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Considerably, when I developed the Elements of Numbers (EON) System and published my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling,” there wasn’t any time chart available through other methods like PON, UCMHP, LifeQuest, and Visiber.

I decided to research the various ways to derive a workable time chart, based on my earlier experiences with Bazi. The Bazi (also popularised as Four Pillars of Destiny or Phat Chee) system has four pillars in a normal chart, and each pillar is referenced to the Year, Month, Day, and Hour (based on 2-hour range). When the hour pillar is missing, a part on the analysis is considered incomplete. Imagine if each pillar constitutes equal portion, this means without the Hour pillar, the person analysing the chart has only up to around 75% information for reference. Without the time chart, a person using another method like ZiWeiDouShu might also feel constrained with the limited reference. Nevertheless, even without the time of birth details, a good profiling professional can analyse the ¾-like chart with greater relevance and better observations too.

I was initially excited to learn about the PON method, but subsequently recognised its huge limitations and disappointed with the knowledge shared. Anyway, I decided to explore on formulating the Time of Birth chart. It was relatively easier for me, as I was developing metaphysics software previously. It inculcated the root-cause attitude (and subsequently becoming a habit) to analyse huge reference materials like Hsia calendars and Chinese Almanac. I have to understand its workings, identify the patterns and trends, and next converting them into a useable reference for my software development. It was a huge challenge subsequently, and I’m glad I faced it with firmness. Otherwise, I’d not be able to formulate the Time of Birth Chart for my Elements of Numbers (EON) method. My resiliency paid off, and I could include the steps to plot the chart in my EON book.

If you own a copy of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling,” check on pages 239-254 for details on the Time of Birth (TOB) Chart, and the Combined Date and Time (CD&T) Chart too. You can also purchase my EON book direct from me even if you’re staying elsewhere in the world, away from the city-island of Singapore.

Time of BirthI might have spurred and compelled other trainers to derive their own time charts, perhaps due to “concurring” reason that a time chart is significantly important as well. Well, they could easily notify me and use my Time of Birth formula any time. While I received favourable and positive feedback from many others about my Time Of Birth formula, it is not practical to debate if my TOB method is better than the ones shared by other trainers. The reason is clear – a birth chart or a time chart, can solely create the first copy of your LIFE character blueprint. Your attitude and approach to life, humanity, work, health, and riches, could create subsequent revisions of your LIFE blueprint. It’s just like the layout or floor plan when you first purchased the home – it’s empty without furniture and fittings. Over the years, you might have added or changed the insides of the house – the lightings and curtains, and possibly some area of the walls – based on your moods, finances, and external influences.

I have relied on the Time of Birth Chart, whenever the birth time is known. The TOB formula has helped me and many others well, to allow us to identify extra clues to a person’s hidden or subconscious traits. In my EON book, I have described how I used the TOB and CD&T charts to analyse the late Robin Gibb (Case Study 7-14, page 248). In the FEN WORKSHOP sessions, I also shared with the FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students how I used the TOB and CD&T charts to analyse both Robin Gibb and his twin brother, Maurice Gibb. Their Birth Charts are identical, but not their birth times. Hence, in that respect are different energy influences that affected their characteristics, creative talents, communication skills and business mindedness between the twin brothers. Eventually, both passed away nine years apart, and the Personal Year Charts of the different years they died, were similar.

The coming 5th FEN WORKSHOP class that’s scheduled for next month in August, is confirmed. Seats are still available, and you might want to sign up early to save some cost from the normal course fees. Check this link for the FEN course and enrolment details. Oh, you’ll get a complimentary copy of my EON book and the FEON+ software (for Android smartphone only) – both worth about S$72 – when you signed up now. Check this testimonials link to learn about what other FEN students have to say after attending the class. That’s not all, you will be included to the FEN COMMUNITY (FC) WhatsApp chat group that I’m administering. In short, your profiling lessons with me don’t stop after the end of course of study! A modest cost to pay to enjoy long-termed learning benefits.

Besides finding out on how to analyse and identify extra clues from the TOB and CD&T charts, you will learn about the EFV FLOW behavioural inclination trends, QI Tapping to harness the positive energies to influence those surrounding you, the life forces, and how the energies of the 9-Year Luck Cycle Pillars could influence you as well.

There’re so many constraints that I can share through the articles here. However, there’re so many unlimited capacities that I could share with you and explain in details while in class. You can proceed to read my articles here for free, or made the correct decision to become a lifelong profiling student after attending the FEN WORKSHOP class, and becoming a optimistic member of the FC chat group.

Decide fast, and make the exact choice like what many UCMHP, PON, Visiber, and LifeQuest students did by attending the FEN class subsequently.

Have a great day and a wonderful week ahead.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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