Numerical Energies on Najib Razak

In recent weeks, and after the 14th Malaysia General Election 2018 (GE14) held on 9 May 2018, we have read so much around the scandals and accusations on Najib Razak. Let the “rules of the law” decides if he is implicated or guilty of any improper activities.

What intrigues me about Najib, is not about the accusations and scandals around him, but rather, on the tendency signs that we could identify with on a person’s behavioural trends in a particular year. That’s what the Elements of Numbers (EON) is all about – profiling human behavioural and life path tendencies, in fast and easy ways.

Today’s article is about a brief introduction of what you will find out in the 5th FEN WORKSHOP class. Once again, it doesn’t imply Najib will exhibit those traits mentioned as a person’s behaviour, habits, and actions are depending on their family upbringing, social and political exposures, and experiences.

Take a look at the screenshot to the left. It’s a snapshot from part of a Microsoft Excel file that I created to explore and try on new formulas and methodologies to determine its practicality and relevance for inclusion into the EON system. This means, when a method is considered relevant and applicable, I can share them in future classes. I may also review its subsequent inclusion in the FEON+ software.

In this instance, the main focus is on the Numerical Energies and its various components, computed automatically. I’ve shared the strengths and weaknesses of the energies of a person, in my earlier FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes, and will go on to share the methods in the 5th FEN WORKSHOP class scheduled for August 2018.

When numerical energies are noted to be strong, the individual needs to focus more on gaining the positive attributes associated with the numbers, rather than manifesting the negative influences. In Najib case, the number 7 is strong and these imply he could have gone towards building up knowledge and self-reflections on more positive, ethical, and moral ways. These could help to harmonise the strong power of the energies in number 7. Otherwise, when the dark forces rule his head, he’d be taking advantage or manipulating those who supported him, for self-beneficial gains.

When numerical energies are noted to be weak, the individual might be susceptible to the probable effects of the influences from the associated number. Najib has three “weakness” numbers – 2, 4, and 6. For example, when number 2 is weak, the individual has to build up the strengths to improve relationships, be supportive and sensitive to others’ feelings and needs. Otherwise, they could succumb to carelessness about details, emotionally distant from others, and lacked sympathy. Moreover, the numbers 4 and 6 do have their own sets of probable effects and positive remedies too, details of which are shared with my class and included in the training notes.

Najib is 65 years old this year, and is presently in the fourth LIFE CYCLE period with the number 7 influences. Likewise, he could have focused on the positive aspect of number 7 – knowledge, wisdom, and self-reflections. When the negative influences are strong, the individual tends to work on manifesting the negative influences – manipulating others’ feelings, taking advantage of others, and helping others more for self-beneficial gains than sacrifices.

There are two new info on the screenshot – EFV FLOW and 9-Year Luck Cycle Pillar (9YLCP). These are fresh inclusions that I have thus far shared at the last 4th FEN class. I’ll explain more in details at the 5th FEN class, since there has been progress made in applying the methods on a person’s life path observations. Najib’s EFV FLOW for this year is showing the 7-5-1 code. Once more, the number 7 is present, and it is like a constant reinforcement and reminder for Najib to stride in the positive aspects – of the number 7 – and not to misuse or abuse its influences and effects on others.

Najib’s 9YLCP code is 8/1(9). In extended EON theories, we could connect the number 8 with hardworking and money management, besides the usual traits like stress, frustrations, and temperaments. If the corruption accusations about him are genuine, this implies Najib might have focused on the negative aspects of money management. In other words, he could be taken in for financial mismanagement as well. The number 1 is about a leader taking responsibility of his own decisions, irrespective of the outcome of the actions done by someone else. We could also associate the number 1 as being backstabbed or becoming a backstabber. This could suggest during the 9-year LCP period, he was constantly being acted upon by others’ backstabbing him, and in return, he might be backstabbing and sabotaging others as well. Among the many other traits associated with the number 9, greed and successes are two common ones. Najib might be influenced by the number 9 also. Together, the 8-1-9 pattern implies a “perfectionist” impression, and that could suggest a perfect plan for him during this 9-year period. Similarly, as I have also shared with FEN students before, we could also connect the number 9 as unrealistically high hopes and false visions. And as well as the humanitarian traits, which in this instance, could refer to the “Rakyat” or the Malaysian people. Unfortunately for Najib, the 8-1-9 influence might not be about [Money Management – Supreme Leader – Success]. Instead, it might be more on the [Financial Mismanagement – Taking Self-Responsibility – Malaysian people].

It is interesting when the profiling data are displayed and available for analysing. It is yet more intriguing when you are taught of the method and formula helping you create profiling data on your own. It’s still more satisfying when you have the ability to transform the profiling data into relevant information, to provide characteristic clues in a person. And it’s more cost-effective and practical to acquire the knowhow at the FEN class, by learning the visualisation techniques, Qi Tapping, numerical energies, EFV Flows, and other advanced EON methods.

Click this link to register now for the 5th FEN WORKSHOP class. And be a lifelong member of the FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp chat group to continue your profiling lessons.

Have a wonderful day ahead.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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