On Anson: Loving the One Who Don’t Love You

I hope you’ve read the earlier two articles regarding Anson’s case study. If you haven’t already done so, I’d advise you to read them first before continuing with today’s article:

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Today’s article is about sharing my reflections on the relationship aspects of Anson and his wife. I’m glad Anson has taken the initiative to provide feedback to my case study article on him, which is useful and handy for me to evaluate and fine tune my observational views.

Anson wrote, “I’m not sure if I am book-smart or street-smart, but I’m rebellious. I received many feedbacks from co-workers and bosses about me being a fast learner. I used to get full-marks for all subjects during primary school, but after an incident where I got 98 marks for one of the tests and got canned by my mum, I stopped performing. I’d flunked my test for the subsequent part of my primary school years. It’s only in the later part of my teenage life that I decided to study harder, but seemed like luck was not standing on my side. I’d often encountered financial issues, and my parents were not supporting me for my diploma.

Sadly, Anson’s family upbringing was not as positive as it could be. Yes, he does have both smart genes (street-smart and book-smart), as noted in my second article. And as he’d explained in Anson’s comment, he rebelled and failed his tests. Regrettably, it created more problems as his smart genes were strongly manifested at certain locations in the chart, which could have helped him passed and got excellent academic results. Whatever it is, Anson need not worry unnecessary as his smart genes are still intact and present should he decided to get accredited qualifications for better career growth. 

Anson wrote, “The Chinese fortune teller told me that this year my marriage life would be blissful. I’d be able to communicate with my wife, and there aren’t major problems. This year, I should learn to be prudent with my spending – money issue and no luck in career/wealth. I should stay low. The Thai fortune teller told me that my wife’s expectation was too high, and I cannot catch up with her. I should give up [the relationship] since there is no love, and I could get better ones. I’d receive a windfall around the middle of this year, and could use the money to clear my debts. I should abstain from investing, but consider buying a house if I have leftover savings. I’d have no luck in my career, and my life would be better if I work overseas.

I cannot comment much about the different views observed by the Chinese and Thai fortune tellers, as I don’t have much visibility on the metaphysics methods that they’ve utilised for analysis. Hence, it’s not constructive for me to remark on their observations. I told Anson that my analysis for today’s article would again be different from what he’d paid for, as my intent is simple – learn and realise that while traditional metaphysics systems might be good, it has its limit. This is especially so in the modern-world context where human behaviours, life lessons, education, social expectations, and the environment are so much different from the days our forefathers lived. Learning the Elements of Numbers (EON) methods could equip ourselves with the knowledge and empowerment to understand ourselves quickly and to change our life. I also welcomed Anson to attend my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) class, as he’s shown an interest after reading up and practicing the EON and UCMHP methods on his own. He can then understand the influencing energies that affected him, know about his life path, and take charge to shift and align his fate and destiny towards positive outcomes. And most importantly, he’d able to correlate the tendency signs on his wife’s charts, and to determine if he wants to continue his life “as is” in the current state for the next five years. 

Oh, a disclaimer here… although the tendency signs on Amy’s charts are obvious, present and clear, it doesn’t imply Amy would exhibit such traits or behave as such, since a person’s belief, mindset, attitude, and life goals are determined by many factors, including family upbringing, the living environment during their growing-up years.

There are tendency signs suggesting the emotional, scheming, and “perfectionist” traits. The person tends to go out of the way to achieve the success she needs, and would use her sentimental and sensual feelings to compel and manipulate others easily. She’s like a BBQ pit with only charcoals and fire, continuously burning for hours; to the extent of becoming self-sacrificing for self-beneficial reasons. While she could “light up” the excitement and enthusiasm of others, it’s to quench the thirst of short-termed passion and sexual desire. Reason: Fire would deplete once the charcoal (fuel) is used up. She seemed to be crazy busy to attain her goals, and would not hesitate to speak her mind just to get what she wants. To her, there’s no one more important than her, and in active competition with her internal desires and unrealistic goals. And like the burning charcoal that could be used up eventually, she’s a life survivor who depended entirely on her skills to achieve her goals. Her EVF FLOW Code shows two possibilities – to concentrate on maximising her feminine traits to communicate, compel, and manipulate others; or to become more responsible in family matters, and a loving spouse. It doesn’t matter if there is any “man throughout her life worth compromising” since she’s a lone-survivor. That is to say, she doesn’t need to rely on “man” to survive. I might sound harsh in my observations, but the tendency signs are there once you understand how the Five Elements principles work, and its interaction with the other elements.

When I plotted Amy’s chart and then looked at the Relationship / Compatibility (R/C) Chart, I was more concerned about Anson’s mental health than his marriage. In the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, we could associate the number 4 as planning, strategy, craft works, and laying out foundations. Once there are too many 4s in a chart, the extreme vibes would be manifested – creating excessive planning activities (leading to scheming nature), insecurity (leading to emotional, wavering feelings, and suicidal tendencies), dryness (leading to sensual urge and toying with feelings), and emotional instability (leading to mental stress, and fiery outbursts). Amy has many 4s in her birth chart, and there are many 4s in their Anson’s R/C chart with Amy. We could also correlate the 4-8-3 (or 8-4-3) patterns in a chart as the person having poor communicative skills, having frequent quarrels over petty matters, and showing signs of a temperamental outburst, to the extreme case of showing bipolar disorder tendencies. Worst still, there are multiple sets of 4-8-3 (or 8-4-3) patterns in their Compatibility Year Chart (PY2018). This means Anson would constantly face extreme emotional and temperamental tensions when with Amy. Or a separation.

Anson wrote, “I am constantly trying to communicate with my wife, but she finds me irritating. Her response was simple – I’m used to living alone, and I have my way of living. I do not need to explain why, how, and what to anyone.

Those are exactly the signals present in Amy’s chart and as well as Anson’s R/C chart. During my FEN WORKSHOP lessons, I have expanded on my observations on the R/C chart that determine the “external influences and faithfulness” in the relationship. In Anson’s R/C chart, there are multiple 2-7-9 patterns, which could depict sociable external influences. In utmost cases, it could lead to external affairs, transgressions, and adultery.

Anson wrote, “I can’t find the love I need from her. In my first year of marriage, I found out she had another guy outside. This makes me unable to trust her, and the insecurities’ feeling is killing this relationship. She is strong headed and stubborn.  I do love her very much. We’re parted for a few years but got back in February this year. Things were fine for a few days, but not for long – I got into the insecure mode again. We quarrelled and I move back to stay at my parents’ house. Her last statement to me was “You are constantly defending against me, are you not tired? Whatever I say, you always do not believe!

Sometimes we got to consider drastic measures to right the wrongs, if we want to live a happier and healthier lifestyle. That is why some couples got married, and then fallen apart as they felt they’re not compatible living a married life as partners; but yet they remained as close friends. Anson is already facing the insecure living with Amy and all the same, he’s infatuated with her. Putting conspiracy theories aside of a possible spell cast, or being hoodwinked – there are signs suggesting Anson to be living under the closely-guarded shield of Amy, and be willing to practise what she wants. Can you recollect what I’d mentioned about the creepers (morning glory, ferns, vines) surrounding the tree that I mentioned in my earlier article? We associate the number 4 as creepers (that’s the Birth Root number of Amy’s) and the number 9 as the tree (that’s the Birth Root number of Anson’s).

There has to be an unexplained reason why Anson decided to send his questions to me, and be willing to share his grievances with me, even though he’s paid the Chinese and Thai fortune tellers to analyse his charts. Anson has to get out of this “distorted-reality” dream, wake up, and come to his senses. He should ask himself what he desires to achieve within the next five yearsdoes he still wants to maintain the on-off stressful relationship with Amy, living under her shadows and controls, and foolishly loving her even though he knows she doesn’t love him at all?

Anson wrote, “I am able to hold my temper/stress/mental with ANYONE but not my WIFE. The way she talks with her words, I tend to get the feelings that I need to obey her, to keep her as my wife. I need to smile at her wrongful accusations. These feelings only lasted for a while, but her rejection will be even stronger than before, after each quarrels.

Anson has to decide what action he should take, since it’s his own life and destiny that he should be responsible for. I quoted Anson mentioning he has ‘snapped out’ of the suicidal thoughts. Considerably, if he continues living under duress conditions like presently with someone who doesn’t love him, the suicidal signs could be manifested once again whenever his fortitude and resilience are weak. He has to be mentally prepared for the worst-case scenarios, and to take preventive measures (like having his will already prepared, and taking care of health) in the event when unforeseen circumstances happened that lead to detrimental outcomes. In the meantime, he can still snap out of the current relationship with Amy, and survive a happier and joyful lifestyle, enjoys life and perhaps, and have time to stop over to smell the roses. And who knows, he might enjoy the companion of someone who loves him as much as he loves her.


My personal advice to Anson…

I hope to see you in the coming FEN class if you’re serious about discovering the hard truth about yourself, and how your relationship with Amy be like. What I’ve commented for this article (and including the earlier two articles) are only the direct observations that you and many others (including external trainers who took the opportunity to learn from my info sharing) are reading. What you’ll learn in class, is the underlying reasons beneath the “surface” observations, the contributing factors,  and tendency signs behind my observations. This means, you will eventually realise how <fill in the blanks> you are, to be living a controlled and stressful life all these while. You have made a mistake with your rebellious nature during your younger school days. You are now in your mid-life crisis, and yet have many more years to change and enjoy. Don’t make another error that you’d regret in your later years. Always remember, showing care and concern for others is not genuine love. And having a one-sided love affair does not correspond to a lasting relationship. You can choose to be happy or grumpy. You can be optimistic or pessimistic. Establish your true self, lead, and be successful; or hide your real self under the shadows and command of others. Be the driver or the chauffeur – you decide what type of lifestyle you desire. Life may not always look like a bed of fresh roses, but you can still smell the fresh scents when you are awake, focused and knows how to find them.

The alarm clock is ringing – it’s a “wake-up call” for you to be who you really are, and not what Amy wants you to be. While breaking up might be the hardest thing to do, consider your own future and what you’d like to become in the next few years. With the Qi Tapping and other methods that I’ll share in class, you can unleash your potential at an opportune time by manifesting the number 9’s positive, successful and humanitarian streaks in you. Do not be sidetracked and get distracted away from your own life goals. Decide what you desire in life, and plan your life goals… alone.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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