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Does the 4-5-9 (or 5-4-9) pattern infer it’s a womaniser number?

I’m amazed when people asked me about traits associated to certain patterns without providing logical explanations how they’d derived at the observations. A friend asked if we can associate the 4-5-9 or 5-4-9 as a womaniser number as well. She then related how a relative was having relentless sex pursuits with multiple partners.

EON_AnswersSome users who attended PON, UCM and LifeQuest classes have asked me similar questions. Each time when I replied “Why do you think 4-5-9 or 5-4-9 is a womaniser number?” They couldn’t explain the reason except that their trainers told them it is a womaniser number. I couldn’t fault them either as they’re not taught to analyse patterns to identify the underlying signs that could impose on the resulting behaviour or action.

I’ve openly shared common patterns with my Five Elements Numerology (FEN) students in class, and explained the underlying causes that contributed to the observations. For example, when one student asked about the womaniser number, I told him we need to find out the probable cause in the ‘cause-and-effect’ identification approach. Otherwise, such hasty associations might lead to dumbfounded answers like “I don’t know… my trainer said so” attitude. It’s like saying the STOP sign must be in red background colour without knowing why it’s in red and not in other colours like green, orange, or blue.

Let me share with you my observations from the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective, and how using the visualisation technique I’ve taught at my Five Elements Numerology (FEN) classes could help better your observational skills.

HiddenPatternsFirst, it’s always practical to view number patterns from 360-degree viewpoints – like the x, y, and z axis in a mathematical question. Now, let’s look at the centre of the axis that could have sort-of gravitational influences – the number 5. The number 5

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When 4-5-9 becomes 4-4-9 or 4-9-9, and 5-4-9 becomes 4-4-9, the unhealthy vibes suddenly becomes as one strong Wood element.

Definite MistressWe can associate Water to sensual and sexual desires. You can find out the underlying reasons at my FEN classes. Anyway, when strong Wood exhausted Water, the person might get ‘dehydrated’. In metaphysical sense, it implies the emotional thoughts could create sensual dehydration influences. Suddenly, the urge to satisfy one thirst becomes stronger. As mentioned earlier, as Water implies sensual or sexual desires, such dehydration impact could create the wild thoughts to ‘sex-tisfy’ one’s urge, resulting in the person feeling sex-deprived. And the sensual pleasure is to find willing partners.

When such unhealthy sex tendencies arise, the person behaves in unhealthy mental disorder state. In Five Elements, strong Wood (emotions) repels Metal (mental). These people need to seek professional medical help. They need to consult psychiatrist to help them unleash the sexual knot in their minds.

Wait a minute, what about the hyperactivity part of a typical womaniser?Hmm… well, treat the numbers in EON as typical by-product like the symbolic icon used to depict certain meanings. Strong Wood produces Fire. We associate fire to creativity, passion and burning desires. Like a wild fire, the burning is intense and spreading hyper-actively.

2004JNow, let me emphasise once againthe 4-5-9 (and 5-4-9) patterns doesn’t imply it’s a definite womaniser number. Many people have similar patterns on their Birth or Personal Year charts, and most don’t feel sex-deprived or behave like a sex maniac or womaniser. You need to check the surrounding numbers and elements present in the chart as these could influence the person’s behaviour and actions.

Some PON/UCM/LifeQuest trainers are now including my FEN theories into their teachings. That’s great as it further reinforce my research findings contributing to forming the Five Elements Numerology methods and the Elements of Numbers (EON) principles.

You can get my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” to learn the basics of the Five Elements. I’ve covered one chapter on the strength and weaknesses of the traits, including the Elemental Cycles.

When you’re ready to explore beyond the basics – there’s hope. I’m arranging a FIVE ELEMENTS VISUALISATION workshop soon which is useful for anyone. Whether you’ve studied numerology (PON, UCM, LifeQuest) or Chinese Metaphysics (like Bazi and ZiWeiDouShu), the course would help you to visualise the interactions of the five elements. Do let Daniel (call him at 9853-1777) know if you’re keen to attend the workshop to improve your Five Elements visualisation skill to better your profiling techniques. You can also check with him on the the FEN BASIC and FEN ADVANCED LEVEL class schedules.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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