What’s Oil prices got to do with Numerology?


With oil prices dropping in recent weeks, consumers are naturally happy as they expect prices of daily expenses to come down too. Car owners are happy as they are expecting petrol (or gas) and diesel prices to dip as well. Well it may not drop to similar levels or percentage as oil prices as there are other contributing reasons affecting a product’s pricing.

EONinvest2Anyway, many stocks are affected somehow and most dropping at its lowest level stressing out people who’d invested in oil or natural gas, or energy stocks. One thing I have learned the past few weeks while researching on using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method for stock profiling is not to focus on the ‘buy low, sell high’ technique.  Imagine when stock prices are lower than the past 52-week level, how long will it take you to profit? Therefore, the ‘buy high, sell higher’ and ‘incremental trading’ is more of a sensible and practical approach… at least to me.  

EONinvestThe purpose of this article is not to debate on whether the ‘buy low, sell high’ or ‘buy high, sell higher’ technique is better. Every investor has one common purpose – to make profit and grow their invested wealth. My intent for today’s article is about the numerology vibrations surrounding oil or natural energies, and why are we facing the plunging oil prices and fluctuating stocks prices these days.

I’d originally planned to conduct a free talk on “Numerology 2015: Your Personal Outlook” (N2015) in Penang, Malaysia yesterday (12/12/2014) and the FEN (Level II) course this weekend (13/12 – 14/12). As there wasn’t enough student registration quota, I’ve to cancel the sessions. Once again, I apologise to those who’d signed up for the free talk and/or the FEN course in Penang.

talk@my2014Anyway, one topic I’d wanted to share at the N2015 talk is about correlating oil and natural energies with the Year 2015 energies. I’ll also explain why we are seeing the effects. I’ve decided to share some insights in today’s article.

YearEnergiesJust a side note – I’ve mentioned many times to EON/FEN students since I conducted my first EON Workshop session in June 2011 – the energies do not come at absolute or constant periods. I’ve also mentioned in past articles posted on this web-blog site too. It’s impractical (and often ridiculous) to assume the Year 2015 energies would affect a person or influence global events between 1st Jan 2015 and 31st Dec 2015. The Qi energies are transient, relative, and moves around every moment. In fact, the Year 2015 energies are already present and felt as early as October. Some of you might already been affected or influenced somehow on a personal level. It’s just that you’re unaware and trying to analyse them from a Year 2014 perspective. Nobody’s at fault as you could have learned the limiting theories from your trainers while attending PON, UCM, or LifeQuest courses. Fortunately, students who attended my EON/FEN sessions know past and future yearly vibes do affect and influence a person in the current year. And my EON/FEN students know the underlying reasons too. Don’t worry if you’ve missed the past EON/FEN sessions – more sessions are coming soon!

We can identify and associate the 2015 patterns as [2 = (Water, Movement); 1 = (Metal, Oil/Energy); 5 (Earth, Natural/Land)]. The end resultant [2+0+1+5 = 8 (Fire)] could imply fiery moments. This means one of the key influencing vibes for Year 2015 is on oil, coal, natural energies (gas and shale oil/gas) and even alternative energies (like wind and solar). That’s not all, apart from roller coaster price swings in oil and natural energies, property and real-estate would also be one of 2015 highlights. Want more? Yes, Gold and Silver stock prices might have swinging time too.

There are other aspects we can take note in 2015. On global side, it’s unfortunate but there’d be more strikes, protest resulting in firearms and injuries. The tendency signs also suggest more people dying because of merciless killing and increasing ISIS-like terrorist activities. Sadly, there are tendency signs suggesting statistic counters for people suffering from cancer and stomach inflammations could increase. OK, I’ll post more articles on Year 2015 forecast later…

2014 VIBESAnother topic that I’ve included in my N2015 talk is about the past events happened in the past 12 months of 2014. I wanted to share the correlations of these events and traits to my Numerological Predictive Observations 2014 article posted on 1st Jan 2014. I wanted to highlight the Qi vibrations present in the year energies I’d identified.

2004JMy EON Visualisation techniques are handy and useful for identifying trends and traits present in a Year’s energies and these could influence the person (like you and me) and on general global outlook. I’m glad I could share many extended EON knowledge including the visualisation technique with FEN (Five Elements Numerology) course students. I look forward to share more information at future FEN courses.  It’s unfortunate I’d to postpone my FEN (Level II) course. My organiser Adelin has suggested having the class scheduled for March 2015, probably in Kuala Lumpur.

Perhaps you may want to contact Adelin direct at TruvueEnt@gmail.com to register early your interest to attend the class in March 2015.

Once we have enough student quota, I could then confirm the class. If you’re staying in Singapore, my FEN courses would resume soon. Meanwhile, you can always get my first book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” at local bookstores in Singapore (like Popular, Times, and Kinokuniya). For  overseas users, you can click this link to order the book direct from me. If you’re staying in Malaysia, you can order the book direct from Adelin too.

Happy weekend!


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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