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School-going kids are not the only group experiencing stress during examination periods. Many parents create their own stress too as they want their kids to pass the exams, possibly passing with flying colours. To help improve the memory and brain cells of their kids, some parents insisted on their children to take herbal tonics and chicken essence, or demanding their kids to burn the midnight oil.

Nowadays, many of us know we should encourage our kids to ‘learn by concepts than by heart’ and have enough sleep during exam days. There are many self-help books and online sites on ‘passing exams‘ techniques to help a student learn and formulate better. Then there are another group of desperate parents (and to some extent, teachers) using ‘quick-miracle’ cure to boost their kids’ smartness.  Some of them encourage their kids to consume amphetamines, stimulants, or sugar-coated magical pills hoping these could create the ‘adrenaline rush’ to improve their kids’ memory; and hoping their kids could become smarter at last-minute and excel in their exams. And that’s exactly what some people did according to this THE STAR ONLINE article.

According to a separate article on another site, amphetamines could provide “more energy and alertness, greater confidence and a heightened sense of well-being.” It may work during exam time, in theory. In reality, the negative side effects could be damaging to the kid’s health and mental state on prolonged usage.

BANNER1Let’s put all these traditional cures, magical pills and modern brain-improving medicines aside since most of us are not doctors and could not explore its effectiveness and decide its possible long-term side-effects.

At my previous EON WORKSHOP sessions, I’ve shared a simple technique to identify the ‘Book Smart’ and ‘Street Smart’ traits of a person. For example, if the ‘Book Smart’ vibes are present in a person’s Birth chart, it implies that person could have higher academic intelligence and can ‘study by heart’. If the ‘Street Smart’ vibes are present in a person’s birth chart, it implies higher ‘social intelligence’ – the person could be more resourceful, quick-witted, and manipulative.  Most parents would prefer their kids to have both ‘Street Smart’ and ‘Book Smart’ vibes.

EON on Street Smart and Book SmartHaving the ‘Book Smart’ vibes present in the birth chart mean the person has such innate traits. It’s all up to this person to use the traits effectively during suitable times (like during academic exams and test). It’s equally important for parents to recognise such traits since kids these days have their own ‘studying style’ that include using ‘second screen’ devices (phones, surfing, TV, music players) at the same time. Parents should not force their kids to study and burn the midnight oil before/during exam periods as their kids may rebel. Have you wondered why some ‘smart kids’ failed their exams? They intentionally did so to spite their parents. They are smart but they chose otherwise, often at the wrong time.

During one of my earlier workshop sessions, there was a female student asking me to check on her son’s birth chart, and to see if the ‘Book Smart’ vibes is present. “Yes, and it’s strong,” I told the class. She then told the class that her son does not like to study and seems rebellious at times. I then told the class the reason just by looking at the son’s birth chart – the mother is stressing on her son. I saw a defensive but surprised look on her face. I smiled.

Sample Case Study of Arnold & Maria, from EON WORKSHOPSIDENOTE: This is a separate and interesting technique I’ve shared at previous EON WORKSHOP sessions. It’s possible to check a parent’s general traits from a child’s birth chart during a particular period without the need to check on the parent’s chart.  At the workshop, I explained the tendency vibes on Catherine Zeta-Jones by looking at Michael Douglas’ chart during the period he was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2010.  Similarly, I also explained the tendency signs on Michael from Catherine’s chart. I’ve also explained another case study on Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver. Confused? Don’t worry too much as you’ll get to learn this method at the EON WORKSHOP session.

Back to the book and street smart vibes… We should not stereotype a young child who’d failed in their exams as stupid. They are just ‘less-academically inclined, and NOT stupid.” Similarly, we shouldn’t stereotype all “high scholars” to lack ‘EQ and is rigid’ as they’re ‘less-socially inclined.’ They do not understand the need to be more cohesive, participative, interactive, and communicative with others to achieve their goals.

personalyearinfluenceWhat if a young child has only the ‘street smart’ vibes present in their birth chart and not the ‘book smart’ vibes? If these people do not have the innate traits in them, there are always the periodic traits coming from the Personal Year, Month, and Day charts. This means the ‘book smart’ or ‘street smart’ vibes could also be present in these periodic charts. Have you wondered how some ‘less exam-smart’ friends could suddenly pass their exam with good results? Miracle? Lucky? Nah… it’s their attitude. The positive vibes could influence them but eventually it’s the person who has to take the right action and positive attitude to excel in their exam.

Sample slides used for the EON WORKSHOP sessionsYou can always enhance the ‘book smart’ vibes by using various methods. The common ones include encouragement, learning by concepts rather than by heart, study early and not at last-minute, having enough sleep, exercises and keeping fit, and have fun. The more metaphysical ones could use Feng Shui cures to strengthen the academic sector – to energise the positive influences on their child’s mind and aptitude. Eventually parents want their kids to have good and balanced life achievements.

I’ve shared with the class the possible strength of the “Book Smart” and ”Street Smart” vibes – when the pattern appears on certain location of the chart, the vibes are stronger. It was an interesting discovery I’ve made during my earlier EON research, and I’m glad I could share them with the EON students at the workshop sessions.

I’m looking forward to share the methods at the forthcoming EON@MY WORKSHOP session where those staying in Malaysia could now have the same opportunity as the Singapore students to learn more extended methods on that day.

Meantime, don’t consume too much sugary-coated drinks or food, or magical pills in this case. The adrenaline rush could provide sudden, short-termed pleasure. And it could cause long-term pressure on you, your health, your loved ones, and your pockets.

Stay Healthy and Practical. Be Resourceful and Wise. Happy Weekend!


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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