Reviving the Relationship Chemistry

“I am going through a very rough time and I need help.  My husband and I are thinking of divorce.  Through our birth chart, can you tell me more about our relationship and whether it will break down or not?”

That was what Kelly wrote in her recent email to me. I was cautious as I’m not a professional relationship counsellor. Nevertheless I thought I should try my best to help her to the best of my abilities in any way possible within my means. I then replied, “Will check later. Meanwhile I hope both of you can review your actions when together and communicate more. If you’ve kids do consider seriously as divorce is now a family affair including the kids. If you don’t mind me asking, is he having external affair or divorce is money related?”

Kelly initially gave her husband Ken’s birthdate wrongly due to typo error but provided the correct one in a later email. I noticed there are times when the questions I asked do not change even if someone gave me a wrong birthdate at first and corrected them later. Could the vibes that energise the intuitive curiosity lead me to a different perspective beyond what I’ve noted?

Kelly replied, “External and money.”

I wrote back, “I know it may sound hard but you never know it can be easy if you make a change. Meanwhile do your best to maintain and patch back. Communicate more, tolerate and adapt.  Think of how both of you have met each other. See if you can revive the magical sparks that bonded both of you together as loving couples.”

Kelly replied, “I have been trying very hard but… when will all these end?  At the moment it is tough. Are we compatible? I tried very hard to hold the family together but it takes two hands to clap”.

Let’s take a look at both Kelly and Ken’s EON charts. Kelly is experiencing the “Double Effect Year” vibes, and these could have manifested the negative vibes causing communication problems at home – the 6-5-2-7-8-6 [Money-Obstacle-Talk-Supporter-Stress-Home]. In short, there’re financial issues and obstacles Kelly is facing this year because of Ken’s supporters (external companion?) and it caused unnecessary stress and tension at home. From an extended EON analysis, there are negative vibes suggesting undue stress and tension on Ken too. [Hint to EON Workshop participant – analyse Ken’s element from Kelly’s chart].

The 7-5-3 [Supporter-Obstacle-Tension] on Ken’s PY2012 chart could suggest his supporter (external companion?) could also have caused some challenges and tension this year. In addition, the 7-5-3 vibes could have manifested the urge for legal case (divorce proceeding?). From extended EON method, Kelly is also creating an obstacle between Ken and his passionate companion. [Hint to EON participants: Identify Kelly’s element from Ken’s chart].

There are signs of splitting moments for Kelly next year as the PY2013 charts shows a mirror charthome and/or money. The tendency signs on Kelly’s 2013 Annual Code suggest that she should get herself involved in Ken’s hobbies and creative pursuits if she wants the marriage to stay. Yes, it takes two hands to clap. It is equally important for Kelly and Ken to strive to revive and strengthen their relationship chemistry with common interest or hobbies as they’re already in their 50s. Otherwise, the negative “to each his own” vibes could manifest and influence them to walk on separate ways.

Kelly has attended my EON Workshop and would know what the Annual Code vibes mean. Based on Kelly’s Annual Code for 2012, she has to learn to adapt and face the challenges ahead. She needs to communicate more to Ken using a different indirect approach. She could spend more time getting herself interested and involved in Ken’s hobbies (stamp collecting) to create a common interest where they can share and enjoy the fun and happy moments together, and perhaps to renew their relationship sparks. With a caring and communicative wife who shares similar interest, Kelly is creating the possibility to bring Ken back to his senses that his wife is his only loving and lifelong companion.

The Compatibility Chart described in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” provides a general guideline of the compatibility status between two people. Through the years of continuing research, I noticed there are also yearly influences that could affect the compatibility vibes every year. I’ve worked out the method to plot the Yearly Compatibility Chart and shared the techniques at my recent EON WORKSHOP sessions. Since Kelly has attended my recent workshop, she could plot the 2013 Compatibility chart with Ken and identify the positive actions she could take to keep the marriage.

One of the root causes of couple’s marriage breaking down is the lack of continuing communication, common interest, tolerance, and trust. I’ve also shared with Kelly a hidden pattern that could also trigger the relationship strain. Both Kelly and Ken must do their part if they want their marriage to stay “til death do them part”. Getting professional counselling help may work to convince Kelly and Ken to change their attitudes and perspectives and get back together as loving couple. If the problem lies with Ken and he’s insistent on breaking up the marriage, then there’s little Kelly can do. I wrote to Kelly, “Have both of you consulted a counsellor to discuss what both of you can do to savage the marriage? If it really cannot work out, then look forward and plan your future with a positive heart.”

Yes, it takes two hands to clap. And it takes two firm hands with sincere hearts to hold on tightly to each other to withstand the crisis and enjoy the journey of lasting relationships together.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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