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On Mirror Relationship

Somebody posted a search for “mirror relationship” this week. Once again, that, to me, is another interesting query. What exactly do we mean by “mirror relationship” and how would we tie the relationship together...


Interpreting Mirror Charts

Aileen discovered one of her friends has a mirror chart, after reading my book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” and plotting his birth chart. She wondered what else can we gather...


Behind the Relationship Masks

  Some people are curious to know the face behind that mask, to find out and see how pretty or handsome that person is. For many others, they prefer to look beyond the face...


Now You Know, Now You Don’t

“I happen to know this sweet, sweet lady. She is a highly charged lady like Energizer battery. But she seems to be in different moods within a short period of time. I don’t know...


EverLUSTing Scents of a Woman

“I have a friend working as an engineer who fell in love with a woman and married her 3 years ago. He caught her working as professional part-time prostitute early this year! He found...


Reviving the Relationship Chemistry

“I am going through a very rough time and I need help.  My husband and I are thinking of divorce.  Through our birth chart, can you tell me more about our relationship and whether...

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