, to minimise the negative influences on her. Sadly, Roslyn’s husband succumbed to cancer and passed away this year.

Roslyn met Jack last year, and he was really helpful and supportive during Roslyn’s stressful moments. Lately, Jack has expressed his feelings for Roslyn, and she wasn’t certain if she should start a new relationship, especially when her husband had passed away only this year. Furthermore, Roslyn wasn’t sure about his personality or them together, and asked if I could profile a case study on their relationship compatibility.

I’ll share briefly my observations on Jack’s personality and character traits, before moving on to his relationship with Roslyn. Oh, as in any Human Behavioural Profiling, nothing is cut up in stone permanently. This means, what you’re about to read about Jack’s character or his relationship matters, may not be completely true. While some traits might remain and obviously seen, Jack’s current behaviours, opinions, and actions are mainly influenced by many factors, including his family upbringings, limiting beliefs, social friends, and working colleagues.

Jack is a very passionate and joyful person, and that could have uplifted Roslyn’s moods while she was in her saddest or stressful moments. Jack also has the sex appeal that could tempt a woman easily. While there are no obvious signals of poor or bad EQ communicative issues, there are tendency signs suggesting Jack could readily trigger and ignite tensions quickly. This implies, the potential influences that could stress others, or interrupt the communication flow at work, or in his social life. The presence of 1-8-9 patterns could suggest, among other traits, Jack held the “perfectionist” mindset in him. What this implies is Jack could often be “crazy busy” focusing on achieving his “instant-success” or “quick-wealth” goals, no matter what the consequences are, to the extent of affecting his health too. Jack is like the fire – the candle in the light that brings delight, warmth, and happiness to others. And Jack is also like the furious fire – the fiery forest fire that disrupts, agitate, hurt, or frustrate others when his emotions and tempers got the better of him. Thus, Jack must control his emotions and tempers, as these could indirectly manifest the “cancerous” health symptom.

This year (2018), Jack might have been overspending unnecessary or could be involved in some financial loss, likely due to his slightly care-free, ignorant, or carelessness nature. Or was it the pride in him, or the afraid to say NO to others that require him to cast on a smiling face behind the stressful person?

In a human relationship, the word “compatibility” is transient and has non-infinite vibes. Every person is influenced by their personal vibes coming from the year, month, and day; and as well as their career, social, and family influences. When you place two differing people with their own unique mindsets, self-beliefs, and attitudes, the “togetherness” vibes could combine varying. From the “Relationship / Compatibility” (R/C) Chart of Roslyn and Jack, there are signs suggesting the potential “true” need for them to be together is not because of lovemaking, but supportive companionships. Sure, the 4-8-3 patterns are present in their R/C Chart, and it could contribute to arguments and disagreements, including squabbles, nagging, and quarrels. However, these are only trivial matters, as long as they enjoyed and cherished the moments being together. A compatible couple could become married, and subsequently divorced later – because they changed individually over time. An incompatible couple could have differing opinionated views at first, but stayed to live their lives together. Yes, they’re incompatible, but they believes in each other – adapt and accept. And they focused on the positive sides – the wonderful things – of what they could do together as loving spouses. Individually, there is a possibility that Jack could be attracted to Roslyn’s personality and sensuous appeal (probably besides the financials); and Roslyn is attracted to Jack’s happy-go-lucky, warm (and caring), and persevering attitude.

If Roslyn feels comforting and happier while with Jack, it’s then up to her to decide whether to take a stride forward to be up close and personal with Jack. While there might be negative comments or gossips from relatives and others, it’s her life and health that she has to take good care of. If she’s worried, she can always begin with a platonic-like relationship and move along with the flow. They can always decide if they want to step forward, remain as is, or take a step back. The decision is for them to settle.

I’ve shared the EFV FLOW concept to FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students in recent classes. I’ve explained my discoveries and observations to them, and how they could easily identify the potential behavioural trend of a person. In short, it means if the person takes a positive activity, they could face certain beneficial effects from the EFV Flow vibes. Likewise, when the person thinks and behaves negatively, he/she could be influenced by the negative EFV FLOW vibes. With Roslyn and Jack’s case, they could face challenges, even if they think and move positively. Nonetheless, when they perceive the challenges as opportunities instead, and adapt their actions accordingly, then they would experience insightful moments with each other. It’s like the warm candle giving them hope, and lighting up their spirits in conjunction. On the other hand, if both are influenced by the negative vibes, they could end even more stressful, temperamental, and emotional. It’s like the wild forest fire, hurting and aggravating them further.

Next year (2019), the 1-6-7-4-8-3 patterns are manifested doubly as they have a Double-Effect yearly influence on their relationships. This means, whatever positive and negative vibes Roslyn and Jack are facing today, are repeated or impacted twice. In fact, as we’re already in the last quarter of 2018, both could so far have been influenced by the Year 2019 vibes.

Roslyn and Jack have to decide on their relationship status – platonic friends, lifelong companion, happy couple, or spouses. I hope they made the right choice.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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