What’s in 5-1-2?

Today’s article is about interpreting number patterns from another refreshing angle, and it requires exercising your imagination and association skills. Imagine watching yourself acting in lead roles in various scenes of a movie title called, “To Each His Own 5-1-2.

In the first scene, your name is Anson. You find it difficult to say what’s on your mind promptly, without pausing to reframe your words for self-assurance, before speaking. As a result, whenever you talk to others, you speak in a stuttering- or stammering-like manner.

In the second scene, you are Betty. You are not happy, feeling grumpy, or just don’t want to speak for whatever reasons. Often times, you are compelled to talk because others are saying things that you felt to be incorrect or does not concur with your principles. To others, you seemed like a reserved person, a pessimist, or someone behaving like an antisocial person. And when you talk, the words you said could be profound (long-windedness), blunt (frank), or hurtful.

In the third scene, you are Charlie. You are set in your ways even though you recognize the risks and, probably, opportunities involved when you face obstacles or stumbling blocks. You ponder and hesitate each time you are asked about your decision. You often like to use the words “see first” (local Singapore’s slang, meaning “to wait and see”). Others are easily agitated or frustrated because you habitually made decisions at the “eleventh hour” or last-minute, jeopardised their plans. Such behaviours over time becomes a habit. Others felt you don’t respect their time as equally important, and the need to set a timeline for proper planning.

In the fourth scene, you are Dolly. You are a risk-taker, and a visionary. You seek opportunities in every challenge or obstacles that came along. You believe there is “silver lining in every dark cloud” and become competitive. You often recklessly or blatantly speak what’s on your mind, oblivious to the consequences that might arise.

In the fifth scene, you are Ernest. You have a secret even closed friends aren’t aware. You portray the respectable and confident person when in the public’s eyes. However, you have a dual-like character – also portray a hidden habit, something that’s probably inhibited in you, and the need for self-exploration. You have sexual fantasies, sometimes indulging in fetish’s acts, and other times, with willing sex partners.

In the sixth scene, you are Florence. You are an opportunist and often hide your true self behind the complacent and withdrawn-looking mask. Deep inside, you would, against all odds, do what’s needed to make quick money. You are a materialistic person and believed in the phrase, “no money, no talk.” You will pursue quickly any projects that can make more money for you, because you mainly benefitted from your spending.

In the seventh scene, you are Gabriel. You have travelled afar, crossed the mountains, and experience life the way you aspired. You are an experienced, intellectual, and knowledgeable guy. You recognise it and boastfully let everyone knows. You are proud, snobbish, high-handed, and shrewd, and always think you are of an “upper class” than most people. You love talking but skive away from responsibilities.

Which one of these scenes could you relate – to yourself or someone you know?

It doesn’t really matter as a person with the 5-1-2 (or even 5-6-2) have the tendency to behave, at one time or another, the characteristics displayed by the lead persons – from A to G, i.e., from Anson to Gabriel as illustrated in the above seven scenes.

Nevertheless, those aren’t the only personalities I could identify as a person having 5-1-2 patterns present in their Birth chart. There are more examples out there, but for now, the seven scenes should suffice to get you excited to start profiling on friends you know. For a start, it’s always easier to begin with celebrities where their hidden talents, fantasies, transgressions and what not, are often reported by the media.

In the study and use of the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, we recognises that nothing (traits and personalities) identified stays permanent and fixed, because of the transient energies changing and moving around through the periodic vibes. So, even if you think you are “not like that” there may come a time when your behaviours or the event turning out could be just from one of the seven scenes described earlier. Whether it is about stammering or stuttering, having sexual indulgence, money chasing, or risk-taking, they all have one common sign – the 5-1-2 pattern, that may be present in the Personal Year, Personal Day, or even in Relationship charts. Of course, and as explained many times before in my earlier articles, the level of intensity of the traits presented by the person is depending on the their behaviours, attitudes, and habits.

So, if you have the 5-1-2 pattern present in any of your charts, and you couldn’t correlate yourself to any of the seven scenes, that is OK and normal because you are “not like that.” What these imply is that you might be influenced by other patterns or tendency signs present elsewhere in your charts, and these would have resulted in different sets of internal beliefs, opinions, behaviours, and habits.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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