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Any hint on 4D technique? Need fast money,” texted Wynn recently.  She was considering moving house and thought any extra cash through 4D (popular betting game in Singapore and Malaysia) could come handy when the need arises.

I didn’t focus much on 4D as I noticed my luck depends on me… my own effort. I created my own luck,” I replied to her.  “Anyhow, you can try this approach… it works for some people whom I’ve shared the method with…

Most people started learning Chinese Metaphysics (like Feng Shui) and other metaphysics (Indian, Western, and others) hoping to improve their lifestyle, health, career, and luck. If we’re to compile all the intents of learning these methods, there is one popular item on their wish lists – MONEY and WEALTH luck!

Influencing VibesI must be lying if I tell you I don’t manifest my LUCKY vibes. Everyone needs LUCK. Besides focusing and improving on my EON research, I need all the SUPPORTER LUCK to attract more people to know and learn the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. And I need the MONEY LUCK to offset the self-publishing cost for my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” I’m glad readers and students have helped to share their good feelings and promote EON to others. WEALTH is important and so is HEALTH. Since ‘H’ comes before ‘W’ in the alphabet sequence, we should consider HEALTH first to achieve a happier and healthy life. Afterall… Health is Wealth!

There are many ways and alternatives to strengthen a person’s wealth luck. There are also influences (positive and negative vibes) that could affect the wealth luck on a person at varying degree.  I created my own luck and do not mind sharing some of the methods with you, and I hope you can learn and adapt them to your own unique ways to achieve the luck you need.

Let’s focus mainly on using the Elements of Numbers (EON) to find out the various ways you can enrich your wealth luck.

Step 1 – Number 6. In EON, we associate number 6 to Money Luck, number 7 to Supporter Luck, and number 9 to Success Luck.  In basic theory, if you see the number 6 in your Birth chart it means you have the ‘wealth vibes’ (money luck). If you see the number 6 coming in to the Personal Year (PY), it implies incoming wealth in that year. The number 6 can be anywhere in the PY chart, including the Root number.

Directions_SlidesFor example, the 6-6-3 [Money-Money-Fast] was present in locations V-W-X of Year 2011 chart. This implies fast money… on the positive side. On the downside, it could imply quick gossiping and leaks and its results – corruption, money laundering, transgressions, whistleblowing, and so on. I’ve described the number (1 to 9) associations and traits in my book too.

You can look at the Year chart but it’s too general. If possible, check the Month chart too. When you see the number 6 in a particular month, it implies the ‘wealth vibes’ are strong. Now, check the Day chart too and identify the wealth vibes. Plot the Combined Day chart – if the number 6 is present, you have the wealth vibes with you. It may take some time to plot the different charts. If you’re using my EON software (currently free to EON students), plot the charts on your smartphones and analyse them.  All you need to do is to take the right action quickly to increase your wealth. Good Luck.

Step 2 – Directions. In South East Asia, many people often refer to the Chinese Almanac to find out the good directions to achieve certain aspects of life. Lottery and 4D magazines are popular as people can get hints and tips on ‘winning numbers.Of course, we know the main winners are the magazine publishers. Anyway, the use of identifying ideal directions to tap on the good Qi is important as it allows you to manifest the positive vibes further.  In basic theory, you can refer to the Direction chart based on your birthdate. You may need to refer to my book on how to plot the basic Direction Chart, or check the chart quickly using the EON software.

EONSW_AvailAgain, I noticed the basic Direction Chart is good but inadequate. As we knows the energies flowing every day is different and changes. People moods and environment do influence us as well. Hence, a more personal direction would allow anyone to identify the ideal direction for the day. What this means is that you’ve higher chances of winning when you plot the Daily Personal Direction (DPD) chart. The EON students (those who’d attended my EON WORKSHOP sessions) would have stronger chance since I’ve shared the method to plot the DPD chart with them.

Step 3 – ‘Qi Tapping’. Identifying the wealth number 6 and the ideal direction could be inadequate for most people. You got to learn how to tap the positive energies and manifest them.  I’ve given advice to friends on the directions using QiMenDunJia (QMDJ) to improve their job interviews, and more often than not, they always felt the interviews were not ‘like a typical interview session but a casual discussion.’ Of course, the eventual result mainly depends on the person’s ability, company’s organisation and product knowledge, and confidence. The tapping on good Qi energies is to influence the ‘impression’ and changed the perceived mindset of the interviewers into positive ones. I’ve managed to adapt the QMDJ approach in EON. Use the ‘Qi Tapping’ method to manifest the positive energies once you’ve identified your DPD chart. You can adopt Step 2 and 3 to strengthen other aspects of your life too.

Sample slides used for EON COURSEStep 4 – Winning Numbers. Now that you’ve the winning strategy, it’s time to take action. But wait a minute… you haven’t got the ‘winning number’ yet!  I can’t help you on this one as there is no such thing as a guaranteed, ‘sure-win’ winning numbers. Even those experts publishing weekly 4D-magazines do not have guaranteed numbers you can use. It’s all about probability and game of chance. There’s one approach you can use which works for me often – tap on your subconscious mind. Use your instinct and gut feelings. Note recurring number patterns within a period. Start networking with the wealthy people and millionaires as they could easily afford to ‘dust off’ some ‘Wealth Qi’ to you. Ah.. it’s just a joke. Putting jokes aside- this approach holds some truth in manifesting the positive vibes.

Step 5 – Self-Creation. Create your own wealth luck. Start saving one dollar a day, diligently. Put the savings on discounted items into a piggy bank. It works for me as I’m richer by $365 every year ($366 on leap years). Heh! it’s better than not saving, right? Embrace into the fundamentals of the Positive Laws (and Attractions) and take persistent actions to manifest the good vibes. If the numbers 6, 7, and 9 appears in your chart (Year, Month, or Day), you must take action as you’re on the winning streak.

Do let me know if you’ve increasing wealth luck using any of the steps I’ve described earlier.  I’m always happy to receive happy news. Remember, “Happiness when shared… is Doubled. Sadness when shared… is Halved.

EON@MYAnd when you’re on a winning streak after reading this article, let me share with you more interesting ‘life-changing’ methods at the EON WORKSHOP.

Adelin, my Malaysia organiser requested me to explain more in details on other wealth methods (including ‘Qi Tapping‘) at the forthcoming EON@MY WORKSHOP next month on 21st September 2013 (Saturday) . My response to her, “Sure, I’ll do it since you asked for it!

Good Luck. Good Wealth. And GOOD HEALTH Always!


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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