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Someone searched for “compass direction” a few days ago, and I guessed it’d be great to introduce the Directional Chart techniques briefly in today’s article. Besides analysing an individual’s personality, behaviours, and traits, it is equally important to provide complementary methods to help the person enhance their luck, be they on the career, wealth, health, or success luck. The Directional Chart described in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” is a basic introduction to get you started on using the compass direction to determine the best possible luck sectors.

FengShui masters and enthusiasts usually rely on the “Lou Pan” compass to determine the auspicious and inauspicious sectors or degrees of the location when performing a house audit. Some years back, before I introduced the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, I have many compass tools (like Lou pan, Casio Protrek watch with digital compass, compass software on PDAs, and even cheap S$2 compass) that I relied on to identify the directions. And when it comes to doing serious FengShui auditing works, using the “Lou Pan” is recommended. Otherwise, when all I need is a general direction, I’d rely on my Casio watch to check on the directions. Now, back to present-day situations where the digital compass software is pre-installed on most high-end smartphones. You don’t need to purchase a costly “lou pan” or an expensive Casio (or other Brand) watch with digital compass built-in. Simply take out your smartphone, launch the compass software, and check the direction. It’s so easy and quick, and you should really use it to enhance your luck.

After the 1st FEN WORKSHOP session, Phat (from Thailand) applied the extended directional techniques taught in class to enhance her lotto luck success. While I don’t encourage abusing the EON/FEN knowledge to “manifest” gambling luck, it’s up to the individual student to check their actions accordingly as long as they don’t get addicted to gambling and becoming a social menace.

It’s good for FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students to explore and try out the extended EON techniques learned in class. Otherwise, what they’d acquired is all theoretical-based that aren’t tested or cannot be applied in practical, real-world situations. On the first day (Saturday) of the recent 4th FEN WORKSHOP class, Su (another student from Thailand) was so excited to visit the local Marina Bay Sands Casino (MBS) to test her luck. As the extended directional techniques are scheduled for the second-day (Sunday) lessons, I quickly guide Su on how to carry out the required steps, and to proceed to MBS as soon as she can as the periodic energy favouring her is running out.  Here’s what Su commented when she came to class for the second-day lesson, “Yesterday was successful,  thank you Ron, for your guidance and techniques on Qi Tapping. It must have helped because I actually tested at MBS and RSW.  The timing you have indicated was really accurate.  1 minute after your indicated “auspicious timing” my luck really did change. I shared with a few people earlier today how I “tested” the direction calculation, and the result were exactly as shown on my directional chart.

You might want to check on the article “The 4th FEN WORKSHOP class” for more details.

As observed earlier, the basic Directional Chart is a good start to check on the directions. However, when it comes enhancing the luck, relying on the basic Directional Chart is inadequate as you are restricted by the directional signs available. Furthermore, it is a little too naive to assume the basic Directional Chart would work for a person every time throughout their living years. That is why I introduced the Relative Directional method. It provides more alternatives for the person to decide the type of actions needed should they insist on proceeding towards certain direction.

As an “author and researcher first, trainer second,” having the Relative Directional method is not enough to fill my curiosity. That’s when I found out that it is more appropriate to plot a personalised Daily Directional Chart instead. This means you can have different Directional Charts every day. This way, you could enhance and optimise your luck without much effort (if the direction is favourable), or go forward using the relative actions to carry out your tasks. If you have installed the FEON+ software, the Daily Directional Chart is available almost immediately whenever you select specific dates.

It is not enough to know the directions. Understanding the actions is better.

Now that you can start using the FEON+ software with the Daily Directional Chart displayed, it is significant to know how to apply the techniques to enhance your luck. Certainly enough, using the basic methods described in my EON book could help at times. But when you need the extra ‘oomph” energy to magnify the vibes in the correct manner, you need to apply the Relative Directional method instead. This way, your action is dynamically attuned to the focal point or the sector you want to proceed.

Utilising the knowledge is good. Can I further enhance the success factor?

The two FEN students from Thailand applied the extended techniques I have shared in my FEN WORKSHOP classes. What they have learned is that a good direction does not always result in the best outcome, particularly when there is more than one person moving towards the same direction. This implies, practically anyone with same Birth Chart and Directional Chart, and moving towards the same favourable direction, would have equal chances of achieving the success needed. How can you stand out from the competitions then, and be “ahead”of others with better, optimised energies around you? You need an added advantage and a headstart over others – learn it or miss it.

Energy optimisation with “Qi Tapping” techniques

I developed the QiMenDunJia (QMDJ) and Chinese Almanac software for Palm PDA devices many years ago, and have relied on the QMDJ charts to enhance my own luck, and others as well. Together with the FengShui’s Qi energising techniques, the result was great. I also applied the QMDJ application techniques for friends looking for jobs and interviews, and the outcomes were amazing. I then ported the QMDJ application techniques to the EON system and utilise in conjunction with the extended EON Directional Charts. As the results were promising and applicable, I decided to share this “Qi Tapping” technique in my earlier FEN (Advanced) module class. You will learn the same “Qi Tapping” technique in the coming 5th FEN WORKSHOP class as well.

What this means is that you don’t have to learn the QMDJ system and be overwhelmed with the traditional 1080 QMDJ charts, if you wish to apply similar steps to enhance the Qi energies. What you need is only to attend the FEN Workshop class, and learned how the Qi Tapping technique works. Together with understanding of your life path and periodic energies, you can maximise the positive energies around you – like how Phat and Su did – to enjoy more insightful and happier times after attending my class.

The “Qi Tapping” techniques is not about enhancing your gambling luck only, although both Phat and Su enjoyed applying the techniques happily.

Instead, you can utilise the “Qi Tapping” technique on any situation to enhance your success level of achieving a positive outcome. While the technique to enhance and optimise the Qi energy is comparatively simple, it is not a sure-win method. You still need to work for it. You need to factor other aspects as well, including identifying your own luck energies, life force energies, universal and personal energies for the specific day, and so on. And most important of all, your attitude and discipline matters to know when to begin/stop the actions. In case you’re unaware, the transient energies are constantly in motion – it could manifest at one time, and then depleted after a while. By knowing when the energies “come and exit” and combining your “good luck” periods in timely manner, the success level is usually higher but varying.

I’m looking forward to sharing the extended EON methods with you in class. I’m confident you will enjoy a more positive, fun, and happier learning experience in my class, especially if you have earlier attended the UCMHP, PON, LifeQuest, Visiber, or similar PON-style courses. I hope to see you in my class so that I can explain how the “Qi Tapping” 5-Step technique work, and how you can use it to raise your luck and success level.

Learn the extended EON/FEN techniques, and enjoy positive times ahead. Click this link for FEN course information and register now!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun




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