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Those staying in Malaysia would have heard or read about the bickering debates between the former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and the current Malaysia Prime Minister, Mr Najib Razak. According to this TODAY online article, it was quoted that Dr Mahathir Mohamad stood his ground “insisting that he has no choice but to continue pushing for the latter’s removal because of the 1 Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) controversy.

quarrelI was curious about the constant bickering relationship between Dr Mahathir and Mr Najib rather than the topic of mishandling and mismanagement of financial matters. I thought I could share some insights on the periodic vibes that might influence him this year, from an Elements of Numbers (EON) profiling perspectives. I’ve identified the tendency signs from the numbers, elements, and patterns present in the charts. It does not imply Dr Mahathir and Mr Najib would have all or most of the traits mentioned as a person’s character, behaviour, attitude, mindset, and intellectual mainly depends on many reasons. These include family upbringing, career experience, values, and social influences. That is why you might noticed different people with identical patterns in their charts could have different behaviours and habits. Often, they have different lifestyles too.

Once again, the FEON+ software comes handy as I could plot their charts within seconds and the telltale signs about their bickering are present. I shared some insights at the recent FEN Level 1 (Basic) and FEN Level 2 (Advanced) classes on spotting extended traits we can associate to the numbers 1 to 9. These included various number patterns like 2-7-9, 7-2-9, 4-5-9, 5-4-9, 3-7-1, and so on. To me, it’s crucial and important to pass on my knowledge to the deserving students who believes they can make a change to the quality of their lifestyle by attending the class. I do not mind sharing some observations here so you can learn something useful. If you strongly feels you can make a change to your lifestyle, then what you need is to pick up the correct EON knowledge.

CaseStudy_Mahathir_NajibI’m concerned with the patterns in Dr Mahathir’s chart. It seems he is facing a “Double Effect” vibes this year (2015). As mentioned in many articles posted previously, it is important for the person who has a Double Effect Year to take care of their health while they chase their goals. In Dr Mahathir’s case, the 8-8-7 is strong and doubly manifested. A chart with strong Fire and Metal elements could imply distracting, worrisome, and temperamental vibes. There are other numbers similarly manifested strongly, and it could infer surprising characteristics. However, as today’s focus is on bickering expressions, I’ll put them aside for now.

[Note to FEN Level 2 (Advanced) students: Check out the Annual Code and Life Signs signal that I’ve shared in class early this month. Take note of the similar influencing vibes.]

stubborn_emotional_temperamentalSome students told me they learned from other trainers that 8-8 is also a ‘divorce’ sign. Again, they only remembered the pattern and could not tell me the underlying reason even after I probed them. Many happily married couples have 8-8 pattern present in their charts – though they might have frequent quarrels but they don’t ended being divorced. I taught my FEN students the visualisation technique in class as I wanted them to gather their own logical reasoning behind certain assumptions. We need to find out the underlying reason, the root cause before assuming such observations. It doesn’t always necessary imply the 8-8 pattern would resulted in divorce cases. A person with 8-8 pattern in their chart might display the superfluous principle-mindedness, quarrelsome, and stressful traits, and who’s often crazy busy over matters they judged as imperfect. They feels it’s their responsibility to forewarn others, probably because of past experiences where they might have ‘been there, done that’ previously. Their tempers and fiery outburst can surface any time, triggering the non-stop bickering tempo until their ‘batteries are flat.”

Double Blessing or Double WhammyDr Mahathir is experiencing the “Double Effect” vibes this year, and that means the 8-8 energies are doubly manifested. He has to take care of his health, especially his heart, cholesterol, mental, and immune system. The bickering (8-8) are strongly manifested like a fiery outburst. And so is his mental health conditions (6-6) which aggravates the unnecessary worries, anxiety, and mental unease. And like any other charts where multiple 6s are present, financial matters and political stability could often be in his conscious mind. Interestingly, his subconscious thoughts are also about financial matters and political stability.

Now, let’s looks at his “Relationships and Compatibility” chart. The 2-8-1 could imply [Talk-Stress-Alone] but since they’re political leaders, we can associate that to [Talk-Responsibility-Leader] – understanding the importance of being a responsible leader. There are hidden tendency signs suggesting they have their own visions and how they want to carry out their plans to achieve their goals. There are various ways to interpret the 2-8-1 number patterns. It could also imply [Talk-Nag-Ego] and [Express-Temper-Principles] traits. From an elemental perspective, we can correlate that to [Feelings-Tempers-Mental] which imply a sensitive person who could unreservedly debunk or voice their concerns to those who’re “out-of-sync” with his mental visions.

GOOD_RELATIONS_2You can identify the tendency signs from the Relationship Compatibility chart. There are other equally important charts you need to include for profiling. For example, the Yearly influence can affect a person’s behaviours and actions that year. I’m happy I have added essential charts in the FEON+ software that enable me to identify traits easily. Take the case of the Compatibility Year Chart for 2015. The 2-7-9-7-2-9 numbers are present. This year, the expressive influences are strong, especially the traits associated to numbers 2 and 7. These include gossiping, sneaky, manipulative, gullible, nagging, bickering, insecurity, sensitive, and many others. And like the tsunami effect (2 and 7 = Water), the forceful and hurtful vibes are strong between them.

With the Dr Mahathir’s Double Effect vibes strongly manifested, the prolonged bickering could continue for a while. When two people gets into a heated quarrelsome argument, especially when one of them is facing the “Double Effect Year” vibes, the urge to release the fiery emotions are strong. That might create unnecessary “brickbat” and “tit for tat” outcomes, unless one party refuses to respond. But when two parties started debating over accusations publicly, unknowingly they might reveal unfavourable surprises that could affect their pride and credibility. When personal issues are revealed and dirty laundry thrown out, there is much harm done than good.

Hopefully, both of them can settle their differences privately and not quarrel over the past and present issues. It’d be great if they can redirect the excess fiery energies to strengthen the positive traits of the 2-8-1 [discuss/dialogue -responsibility/sincerity -leadership] patterns that’s present in their compatibility chart. They can work together collectively relying on their individual strengths and focus on how they can plan and take action to create a better future for their country.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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