Learning the Elements of Numbers

The other day, a friend “Kelly” called me and asked when I can start conducting a workshop as she and her friends are keen to learn more about Elements of Numbers (EON) from me. As we chat, Kelly told me she has a friend “Amy” who has three sets of 8-4-3 number combinations in her birth chart.

During her PON classes, Kelly was told that if anyone has the 8-4-3 number combination appearing in their birth chart, it implied a guaranteed divorce case. And with three sets of 8-4-3 number combinations appearing, there is nothing much to say except to reinforce on the affirmative statement that Amy would (eventually) divorce her husband.

What is the purpose of learning metaphysics? Why do you spend so much money, time and effort to learn metaphysics and found you cannot do anything about it when there are signs in your chart suggesting a confirmed divorce case? Are you worried about getting married if you are still single?  Is there anything you can do to mend the relationship with your spouse if you’re already married?

Did the trainer explain the underlying principles of the metaphysics correctly, or did the students misinterpret what the trainer said. The purpose of learning metaphysics is to allow every one of us to use the information to build our own knowledge. We can then maximise the potentials of the system to make the rest of our life, the best of our life.

The metaphysics systems we know today have evolved through the years.  As we explore the underlying principles, we began to add our own observations to analyse a chart from different perspectives. It is also improper for anyone to make remarks that “‘their method is correct, and others are wrong” without providing the necessary facts.

Now, let us look at the three sets of 8-4-3 number combinations. Kelly told me Amy did not experience any relationship problem with her husband. Kelly asked me again whether the 8-4-3 is a guaranteed divorce sign. Though there could be signs of impending danger, we can always take precaution earlier. After much probing, Kelly told me Amy was staying in Singapore while her husband is staying in Malaysia because of his work. Amy and her husband do chat regularly over the phone during the weekdays. Her husband would usually come home to Singapore during the weekends.

I have included some remedial actions in my book Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling, You can apply them to reduce the negative effects of the number vibrations. For Amy, there is minimal opportunity for her to start any quarrel with her husband. The decision to divorce does not happen overnight. It is a build-up of the negative energies resulting from frequent quarrels and stress between the couple, over time.

If Amy’s husband stay and work in Singapore, will there be any possibility of confirmed divorce?

The signs of strained relationships may be there, but does not implied a guaranteed divorce. As long as Amy and her husband can minimise their irritations and differing viewpoints to focus on other positive pursuits, then they can live a life together happily. Changing their mindsets and ‘reducing’ the negative energies would help manifest the positive energies instead.

As Kelly did not give me Amy’s birth date, I could not plot her chart and use it as an example here. However, I have managed to plot a sample chart to explain further on the three sets of 8-4-3 number combinations present.

Let us assume this is the birth chart of a fictional person called John Doe.

We need to understand John’s past relationship with his girlfriend, if any. The 8-4-3 number combination appearing at the top of the chart (in the father’s quadrant) could imply a strained relationship, possibly in his early 20s. If John has no girlfriend, then the negative effects would not have any major impact on him.

If John is in his 30s or 40s, there is no cause for alarm as long as he made it a point to change his bad habits and thinking. If John is married, he can always work on controlling his emotions, learn and practice stress and anger management, or go for regular stress-out activities. It all boils down to good habits, mindset (positive thinking) and knowing his personal needs.

I wrote the “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” to explain the Elements of Numbers (EON) methods. The EON method provides an extended and alternative learning to users who need to know beyond the PON boundaries.

You need to understand the underlying principles, and made your own observations to the number combinations and patterns. Apply the EON methods and relate them to your personal life experiences. Find out what works and what don’t. For those that don’t work (i.e., are not true in your case), it means you could have done something right previously. Try to reflect on what you had done that could have influenced your thinking and actions. Once you can identify them, work on to improve yourself better. You can then make the rest of your life, the best of your life.

Regards, Ron


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