2-Number Patterns & Hidden Number 8


“I was introduced to your book (Elements of Numbers) recently and have completed reading it within few hours. I am impressed with the content which was easily understandable but there is something pondering me. In your book, we need to memorise the Number 1 – 9. (like 1 = Alone, 2 = talk etc) before moving on to other chapters. 

The explanation of the 2-number combinations was given, and they are clear and short. But for combination of 3 numbers (for example – 1 – 2 – 3 (Alone – Talk – Success), I cannot find it anywhere in the book. And for the hidden number like for H8, my hidden number shows that I am very stressful subconsciously. But I really hope that more explanation would be given.”

That’s what Melvin wrote in his recent email to me, with some other questions that I’d cover in later articles.

I published my first book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” to introduce the fundamental of the Element of Numbers (EON) method. I did not include the more advanced methods because:

1)      Having more advanced theories into one single book would distract users from understanding the fundamentals of the EON method, besides the potential increased book cost. Often, people would skim through the pages front and back, skipping the essential pages.

2)      I wanted readers to read the book as if they’re attending a course, and practise the methods in a progressive manner. I’d not recommend reading the entire book within hours as often, you need to practise and reread the book to understand the concepts better. Many people told me they’ve read my book a few times and am glad they did as they somehow discovered they’d missed some ‘key points’ earlier as it was (then) not relevant to what they’d hope to identify. With regular practises, your needs and curiosity expands, and reading the book again from a fresh new perspective could provide a different learning experience.

3)      I’m getting more readers to learn about themselves earlier and explore the basics of personality profiling on their own by publishing the first book earlier. In a subtle way, I could also “buy some time” to research on the advanced methods and sharing with you later.

We need to start learning from the basics like learning the ABCs and remembering the easy words that we could quickly associate with fruits (like A for Apple, B for Banana, and so on). On the same note, introducing the 2-number pattern allows easier and quicker understanding of the traits we can associate to a person and identify the patterns in their birth chart. Besides, learning short keywords (like 1-2 [Alone-Talk]) are always easier to remember. As your EON knowledge increases, you can then explore further by looking at the resulting number (1+2=3, [Alone-Talk-Fast]) by reading up the articles I’ve posted here.


Hidden Numbers imply a person could inhibit such traits on a subconscious level. When the number 8 appears as a Hidden Number in a person’s chart, the tendency signs include a person putting a false front (positively or negatively depending on circumstances) and not letting others know their inner true feelings. Outwardly the person could look “cool, composed and relax”. For all you know, they could be withholding the stress and tension internally. They could excessively controlled their emotions, agitations, frustrations, and not wanting others to know about it. The number 8 is like an infinity sign, looping endlessly.  A person with number 8 as Hidden Number could often felt restless and “cannot sit still”. They’re always “on-the-move” and thinking” even when they’re sleeping, often waking up feeling even more tired than normal.

But when a person has a number 8 in their charts (locations I-X), they could easily display such traits outwardly, often without reservations.

The health effects include frequent tiredness, mental stress (headaches, migraines), and insomnia. The resulting actions could include having bipolar disorder, cardiovascular problems, and acts of domestic violence.  Of course these are just the extreme cases that seldom happen to a person who has good control of their holistic health.  I’d recommend Melvin to consider taking up meditation or relaxation exercise (like yoga, QiGong, TaiChi) if he often experiences such stressful traits.

I’ve not looked at Melvin’s EON chart yet while writing this article (for an unbiased observation) even though he’s provided me with his birthdate. I’ll look at his birthdate and posted a case study article later to address his other questions.

And for now, I’d suggest Melvin to read my book again, stop between chapters and practise before continuing with the following chapters. In between the practises, he could “stop to smell the roses” and enjoy the natural surroundings Mother Nature has created. It’s always easier to identify traits of other people (friends, colleagues, relatives, etc) because of the ‘3rd-person, wide-angle’ perspective. It’s common to find many people experienced the “I’m not like that” mindset when they first identify the traits present in their birth charts. These are because of the 1st-person, “inside the box” perspective which somehow restricted a person’s opinion on how others see them.

Get a copy of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” now, and learn all you need to know about yourself through an affordable way.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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