Personality Strength Numbers and Female Charts

I noted some search postings were made like “Female yin, five aspects, how to read female charts, and personality strength numbers.” I’m more energised about these phrases, than the usual number patterns some other users have searched for, like 6336, 764, or 393.

When you study a number pattern and try to associate them with known character traits, behaviours, actions and events, you are, in many ways, using a spiral-like pattern to identify the traits, much like doing an “in-the-box” profiling observations. Sadly, this is the preferred approach many external trainers used, as it’s always faster to amaze their students with simple traits-to-patterns connections. Even so, when you’ve paid so much for the course and then get so little in return, something is not right somewhereeither with the trainer and their go-by-the-book knowledge, or just you and your limited understanding.

However, when you are analysing words like “Personality strength numbers,” you might find it practical to adopt the mind-mapping approach to identify potential numbers or patterns, much like breaking out of the box, and expanding your boundaries and constraints beyond what you already know. These mean, eventually, when you choose this approach and practise them regularly, you’re not blinded by the limits, naivety, stupidity, and illogical assumptions to linking specific traits only to certain number patterns, like 4-8-3 is divorce, 5-7-3 is bankruptcy, and 2-7-9 is mistress numbers.

In today’s article, I’ll concentrate on the “personality strength numbers” and “female chart.” However, what I’d be sharing is not using the in-the-box investigative approach – as preferred by external trainers – but rather the guiding approach to empower you to start identifying potential characteristics relevant to the keyword, much like doing mind-mapping. In a way, it’s like sharing with you the different ways to plant your seeds of life (profiling knowledge). Through regular nurturing (profiling practices), the little plant would grow to become a robust tall tree (higher knowledge beyond rudimentary theories). And when you watch the tree bearing fruits, you set out to enjoy your “fruits of labour(the rewards – confidence and understandings). These approaches are similar to what I’ve always adopted in my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes, and with the fast-and-easy visualisation techniques shared exclusively in the FEN classes. I’m so happy my FEN students could visualise and profile charts from fresh perspectives, and identifying more clues than their friends who only attended UCMHP, LifeQuest (Science of Numbers), Visiber, or PON (Power of Numbers) courses.

Frankly, all nine numbers, from 1-9, do have their own personality strengths and weaknesses. When each number is linked with other numbers in a direct sequence (also recognised as number patterns), the strengths and weaknesses of each number are then fused with the others. In the end, what you have is like a concoction of fruits, mixed or blended into fruit juice. Another analogy on personality strengths is like the rubber bandflexible when loose, tight when stretched; and broken when overstretched – Ouch! it hurts.

Check out my EON book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling,” if you haven’t read them. You get to access and learn the basic strengths and weaknesses of each number, as I’ve described them in my book. Beyond that, you need to use the visualisation techniques to gather more clues to the personality strengths of the numbers. For example, many people tend to associate the number 8 as a stressful number – like a crazy-busy infinity loop, an F1 race track, and an expanding forest fire that doesn’t seem to stop anytime. While we can clearly distinguish them as weaknesses or fallings of number 8, it’s a consequential result of the action from the strengths of number 8 actually –  due to the overly protection or excitement, or oversight, in its ability to control and moderate its intentions and actions.

Let’s focus on one strength of the number 8financial responsibility. Take a look at Martha Stewart’s EON Chart. She has the Birth Root 8, and has the strengths of a wildfire personality – the charms, warmth, joy, appeal, attractions – with tons of supporters. Her strength is about the resilience, focused, creative, passionate, and speedy actions. According to the Wikipedia Page, she was “was convicted of charges related to the ImClone stock trading case” in 2004. And that’s where she was confronting the “Double Effect” (DE) vibes in 2004 – everything, be they strengths or weaknesses, positive or negative energies – are manifested twice. Her financial responsibilities (number 8) could be in the uncontrollable state, and it steered her towards the uttermost end of the strengths – her weakness, her temptations and “wants” to earn more than she needs. The weakness of number 8 in her is transformed to include taking shortcuts, short-termed, narrowed views, impatience, and excessive controls.

The purpose of learning the Elements of Numbers (EON) method is to understand both your strengths and weaknesses; know when or how to harmonise them by enhancing your strengths when its energies are weak, and moderating your weaknesses when its energies are strong. You can find out more on the personality strengths and weaknesses of the numbers 1 to 9, by applying the visualisation techniques at my FEN WORKSHOP class.

Give yourself the opportunity to reset your learning experience from an unhappy one (especially when you’ve attended UCMHP, PON, LifeQuest and others) to a positive and experiential one when you attend my FEN class. Furthermore, you receive a copy of my EON book and the FEON+ software, costing s$72, but included free when you signed up for the FEN WORKSHOP class. And that’s not all – you get after-class lessons and coaching through the FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp chat group, where you can post case studies with your perspectives, and fellow FEN students can contribute their analysis too. You get to learn from others, and as well as share your knowledge with them. Everyone in the forum benefits and progresses together.

Let me share my observations on “female charts.” Yes, I really believe there are subtle differences when you analyse a man’s or woman’s charts. In my FEN WORKSHOP class, I shared the life aspects of the Five Elements – its interactions, influences, impact, and correlations with each aspect – and how you can identify more clues relating to your health, career, wealth, skill sets, academic intelligence and smart genes, supporting resources from the bosses at work or customers in businesses, and others. And you get to see why the Spouse element (husband or wife) of a chart could be analysed differently when the chart belongs to a male or female person.

What about transgender, gays, lesbians, and LGBT?” you might ask.

Well, no matter whether you’ve gone through a sex change to align your current or preferred sexual orientations; or you think your gender body is not what your mental beliefs are, it doesn’t matter as a person’s inner organs does not ‘gender-change’ from its original birth. It’s like giving your family sedan car with an extreme makeover – with exterior body kits designed to look like an expensive sports car. No matter how much you rammed the engines or stepped the accelerator hard; your exterior outlook would not help you drive faster than a sports car. Another analogy is like the house’s FengShui when you are born, and no matter how much renovations and retrofitting made, the land formation where your house is sitting on, and the surrounding roads still remain… the same.

This implies, the periodic charts, like my 9-Year LifeCycle Pillar (9YLCP) table remains the identical, regardless of whether you consider yourself as a MAN today and WOMAN tomorrow, or vice versa. It doesn’t change much, as deep in your conscious thoughts, your memory of who you are, and what you have on your body when you’re born with, is still intact in the memory cells. That is why it is harder, or takes longer time, to examine the chart of a gender-changed person, unless they revealed their birth gender before profiling. Otherwise, much time and resource could be wasted unnecessarily to identify relevant clues to help map out the life path of a person. Once you’re aware that the male chart belongs to a male or female person, it’s then easier to apply the EON/FEN techniques to identify special clues, like the spouse and wealth elements, for a more informed analysis.

If you earnestly want to learn how to profile a person beyond the in-the-box number-pattern analysis, you’ll benefit more after learning the extended EON method, visualisation techniques, Qi Tapping (to optimise energies for better opportunities), and how to identify more wealth signs beyond your birth certificate or NRIC (identity) card numbers. In extended EON method, the number 6 is NOT the only number associated to money, wealth, or finances. In class, you get to determine how the energies flow (of the unique EFV Code) that could influence your potential outcome when your personality strength is strong or weak. With all this knowledge and information in advance, you can map your own life path and resolve how you want your life journey forward to be like.

Sign up today, before registration closes or seats are all taken up. I promise you’ll relish the learning in my class, and you’ll get more answers than you’d previously. You’ll know you can improve your profiling knowledge through practises and after-class learning through chat messaging, and you get to enjoy using the FEON+ software (for Android smartphones) to plot the EON charts. And if that is not enough, you’ll get a customised Excel worksheet (compatible with iOS and Android smartphones, MACs and Windows PCs) to plot the charts. Extra information like the biorhythms, energy forces, and many others, are included. In summary, you’ll get MORE than you’ve paid for, when you attend the FEN WORKSHOP class.

Click this link to register and grab the opportunities when it’s offered at the moment – I have not altered the course fees yet as it’s still at the early-bird discount rates of S$369. As my FEN students know, I’m conducting the class for passionate coaching, and NOT for commercialised training reasons.

I look forward to sharing the EON/FEN techniques to you in the FEN WORKSHOP class on 23-24 Feb 2019 (Sat-Sun). Until then, happy profiling…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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