On Kurt Lewin’s B=f(P,E) Equation

I was reading this online JamesClear.com article “This Simple Equation Reveals How Habits Shape Your Health, Happiness, and Wealth.” It was an interesting article that reinforced the need for us to alter our behaviours and mindset, if we want to have better health, happiness, and wealth. Our changed behaviours could gradually work into a positive habit.

The article also mentioned, “Kurt Lewin wrote a simple equation that changed the way we think about habits and human behaviours.” And the equation is B=f(P,E) – “Behaviours is a function of the Person in their Environment.

How very true, indeed. You cannot change your behaviours if you continue to be in the same environment and mindset that stressed you down. An unhappy person, when entering a room in the morning, filled with joyful people, would eventually become less sador even happier – by the end of the day. Changing environment doesn’t mean shifting house, switching jobs, or migrating to another country. While it does help often, such drastic measures could be best resolved when you’ve exhausted all options available. Doing spring-cleaning at home and rearranging furniture; changing curtain designs and colours; relocating your home-office tables and computers; and changing the direction where you’re sitting and facing, etc., –  these are the challenging tasks you can do to change the environment, and yourself.

The “changing environment” technique has been commonly used by Feng Shui (FS) practitioners and enthusiasts as part of the “FengShui cleansing remedies.” In many ways, you’re manifesting the favourable energies to attract positiveness that could eventually influence your thoughts, mindset, behaviours, and habits.

As always, I was curious to plot Kurt Lewin’s EON chart, and was surprised to see his Birth Chart only has all identical numbers – all 9s. And if Kurt is still alive today – or if you’ve similar birth chart – applying the LifeCode remedies would cause a more detrimental impact than energising the positive effects. The LifeCode remedy, is a simple formulation popularised by many external trainers conducting other numerology courses in Singapore and neighbouring countries. It’s promoted for commercialised profiteering (like selling plaques and jewelleries with the LifeCode numbers engraved) than practical application use, due to its limited placebo effects. In this instance, Kurt’s LifeCode is 9999, which could do more harm than good, as you’re adding more Wood to the excessively strong Wood elements. An insane, immoral, and unethical suggestion, when you embrace or increase the deadly influences of the LifeCode!

Cast aside the LifeCode usage, if you’ve attended classes where your trainer boasted of its effectiveness and (cough, cough)potency. Any short-termed positive outcome you might have experienced using the LifeCode, are usually manifested by the periodic energies indicated elsewhere in your EON charts. Sadly…promoting the use of LifeCode items is similar to selling one of those expensive FS-like symbolic ornament gimmick meant for the gullible and/or uninformed people.

According to this Wikipedia page, Kurt passed away on 12th Feb 1947 of a heart attack. He was 56. He was facing the Double-Effect (DE) vibes of 4-8-3 pattern, which were present on the Selected Day Chart, and the Combined Day Chart.

His Birth Chart, showing all the 9s, was being affected by the strong 8s and 3s – Fire element. As noted many times in past articles, we could correlate the 4-8-3 pattern with signs of poor EQ communication and quarrelsome nature, and others; and at extreme cases, it could lead to separation or divorce. While it appeared like the Double-Effect manifestations of the 4-8-3 pattern could have caused a separation (of life), there were other contributing factors as well.

From the Five Elements principles, we could correlate them with strong Wood element (9) and strong Fire (3, 8) element having “push-pull, inward-outward, support-exhaust” interactions. We could correlate these to the devastating forest fires when the Fire element is more substantial than the Wood element. However, when Wood element is stronger than the Fire element, it could extinguish and depleted the Fire energies, which we could correlate to the heart, blood vessels, and cardiovascular health symptoms; and Metal elements (like symptoms relating to mental, brain, air/oxygen, respiratory, and immune.)

What surprised me, was not the usual charts displaying the elements and the numbers. Instead, it’s the usefulness and accessibility of the Biorhythm chart that I’ve included in the FEON+ Pro software.

In Kurt’s “Daily Personal BiorhythmChart (see above screenshot), the three primary rhythmic cycles (Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual) meet (intersecting) at Critical Line 0, around 11th Feb 1947.

In an earlier article “On the Presidential Debate,” I cautioned the potential outcomes, like greater risk or uncertainty, when “the graph line is at the Critical marker; it denotes a sudden up-down or down-up transitional change of energies. This could make or break, so to speak, and that’s where most Biorhythm experts would suggest the extra need to be mindful of.Basically, it signifies a critical day, where the flow of energies could drastically shift. 

Oh… there’s one more extended sign that I’ve shared with my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students – identifying the presence of the cardiac-arrest symptoms. The sign was present and strong in Kurt’s charts on that unfortunate day.

As quoted in the same JamesClear.com article, the “Lewin’s Equation contains most of what you need to know about building good habits, breaking bad ones, and making progress in your life.” The B=f(P,E) equation which signifies “Behaviour = function of (Person, Environment)” is still applicable in today’s context as “you  can learn from it and how to apply these ideas to master the habits that shape your health, happiness, and wealth.

“You can change your future by changing your attitude.” ~Anonymous

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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