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“Are you coming with new book with EON and Bazi? Please do so.” Samuel asked in his reply email to me. “Even I have studied Bazi under Grand Master Raymond Lo many years ago your explanation is unique and corresponds to the EON about the split personality.”

I posted the previous article “Now You Know, Now You Don’t” on identifying split personality through the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. I added the Bazi chart as I noticed many Bazi users are still resisting the opportunities to learn an alternative method that could eventually strengthen their personality profiling analytical skill set. I’ve put aside analysing charts from Bazi perspective for some time since I focused on EON. I’m currently working on the Bazi (Android) software, thanks to the frequent requests from previous PalmOS users who indirectly reminded me of the need for an Android version of my BaziCalc (Palm). So I thought I could also do a quick check on the Bazi to see if I can identify similar traits. And I’m glad I did as including the Bazi chart as well allow users familiar with EON and Bazi to refer to both charts while reading my explanation. I was subconsciously looking at the chart from a fresh, different perspective. Perhaps it’s because of my increasing research on EON to focus at the ‘cause and effect’ of an aspect I’m identifying.

I told Samuel, “I thought I had to be different in the analytical approach by looking just at the Day pillar to identify traits that can easily be seen in EON charts.” I’m glad I did as beside Samuel, I have received some emails from other users supporting the EON/Bazi comparison approach.

By now, many local Singaporeans would have heard of the passing of the late Huang Wen Yong who died last week from Lymphona cancer. He was 60. May his soul rest in peace.

EON and Bazi chart

While researching on EON from health aspects, I noticed there are tendency signs that could suggest correlation of certain “element” to the cancerous cells. Though it’s not definite, it could provide indicative signs for a person to take care of their health when young. And to buy medical and health insurance as a precaution before misfortune strikes. I’ve also elaborated on the “Heavenly SendOff” pattern which could lead to undesired outcomes, at extreme cases. I’ve shared the method to identify telltale signs at my past EON Workshop sessions, and because of sensitivity, could not disclose them here (sorry!).

From the Five Elements theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), strong Metal could affect health conditions related to the body organs. These include Metal (skin, immune, respiratory, mental), Wood (liver), Fire (like heart and cardiovascular), Earth (spleen, muscles, intestines), and Water (kidney).

In Huang’s case, his Health Symptom element is Metal. From his EON chart, the Fire element is strong (and supported by Wood). The sudden manifestation of the Metal elements (in his PY2012 chart) could lead to a clashing of the FireMetal elements. It could indirectly manifested the cancerous cells.  In retrospect, Huang could have experienced poor health condition in 2004 unless he’s taken proper preventive healthcare measures then.  Huang was a strong and adaptable person, like the Water elements in his EON chart (number 7) and his Bazi chart (Ren water). I noticed some similarities in the elements present in both his EON and Bazi chart, and these could provide some clues for further research.

No, I do not plan to write a book on “EON and Bazi” unless there are sponsors willing to change my plan.

A gentle reminder to allplease take up medical and healthcare insurance if you’ve not already done so. Let go of the overly-positive-but-naïve “It’ll never happen to me” attitude. The emergence of the H7N9 bird flu cases (including bombings and security threats) is not a coincidence when you look at the Year 2013 signs and patterns (2-0-1-3=6).

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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