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People often asked me on the steps to plot the LifeCode. It’s just a set of number patterns supposedly promoted to create a balancing effect on the vibes present in your natal or Birth chart, and to harness the positive vibes to attract better luck. Many PON (Power of Numbers) students are unaware of its potential effects and harmful health-related effects. Everyone likes to hear the good things only, and the LifeCode energies are marketed as luck enhancer. Sadly few people know of the impending negative effects that could affect them, their lives, and their health. Anyhow, the steps to plot the LifeCode pattern is simple and widely known even though the PON trainers do not share the formula in class.

The intent of completing an Advanced or Mastery Level course is to empower students to become life coaches, to equip them with the knowledge and confidence to profile others and to offer suggestions to improve other people’s lifestyle and habits. Occasionally, there might be a need to suggest harmonsing methods to customers to help suppress the negative energies. This approach is similar to what many Feng Shui professionals have practised by using FengShui cures and ornaments. Without prior knowledge, they don’t feel comfortable (and confident) to suggest suitable luck improvement methods for their customers. As well, without knowing the steps to plot the LifeCode, PON Advanced/Mastery Level students could not understand its potentials and limits and apply them with confidence.

At my recent preview session, one attendee asked if I’ll share the LifeCode steps in my FEN ADVANCED Level class. He’d previously completed PON/UCM classes and did not learn the steps.

My answer is simple. I’ve shared the steps to plot the ANNUAL CODE openly in class and explained how students can apply the resulting patterns in their analysis. It’s unavoidable and necessary for me to explain the steps to get the LifeCode pattern as I need to use it as a case example to highlight the potential limits and harmful effects on a person. The usefulness of the LifeCode becomes secondary since it’s more practical to focus on the ANNUAL CODE to identify yearly influences. We don’t fall sick for the same health symptoms every year. You can identify the influencing vibes from the ANNUAL CODE to work on non-health matters to re-enforce the energies for more positive annual outlook.

Once you are aware of the influencing annual vibes, you can then take actions to dilute the negative effects while you work towards your positive goals. Like my favourite tagline, “Feel the Fear. Experience the Success.” Yes, you’ll learn to plot the steps for both the LifeCode and AnnualCode patterns in my FEN ADVANCED LEVEL class this weekend on 31 May to 1 June 2014 (Sat/Sun).

The EON (Android) software is now v1.06c. Just some code optimization and enabling a ‘hidden feature’ I’ve added for my own use previously. Decided to enable the ‘biorhythm’ option for students to use. You can install this updated version when you attend the FEN ADVANCED LEVEL course this weekend. As part of the courseware, I’ll teach you how to use the software to analyse the extended charts. I will show you how to identifying the energies present in the Universal/Personal pillars. And I’ll show you how to use the software to quickly identify the periodic influences on various life aspects – career, street smart, book smart, spouse, skills, and others.

Once again, I do apologise if you could not buy my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” at local bookstores like Popular, Kinokuniya, and Times. I understand stocks for the latest 3rd edition copies are now available at these bookstores. Know more on the EON basics if you haven’t done so. Thousands of readers have benefited. You will get the book FREE when you signed up for the FEN BASIC LEVEL course. Of course, you can also buy extra copies of my book at discounted price in my FEN class.

Until then, don’t miss the opportunity to attend the FEN ADVANCED LEVEL course this weekend on 31 May – 1 June 2014. Call Daniel at 9853-1777 to register now. If you’ve attended my previous EON WORKSHOP session before, you’ll get a discount from the course fee.

See you this weekend!


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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