On Gerald: Impact of Past Behaviours

Priscilla is from Australia and attended my EON WORKSHOP class some years back. Over the years, I have added more information and techniques to share with my students. As a result, the topic that Priscilla learned in 2011 was not as much as the current FEN WORKSHOP that I’m organising. Nevertheless, the fundamentals remained similar for both modules, except that I have added more supplementary techniques in the FEN WORKSHOP module, plus unique ways to profile a person beyond number patterns. I’m glad Priscilla is still practising her profiling skills, and applying the EON techniques that I’ve shared with her and others in class.

Priscilla emailed me recently and sought my help to profile her son, Gerald, who’d faced stumbling blocks this year. I’m glad Priscilla did follow what I’ve always requested from my EON/FEN students – share her observations and analysis first, so that she can “teach” and show me how she analysed a chart, and from which perspective was she focusing on during her analysis. It conforms to the popular phrase, “To Teach is to Learn Twice.” I replied to Priscilla that as she has shared her observations, I might as well post my views and comments here, in today’s case study article.

[Priscilla] 2018  sees many untoward incidents and stumbling blocks to his career.  As a concerned mother, I use my EON and FEN – which I learnt from you way back in 2011 – to plot his personal charts for this year 2018 and the next year 2019.

[Ron] When a problem crops up, the behaviour, attitude, and fortitude do influence the person’s feelings and actions. Their reactions and responses to the situation also made them to the person they’re today. This means, when a problem crops up this year in 2018, and just like a health symptom, the issue could have popped out last year in 2017, or earlier. Hence, it’s equally important to look at Gerald’s PY2017 chart as well, and checks for potential signs that we could identify. One obvious indicator present in his PY2017 chart is on Gerald’s career.

[Priscilla] This year, Gerald was made redundant and ever since, have been attempting unsuccessfully to find a job. Oh yes, Gerald works in the financial industry. He has now ventured out as an independent financial broker/advisor securing loans for clients. Business is slow. Meanwhile, his savings are dwindling. Adding to his problem, he just had a baby boy.  His wife stopped working. Another source of income is gone! Sigh… He is up to his neck with financial worries. Will 2019 be a year where he can breathe easy and the weight on his shoulder lessens?

[Ron] I’ve earlier mentioned about Gerald’s Career vibes in 2017. I mentioned a  few probable factors that he might have done in 2017 that could gradually have overflowed to this year –  his traits like  carelessness, over-confident, egocentric, and selective-listening habits. Furthermore, there are also tendency signs in Gerald’s Birth Chart that suggest similar insincerity and un-empathetic thinking (similar to the selective-listening disorder-like habits), plus the frankness and bluntness that resulted in poor or bad EQ communication skills.

The redundancy towards his career could stem from his work attitude, and limiting beliefs mentioned earlier. Plus, his personality and character could have affected the relationship with his colleagues and management at the workplace. For instance, the management team might be disappointed or dissatisfied with Gerald’s poor performance, which could have resulted in him making less-than-expected profits for the company. Possibly, he might have been outwitted or hoodwinked by a major customer, colleague, or competitor; or someone who’s influential.  From the EFV FLOW Code, the negative signs are suggesting Gerald might have concentrated on his perceived views, stubbornness, and the “I, Me, and Myself” mindset that what he’s doing, was right for the company. If Gerald could have kept back his emotions and tempers, be more humble, and accepts that there might be times when he is wrong, he could have accepted the views of others. And get to forge with others as team players, and fine-tune the plans together.

This year, the number 5 appeared as his PY2018 Root number. Gerald was trying to manage too many things at one time, resulting in distractions and half-done projects. He should remain calm and focus on prioritising his to-do list, and work to complete them, one at a time. Otherwise, with too many things to manage, could over-burden his abilities, and overloaded him further, stressing him out mentally. This implies, unless he can contain his emotions and tempers, Gerald might have signs of  mental depression, hyperventilating, and mood swings. Of course, it’d be great for him to reduce his OCD-like habits, get the facts right instead of relying too much on his intuition and gung-ho thinking.

Hopefully, Gerald could do some self-reflections on his experience during the past two years, and identify clues on what went awry. Priscilla could get Gerald to read this article as well, and encouraged him to change his attitude to attract the correct and positive energies. Yes, he has to do that as the Year2019’s energies are coming fast, and it looks promising to those who could optimise and maximise its yearly vibes. If Gerald remains as he is now – stubborn, self-principled, untactful, egotistic, self-centric – he might not “ride with the promising tide” effectively. His finances will be more beneficial, and more stable than this year. While there might be many business plans coming with “quick-rich, instant-success” ideologies, he has to be extra careful not to allow these potential windfalls from hurting him further.

There are many 9s in his PY2019, and it could lead to greed, rivalry, and causing him to be a “victim of his own success.” That implies, what comes in fast, could go out faster too. One solution is, to set aside some time for community service or doing social responsibilities – like donations (within his means), or better still, participate in communal or humanitarian work. That could offset or reduce the excess energies affecting him in 2019.

The EFV FLOW for 2019 (EFV2019) suggests that Gerald should focus on helping others achieve their goals, before thinking of earning profits. As a financial agent or advisor, he should treat his clients’ wealth as if they’re his – the financial executions must be well-thought and planned beforehand, and not an action based on intuitive thinking. On the negative side, Gerald might be tempted by the “quick-rich, instant-Success” signs, and he could stray further away from his true purpose – of becoming a dedicated, sincere, and committed wealth creator for his clients.

I’ll include Priscilla’s profiling observations in the Part II article instead, as my aim is to provide some clues to Priscilla first, so that she can advise Gerald, and/or get him to read this article as soon as they can. Let’s hope Gerald could recognise that his present situation is the result of his past behaviours and actions. He should consider his unfortunate incidents as a “wake-up call” to make out something positive about re-aligning his behaviours and goal-settings to be in line with his life purpose.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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