Dr Mahathir and PY2017

Zainal provided a link to a recent TodayOnline article, “Could 2017 see the end of Dr Mahathir on the political stage?” and asked if there are signs we can identify to ascertain the possibility.

I’ll sidestep anything political and share my profiling views from human behavioural perspectives by applying the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. So whether we will see Dr Mahathir’s full retirement from politics this year (2017) is anyone’s guess. Let leave the assumptions to the experts, political opponents and analysts to forecast and debate.

I noted troubling signs, from EON perspectives, regarding Dr Mahathir’s health, or anyone with similar charts and age. And I thought I could share some insights into the possibilities and tendency signs that suggest a change in his health condition, or someone else with the same birth dates. Dr Mahathir is 92 years old, and like many elderly or senior people of this age, their health is not as good as before.

Oh, by the way… EON profiling is all about identifying forewarning signs to empower us to take precautionary measures; and NOT about ascertaining confirmed effects and outcomes so you can proclaim having Nostradamus-like abilities.

Dr Mahathir must consciously take extra care of his health this year, more so especially during the months of Feb-Apr, July, and Nov-Dec periods as there are signs of increasing vibes that might affect his health state. There are signs that his immune and respiratory systems, including the cognitive capabilities affecting brains, might worsen if there aren’t regular healthcare measures. The health symptoms include breathlessness, pneumonia, flu, depression, mental disarray, dyslexia, and bronchitis. And at extreme cases, a person with similar charts might aggravate their health unknowingly to trigger health symptoms causing chest pains, stroke and heart attack. With that said, it doesn’t imply Dr Mahathir will encounter the unhealthy signs mentioned.

As long as he keeps himself physically, mentally, and holistically fit and maintain sound mind, Mahathir would continue enjoying a good healthy state.

Oh, one more thing before I forget – due to sensitivities and respect, I’m unable to share the presence of certain number sequences or patterns here. However, FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students who understood the EON fundamentals and have keen observant eyes during my teachings in class might notice the negative signs.

Putting his health conditions and tendency signs mentioned earlier, let’s revisits his career element. In Five Elements principles, we could associate lust for power, authority, leadership-like egoistic mindset, skill sets, career, smartness (intellectuals) and resourcefulness to certain elements in a person’s chart. We could also correlate the number 6 to politics, financial matters, and country’s stability for politicians. As the number 6 is his PY2017 Year Root number, this might suggest Dr Mahathir’s political passion continues to be strong and present. However, whether he can increase his political influences, set an unforgettable legacy, or celebrate his next birthday, depends on many factors. That includes his health state, and his ability to control well his emotions, angers, tempers, and worries.

That’s all for today’s short article.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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