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I’d a great discussion last week with my students in our FEN Community WhatsApp chat group. We’re profiling various charts relating to local political parties and individual politicians, and identifying tendency signs from an Elements of Numbers (EON) perspectives. Just a week or two before, we’re engaging in profiling exercises on Donald Trump and Joe Biden, and discussing the Selected Day charts for 3 November 2020. While those who participated in the discussion had varied perspectives, they are able to provide alternate perspectives to their profiling analysis.

I began by sharing a screenshot taken from my “work-in-progress” FEON+ Pro software. I plotted the Birth chart and the Selected Day Chart of one politician, and explained the three common P-E-I biorhythm line states – Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual. The Intellectual graph is at the critical line, which could denote a “make or break” scenario.

In Biorhythm, the Intellectual line relates to thinking, analysing, judgment, concentration, composition and other mental capacities. When the P-E states are both showing an uptrend sign, the P-E energies could influence the person to experience an intellectually “break free, or new beginning” on that day.

I shared another politician’s Birth chart with the Selected Day chart. I then explained, “[Person] has no Double-Effect influence to double-boost the energy vibes. His P-E-I state on the biorhythm chart is indicating downtrend.” Usually when the graph is showing downtrend, or below the critical line, the person might feel moody, lethargic, weak, and with a confused state of the mind.

Oh, one more thing… the screenshot shows a sample chart (in normal, scrollable mode, taken from an Android phone) with the Biorhythm chart available in FEON+ Pro. I included it here to showcase another feature available in the FEON+ Pro version – the Biorhythm chart, which has four sub-options to display thirteen biorhythm line states in current version. This includes three specially formulated states – Luck, Mind, and Qi.

Anyway, below are edited snippets of our discussions…

[Student 1] Person has too many 5-7-3 patterns in the Birth Chart, and Personal Year (PY) Chart. Doesn’t that imply betrayal or bankrupt?

[Ron] Don’t always default (or immediately conclude) the 5-7-3 pattern as bankrupt. Take out of the stereotypical view or you cannot move out far. The 5-7-3 pattern is also about security and legal affairs. In this instance, it’s about the election voting. Like I’ve mentioned elsewhere that the 5-7-3 pattern could denote “money lost,” it could also be about votes lost – resulting in below the team’s expectations. Or it could imply intentionally spending (losing) money first for eventual rewarding outcomes.

[Student 2] On the other hand, the 5-7-3 pattern is a good combination of the person knowing how to “tune” himself. In fact, I’d put the 5-7-3 pattern also as a golden number.

[Ron] Yes, the 5-7-3 pattern is associated with many meanings, including money lost. Only when you know why and how you can control the energies, it’s a temporary loss for greater returns. This means, the 5-7-3 pattern has both negative and positive tendency signs, and the effect or impact on the person depends on their attitudes, behaviour, and response to the situation.

[Student 3] The 5-7-3 pattern could suggest people tended to put obstacles on others. That’s just my interpretation.

[Ron] The interpretation is right also. I’ve seen security officers with many 5-7-3 patterns in their charts. They’re, after all, working in security-related industry. So, the 5-7-3 pattern is not always about bankruptcy, etc. but also on legal and security-related areas. After all, the (5+7+3=6) is related to money. It could as well be related to stability, economy, and financial protection.

Let’s use a person who chooses to be a bankruptcy, rather than working with the bank for an alternative monthly payment solution. A person who declared themselves as a bankruptcy, is also making matters difficult for others. If we interpret the influencing vibes of the 5-7-3 pattern as [Stubborn – On Others – Hurting Them], that’s another thought of how we could interpret the pattern.

[Student 1]One trainer stated and advocate the 5-7-3 pattern as a supporter… probably different school of thoughts.

[Ron] As said, security personnel’s or even lawyers might have 5-7-3 pattern in their charts, and they aren’t failures. It’s about them working in the legal and security industries. Everyone’s interpretations are not wrong as your observations and conclusions are based from different angles. That’s the way to practise and view them at different times.

I’m aware one numerology school advocate the 5-7-3 pattern as “achievers group, rich and powerful.” They’re not incorrect in interpreting that, since there are so many interpretations, depending on which angle or view we are focusing on.

So, they are applying the influences of the 5-7-3 vibes to make things difficult for others. They or their opponents use legal laws to compound or persecute you. They (or their opponents) use legitimate loopholes to gain more money (5+7+3=6, money), or in this case, political votes.

There is no wrong in the number patterns, regardless of the other numerology school you’ve attended previously, or the external trainer you’ve learned from. The WRONG part came from the perceived assumption from students thinking that the interpretation [that they’ve learned elsewhere from their external trainers] is the ONLY conclusion to associate with the number pattern.

Break out of the mould – the stereotyping mindset – and think broadly. Apply the Five Elements principles to widen your profiling horizons. Use the visualisation techniques to expand your perceptions related to the elements and numbers. When you practise more, soon… you’ll be better than me and other trainers too.

You should not limit your perception with just one stereotyped or pigeonhole mindset. Have alternate views, like building up your own profiling dictionary with synonyms and acronyms to the meanings of each number pattern. While other trainers might have exaggerated and insisted that there is simply one association you should think of – like 5-7-3 is a bankruptcy number – you should think logically and rationally. When you do more case study profiling, you’d noted that there are many ways to read a number pattern, and when you open your mind to process these thoughts, your observations might be different. Eventually, you’d know that the 5-7-3 pattern being a bankruptcy number, is like placing correctly one piece of the 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle; and you’re not solving a simple 4-piece kid’s pictorial jigsaw puzzle.

We also chatted about other number patterns. As I’ve presented some slides on the EFV FLOW and EFV SPAN during my recent online webinar “Updates on Profiling Techniques” on 12 June 2020, I suggested the students to apply what they have just learned. I said, “How do we aim for the positive YANG side and deflect the negative YIN side? Try practicing the EFV FLOW and EFV SPAN on yourself first. Try it… over time, once you get the feel and experienced the beneficial outcome; your mindset will change, and so is your priority…

There are many interpretations of the number patterns. I’ve shared the visualisation techniques to empower my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students to view from different ways. All it needs is for them to “practise, gather feedback, practise, refine the knowledge, and practise again.” Many of my FEN students have attended other numerology courses earlier, and decided to join my class after they felt they needed practical profiling techniques and better understanding. If they simply based on an assumption made by some external trainers, they are missing the opportunity to become a confident profiling professional who could share their observations based on their understanding, knowledge, and interpretations of a person’s chart. And when they received feedback from others on regular basis, they could inculcate the habit to fine-tune or re-adjust their focus points, with ease.

Next, when you have a Double-Effect vibe on your Personal Year (PY) Chart, it could mean double-manifestation of the energies. If you managed the positive energies, behaved and acted affirmatively, you might face a Double Blessing outcome. When you ignore the negative energies, and/or you don’t manage them well, it could lead to potential Double Whammy outcomes; and the weakest link is usually on your health. In short, understanding when a Double-Effect vibe could take place, and knowing how to manifest the positive energies while managing the negative ones, could lead you to the way of success, without sacrificing much of your health.

I’ve given all FEN students a complimentary copy of my FEON+ v1.x tool. They could plot the essential charts quickly, leaving more time to practise. If the tool is under utilised, it’s equally good as having no tool at all. Only when you use the tool consistently for all profiling cases, like what I did, you’ll widen your observation scope. The same will apply to those of you who have not attended my FEN classes, but registered the FEON+ v1.x tool – use it regularly.

Finally, it’s not about having the best tool you can find – they are just automated tools providing information. You still need to interpret them, applying your understanding of the method which could determine the usefulness of the tool. If all you see is a 5-7-3 pattern and inform others that “they are, or will eventually be a bankrupt” without practical or logical “remedial” solutions, they will view you as another charlatan imposing fear tactics. Stop that mindset, as it’s time to break free from stereotyping others based on naïve assumptions.

Remember the Chinese Yin-Yang metaphor phrase, “In every Yin, there’s a Yang; In every Yang, there’s a Yin.” Every number, every element, and yet in every number pattern, there are both Yin and Yang energies – creating negative and positive effects. Every behaviour and action you took, was based on inner-self thoughts – the Yin or Yang influences on your conscious or subconscious thoughts.

When you think positively, you give yourself and others, the hope and opportunity to be the best they can be, and the passionate drive to push and achieve a more contented outcome.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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