What about 10th EON@SG Workshop?


I received an email from John who wrote, “Great to know that you’re organising the Basic and Advance Level courses and I wish you success.”  Thanks John for the blessing.  “What about your 10th EON WORKSHOP session. Are you still conducting the workshop on 8th March 2014?

He was referring to my recent article “Changing Life… Enriching Lives” on the upcoming EON courses I’d teaching that’s organised by EON INSPIRE.


Selective ListeningYes, I’m looking forward to share my discoveries at the 10th EON Workshop session. Like all previous workshop, you’ll find the workshop session even more interesting than previous one. I conducted the EON WORKSHOP (EON@SG in Singapore and EON@MY in Malaysia) to help students who’d previously attended Intermediate, Advance, or Mastery level courses from PON, UCM, LifeQuest, or from other organisations.

I’ve adapted the Five Elements metaphor and the correlative influences of the elements and the numbers to formulate them into the EON method. My intent is to share as much as I could at non-premium fee, providing jam-packed information into a 1-day workshop session. The approach works great for many people as they could benefit from the learning and build up their EON knowledge through self-practice and analysis.

While most EON students benefited from the jam-packed EON WORKSHOP sessions, some students felt the 1-day session is just too short. They wanted more time to grasp the fundamentals and apply the methods comfortably in their profiling analysis.


EON_Workshop_info1AMy intent is to introduce the new techniques and observations at the EON Workshop, and explain them so that you can understand the underlying “cause and effect” processes. With the new knowledge, you can do your ‘homework’ after the workshop and email me if you need further assistance. Taking the time to explain new techniques to allow every student to understand would drag the lesson and there wouldn’t be much to learn eventually which I think is undesirable.

The fast-learner students can absorb the techniques quickly from the EON WORKSHOP and apply the techniques on their own. The slow-learner students can benefit more through a classroom-like pace of learning. They could probably have constrained their thoughts and limited their mindset to basic numbers and profiling fundamentals. They just need to ‘open their minds’ to create the capacity to accept new techniques and fundamentals. They just need longer time and guidance to understand the extended methods before they can comfortably apply them to their profiling analysis.

Introducing the Basic Level, Advance Level and Master Level courses is a progressive step forward. I’ve added relevant methods taught at my EON WORKSHOP sessions to the Advance Level and Master Level courses. I will also include more detailed explanations on major terminologies and its applications, and new discoveries and extended techniques and information for both Level courses. After all, it’s a 2-day lesson and could provide more participative and interactive learning experiences.


I look forward to see you at the 10th EON WORKSHOP on 8th March 2014. It’d probably be my last EON@SG workshop in Singapore for this year as I realigned my energies to support more students who seek to learn from me, from Basic Level up to the Master Level. The current EON WORKSHOP is like a great ‘starter-kit’ pack containing lots of useful techniques that you can apply. If you like jam-packed information, I’d then recommended you to come for the workshop and see/feel personally the learning experience that’s uniquely different from the sharing process taught by other trainers at the PON or UCM courses.

After 3 years…

It’s about time… that I look beyond conducting workshops. I’m making a mindset shift to focus on accommodating the many requests from EON students, enthusiasts, and readers who’d bought my book. After all, without your continuing support, I’d not be able to maintain this blog and receive encouraging feedback on my book sales. Once again, thanks for the support.

Many of you wanted to attend my EON courses because:

  •  You prefer learning at classroom pace and not a jam-packed, crash-course type which is more fitting for Master Level courses;
  • You heard about my teaching style, visualisation induction, and compelling presentation materials from friends;
  • You can learn the EON method with more techniques without paying premium prices; and
  • You know you have continual learning techniques from me through the articles posted on this web-blog

I hear you… I hear you.  EON INSPIRE was established to address your concerns and passions. Learning can be fun without paying high course fees. It doesn’t make sense to compare course fees since every method (PON, UCM, etc) has its own niche areas of teachings. Go ahead and attend the PON, UCM, LifeQuest (LQ) courses if you want to – I strongly believe you can learn something useful from the other trainers.

Sample slides used for EON COURSEAnd if you still prefer to attend my EON courses, that’s great (and even better). I welcome you to learn the EON methods from me. I want to pass on the profiling and self-help knowledge so that you can change your life (for the better) and enrich other people’s lives too.

This EON web-blog

Wealth Directional MethodI’ve set-up this EON web-blog for a purpose. It’s to promote and share my EON knowledge unreservedly with you, regardless of your identity and whether you’ve bought my book or attended my workshops. My mission remains the same (status quo) – I will continue to post articles to allow everyone to learn regardless of your understanding and knowledge level on the Elements of Numbers (EON) methods.

I’ve planned many activities to provide you the means to choose and decide what you want to do with your life, and life path.

  • For those who’d completed PON/UCM/LQ courses. Come down and support me at the 10th EON WORKSHOP if need to extend your profiling techniques. Contact McCoy at 8282-6593 to register now;
  • For beginner, enthusiast, and those who’re new to profiling through numbers. I’d encouraged you to attend the PREVIEW WORKSHOP on 27th and 28th February 2014 to know some basic EON fundamentals and profiling. Contact Daniel at 9853-1777 to register; and
  • For experienced students who’ve attended PON/UCM/LQ courses (the Basic Level to Mastery Level) and profiling professionals and trainers. You’re welcome to attend the PREVIEW WORKSHOP sessions as well to experience my visual learning techniques. You need to attend the Advance Level course first as there are so many extended techniques not taught at PON/UCM/LQ and it’s important you understand the terminologies and applications before attending the MASTER Level.

Don’t give up the opportunity and deprive yourself the chance to know more about yourself and others from an EON standpoint.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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