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In my article “Confusing influence sectors” posnted yesterday, I mentioned, “it still doesn’t make sense that the hereditary sector stated by these trainers is on the left side of the chart…” I’m also aware there are other trainers conducting different numerology methods, who have similarly emphasised to their students that the left-most sector holds the key to potential hereditary conditions of a person.

Let’s look from a rational standpoint – as the numbers in I-J-M locations are constant in the birth and periodic charts (like Personal Year and Personal Day); it does sound sensible and logical that the sector could have information on our hereditary health conditions.

While there are substantial people dying from genetic illnesses and hereditary health conditions, there are still more people dying from non-hereditary illness and diseases every day. These unfortunate deaths, could, in part, be linked to our diet, lifestyle, and environment; and how we take good care of our emotional, mental, and physical wellness. That means, a person who died yesterday might not be caused by hereditary conditions, but due to some other sicknesses. While it’s significant to take note of our hereditary conditions, it’s equally important and relevant to know the possible pitfalls and ill-effects that could affect our health substantially, in a particular year.

During my research on the Elements of Numbers (EON) since 2007, I noted there are other areas in an EON Chart that I could identify tendency signs suggesting hereditary health conditions too, like diabetes and cancerous tendencies. The tendency signs could be located anywhere, and not necessarily be at the I-J-M locations. That signifies, the hereditary locations taught by these trainers in their numerology course, is correct, but simply to a certain extent.

Nonetheless, it is inconclusive and inaccurate to state affirmatively that hereditary signs could only be identified in the I-J-M locations, when it is also possible to identify such signs elsewhere in the chart.

When hereditary signs are present, you should not assume the symptom will surface. The tendency signs depend on your age, the lifestyle you’re facing or enjoying, and the dietary habits. There is no such thing as affirmative insistence that when a chart shows the hereditary health condition, it is affirmed that the person will definitely “got“ it.

Remember, good health becomes more obvious after sickness arrives. That said, we shouldn’t simply take care of our health, after we fall sick. Rather, good personal healthcare habits should start from as early as possible.

We’ve learned of people suffering from cancer. There isn’t a simple, sure-win way to identify cancerous tendency signs in the I-J-M locations of an EON Chart. If you’ve read many of my past articles on cancerous signs, the identified locations (although not cited in my articles, but only shared in FEN classes) were somewhere else in the chart.

While it’s good to know our hereditary illness, we should not be manipulated by the fear that we’ll eventually die of that condition, or should we be living in constant fear that the health signs might surface tomorrow. Identifying or associating hereditary health signs only in locations I-J-M could bring prejudice, pretentious behaviours and wrongful thinking. It could lead to naïve assumption to instigate a person solely to avoid doing things that would not manifest the hereditary conditions, and not be worried unnecessarily about other health signs.

How do you know the potential health conditions you might be facing today, tomorrow, or this year?

Frankly, there are no simple, direct, absolute, and affirmative telltale signs that you could predict from an EON chart as a person could change their beliefs, thoughts, behaviours, and healthy habits any time because of external influences. However, it is easier if you just want a general guideline on different health conditions – like reading an almanac or looking at your daily astrology or biorhythm charts, to check on the varied physical, emotional, and other behavioural states. If receiving a general guideline on potential health and behavioural tendency signs is what you’d hope for, there is hope…

I’ve included some tendency signs relating to certain health conditions in the work-in-progress FEON+ Pro software. While this health information provides handy clues, you should not read them as absolute and affirmative signs. The health signs are consolidated from contributing factors manifesting certain health conditions, and are based on the extremely behavioural states present in an EON Chart.

Take a look at the screenshot showing the EON chart of Kayleigh McEnany. The “Health & Tendencies” option include a list of over 30 health and behavioural tendency signs. Using the checklist as a healthcare reference could provide you a guideline to take conscious effort… to live a better and healthier lifestyle.

In Kayleigh’s case, the “Diabetic Symptom or High-Blood Sugar Level” item is ticked. This implies that Kayleigh needs to cut down her sugar urge this year, like avoid consuming too many sugary or alcoholic drinks, and taking excessive high-carbohydrate food. Elsewhere in the checklist, the “Cancerous-like symptom” for this year 2020, is also ticked. This means she must control her tempers and emotions at all times, to avoid manifesting the cancerous cells.

Her PY2020 chart shows the crisscrossing 4-8-3 patterns, with other 4-8-3 patterns and multiple 4s elsewhere in various charts. This means she consciously has to control her emotions and manage her tempers this year, as the signs are suggesting insecurities, fragility, and sensitive feelings (and attention seeking) in both her birth chart and PY2020 charts. Furthermore, when there are too many 4s in a chart, it’s like creepers and weeds clinging on tightly to the tree trunk for support, solace, and comfort. Or like a small crafty flower trying to show off its sense of beauty and manipulate others. It could imply mood-swinging emotions, sweet-talking, scheming thoughts, and suicidal tendencies. Oh, it could also lead to another health sign – the mental strain (disorder, stress, and bipolar), which is also ticked in the tendency checklist.

In summary, hereditary health conditions need not inevitably be identified only from the I-J-M locations or left-most sector of the EON chart. Instead, hereditary health signs can be identified from any location on the chart.

Knowing what are the possible health issues that might surface, could lead to better healthcare management from a positive perspective. It could also be like a double-edged sword, where you worried unnecessary, fearing when the health signs would surface. You have a choice. You only live once – set about thinking positively and move on towards a healthier and happier life.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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